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Meritnation’s Ultimate Scholarship Test For NEET 2021

Organisation : Meritnation
Scholarship Name : Meritnation’s Ultimate Scholarship Test For NEET 2021
Applicable For : Students prepare for NEET
Website :

Meritnation MUST

Meritnation’s Ultimate Scholarship Test For NEET 2021

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About MUST

** Benchmark against real aspirants
** Measure your performance against other serious aspirants across the country
** Difficult questions to ‘test’ you
** With a difficulty score of 4, this Test is intentionally designed to be ‘tough’ to help you prepare hard!
** 100% Scholarship
** Top rankers will get 100% Scholarship

Who Is Eligible?

** Meritnation’s Ultimate Scholarship Test (MUST) for NEET 2021 is open to all students in Class 12 Science who are preparing to appear for NEET in 2021.
** Students who are not registered on Meritnation, too can appear for the test after signing up for the Scholarship Test.


Physics :
** Electricity
** Magnetic Effects of Electric Current
** Sources of Energy
** Light – Reflection and Refraction
** The Human Eye and Colourful World
** Force and Laws of Motion
** Work and Energy
** Gravitation

Chemistry :
** Chemical Reactions and Equations
** Acids, Bases and Salts
** Metals and Non-metals
** Carbon and Its Compounds
** Periodic Classification of Elements
** Basic Concepts in Chemistry

Biology :
** Life Processes
** Control and Coordination
** How do Organisms Reproduce
** Heredity and Evolution
** Our Environment
** The Living World

Aptitude :
** Logical Reasoning
** Quantitative Aptitude


1. How should I prepare for the Scholarship Test?
To help you prepare for the Scholarship Test we have planned a Live Prep Session where expert faculty will solve sample questions, discuss exam taking strategies & more.

This session will be conducted a day or two before the Scholarship Test and all those who have registered for the test will be informed of the same.

2. What is special about Meritnation’s Ultimate Scholarship Test for NEET 2021?
Meritnation’s Ultimate Scholarship Test for NEET 2021 is designed by experts to offer all aspiring NEET students a set of truly challenging questions. With a difficulty level of 4 out of 5, this test is meant to assess your preparedness on difficult questions, to help you ‘up’ your preparation levels for NEET .

3. When can I take the test?
The Scholarship Test will be available in different time slots. You can choose the time slot most suitable for you to attempt the test. You will receive a link to access the test on the day of the test.

4. What if I am late for the test?
You can still attempt the test, but please note that you will not get extra time to complete the test and you will have to finish the test within the stipulated time period.

5. What is the duration of the test?
The test is a 1- hour long test

6. Is this test Free or do I have to pay for it?
This is a FREE test and you do not have to pay anything to appear for the Scholarship Test. The purpose of this test is to identify sharp young minds, nurture them and help them achieve their goals.

7. Where can I see my results?
The result for the Scholarship Test will be visible on this page 2-3 days after the test.

8. How will I know if I am eligible for the Scholarship?
After you complete the Scholarship Test, if you qualify for the Scholarship program, you will receive a communication from Meritnation

9. The Scholarship is applicable on which Meritnation premium course?
The Scholarship is applicable only on Meritnation’s 2 Years NEET Live Course.

10. I am a premium member on Meritnation. Should I appear for the Scholarship Test too?
As a premium member, you already have access to the best resources at Meritnation to help you prepare. We have you covered

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