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Vels University V-SAT 2020 Scholarship Admission Test Tamil Nadu :

Organisation : Vels Institute Of Science, Technology & Advanced Studies
Scholarship Name : V-SAT 2020 Vels Scholarship Admission Test
Applicable For : +2 Completed Students
Exam Date : 1st July, 2020
Applicable State/UTs : Tamil Nadu
Website/Apply Online :

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Vels V-SAT

The Vels Scholarship Admission Test (V-SAT) is an Online Scholarship Test for students who have completed +2 or are awaiting results in the year 2020.


V-SAT aims to identify 500 meritorious students across the state of Tamil Nadu (District-wise) in the order of merit and offers 100% Scholarship in Tuition fee to join any of the over 100+ courses on offer at VISTAS.

Who Can Apply?

** Students who have completed standard XII/ awaiting results/ CBSE/ State Board/ ISC/ Cambridge A Level Biology | Computer Science | Commerce | Vocational are eligible to apply.
** Only for Students in Tamil Nadu

How to Apply?

Just follow the below steps to apply for V-SAT 2020.

Steps :
Step 1 : Visit the official website of Vels University through provided above.
Step 2 : Read the instructions carefully before you are applying.
Step 3 : Fill the Registration Form with the required details.
Step 4 : Finally click on “Submit” button to complete the registration.

Exam Details

The test will be of 45 min duration and will be an aptitude test comprising Quantitative aptitude, Verbal ability and analytical reasoning. The test will be conducted online on 1st July, 2020.

Instructions :
** This is a 45 minutes’ paper
** +4 for every correct answers
** -1 for every wrong answer

** You cannot open another window during the 45 minutes of VSAT. When you do so, the exam window will close automatically and you will be forfeited from taking the exam
** After 45 minutes, the window will save the responses you have provided so far and will prompt end of exam.

Scholarship Details

Merit Scholarships of upto 75% of the tuition fee are also offered to all the other participants who attempt the test and in the order of their merit.


Quantitative Aptitude : 15 Questions
** Data Interpretation
** Inequalities
** Percentages
** Number Series
** Arithmetic Aptitude
** Profit and Loss
** Simple Interest and Compound Interest
** Age Problems
** Work And Time
** Time & Speed
** Probability
** Mensuration
** Permutation and Combination
** Averages
** Ratios and Proportions
** Partnerships
** Stream Boat Problems
** Mixture and Allegation
** Pipes and Cisterns
** Coding and Decoding
** Important Problems

Verbal Ability : 15 Questions
** Spotting Errors
** Antonyms
** Synonyms
** sentence correction
** sentence formation
** Selecting words
** Verification of Truth
** Arithmetic Reasoning
** Classification
** Logical Sequence of Words
** Analogy
** Paragraph Formation
** Comprehension
** Idioms and Phrases

Analytical Reasoning : 15 Questions
** Blood Relation
** Seating Arrangement
** Direction sense test
** Odd one out
** Coding and decoding

Sample Paper

Quantitative Aptitude :
1. Two ships are sailing in the sea on the two sides of a lighthouse. The angles of elevation of the top of the lighthouse observed from the ships are 30° and 45° respectively. If the lighthouse is 100m high, find the distance between the two ships.
A. 155.80 m
B. 157.80 m
C. 159. 80 m
D. 161.80 m

2. The speed of a boat in still water is 5km/hr. If the speed of the boat against the stream is 3 km/hr, what is the speed of the stream?
A. 1.5 km/hr
B. 2 km/hr
C. 2.5 km/hr
D. 1 km/hr

3. A pipe can fill a tank in 6 hours and another pipe can empty the tank in 12 hours. If both the pipes are opened at the same time,the tank can be filled in
A. 10 hours
B. 12 hours
C. 14 hours
D. 16 hours

4. A shopkeeper sold an article for Rs. 2500. If the cost price of the article is 2000, find the profit percent.
A. 23%
B. 25%
C. 27%
D. 29%

5. A train moving at speed of 80 km/hr crosses a pole in 7 seconds. Find the length of the train.
A. 150 m
B. 165 m
C. 175 m
D. 170 m

Verbal Ability :
Sentence Correction
16. In each question, an incomplete statement (Stem) followed by fillers is given. Pick out the best one which can complete incomplete stem correctly and meaningfully. Despite his best efforts to conceal his anger ……

A. we could detect that he was very happy
B. he failed to give us an impression of his agony
C. he succeeded in camouflaging his emotions
D. he could succeed in doing it easily
E. people came to know that he was annoyed

17. His appearance is unsmiling but ……
A. if I come it will not rain
B. if it rains I shall not come
C. I will certainly come whether it rains or not
D. whenever there is rain I shall come E. I am less likely to come if it rains

Choose the correct Antonyms of
18. Relinquish
A. Strong
B. Powerful
C. Renounce
D. Possess

19. Imperative
A. Imprudent
B. Thoughtful
C. Harmful
D. Unimportant

20. The Himalayas are located ____ the northern frontier of India.
A. along
B. aside
C. in
D. above

Logical Reasoning :
31 Which number should come next in the series, 48, 24, 12, ……?
A. 8
B. 6
C. 4
D. 2

32 Look at the series, 46, 44, 40, 38, 34, _, which number should come next?
A. 30
B. 36
C. 32
D. 31

33 RQP, ONM, _, IHG, FED, find the missing letters.

34 CKDL, EKFL, GKHL, _, KKLL, find the missing letters.

35 If January 1, 1996, was Monday, what day of the week was January 1, 1997?
A. Thursday
B. Wednesday
C. Friday
D. Sunday

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