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MSCE Pune NMMS Result 2017-18 National Means cum Merit Scholarship Examination :

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Organization : Maharashtra State Council of Examination, Pune
Announcement : Online NMMS 2017-18 Result
Scholarship Name : National Means cum Merit Scholarship Examination
Applicable State : Maharashtra
Check Result Here :

MSCE NMMS Exam Result

Maharashtra State Council of Examination, Pune has announced the results of National Means cum Merit Scholarship Examination NMMS 2017-18.

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nmms.msce scholarship

How to Check the Result?

Just follow the simple steps below to view the result of NMMS 2017-18.

Step 1 : Go to the official website of Maharashtra State Council of Examination, Pune through the URL

Step 2 : Then, Select the NMMS link in the left bottom of the home page and Click Online NMMS Results’ link.

Step 3 : After that, Click the NMMS examination results 2017-18 link in the right side of the page.

Step 4 : Enter your 13 Digit Seat Number and Click Show result button

The student result will be displayed as shown below.

School-wise Result

Enter Your 11 Digit School UDISE code and Click Show Result button

School wise student list will be displayed as follows and click the download button to download your result.

Note :
** If there is any amendment / objection in the name of the student, in the name of the student, in the name of the person, disability or any other objection / objection, then by the school, at the Council’s nmms.msce [AT] email. Reported to 25/05/2018 After that, repairs made after the prescribed Last Date will not be considered.

** In view of all the amendments, the selection for scholarship will be announced on the council’s website.
** No change will be made after selection for scholarship is announced.

Selection Process

1. For the NMMS exam, 11,682 Scholarship Quota for Maharashtra State has been decided by MHRD, New Delhi.
2. According to the reservation of the Maharashtra State, the students of the respective categories are selected.

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3. Also, the related category includes 3% reservation for disabled people.
4. For all the districts independently. 7th and so on. District wise quota has been decided based on the number of students of 8th and number of 12 to 14 years of age.

5. The quota for each district is as follows.
** Firstly, eligible students of general category are selected. 40% marks are required for the passing.
** In order to pass the remaining 8 cadres and all disabled students, 32% marks are required.

** After that, those students of merit list (8) are included in the list of special category students.
** In the list of special category, the number of students in general category of the cadre is not considered.

** A total of 3% reservation is provided for each of the nine cohorts. 1% reservation is given separately for each category of Orthopedic Disable, Hearing Disable, Visually Disable / Blind.

** When determining reservation for disabled, the number of first-place students is considered in those classes. If 3% reservation is not met, then the reservation facility is given in the merit list instead of the required number of quality list.

** All classes are given equal opportunities for osteoporphic, hapless and visually impaired / blind. If all the students do not get the desired number of students, then in other subjects, the students of other categories are selected from the merit list.

** While only two disabled students have a quota, two categories of students from different categories are selected.

Final Answer Key :

6. If the last two or more students have the same points, the order wise is fixed in the following order.
** Students who have high marks in mat subjects
** Students whose marks are more in SAT subjects in mathematics

** Students having more marks in science subjects have the same qualities as 1 and 2 above.
** If there is a similar number of maths and science subjects in MAT and SAT, the student is of age.

** The age of the students is the same as the initial adornment of the English name. The idea of ​​students who do not have the last name is finally put to the fore.

7. Ma Education Director, (Secondary and Higher Secondary) Central Building, Pune-1 Scholarships are distributed to the students selected by them.

Additional Points

To qualify for the examination, you need to get the points as mentioned below. Questions of MAT no. 18, 38 and 66 have been cancelled.

A No. Subject Question number Eligibility qualities
General SC / ST / VJ / NTB / NTC
/ NTD / OBC / SBC and Handicapped
1 Intellectual capacity test Mental Ability Test (MAT) 9 7 * 40% (39 points) 32% (31 points)
2 School Ability Test Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) 100 40% (40 points) 32% (32 points)
Total = 197 40% (79 points) 32% (63 points)
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  1. My seat number is M1305020140. I want to know the result of 23rd February 2017.

  2. My Roll Number is M339182602034. I lost my hall ticket, please show my hall ticket.

  3. My roll number is E339182322115. Please show my result.

  4. My seat number is 27250612810, Please tell my NMMS result.

  5. My roll number is M5414110221. Please show my result.

    1. My roll number is H1820258045. Please tell me my result.

  6. In the exam notification, it said that the merit list of NMMS exam will be displayed on the site, but there is no merit list on the site, so please help us to know about the merit list.

  7. My roll number is 329170320493. Please show my result.

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