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Udacity AWS Machine Learning Scholarship Program 2020

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Organisation : UDACITY & AWS
Scholarship Name : AWS Machine Learning Scholarship Program 2020
Applicable For : Anyone 18 years of age
Application Last Date : July 31, 2020
Website :

Udacity AWS Machine Learning Scholarship

Advance your career by earning a scholarship for the AWS Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree Program. Apply machine learning techniques and algorithms, including deployment to the AWS production environment.

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Who is Eligible?

** Anyone 18 years of age and older is encouraged to apply.
** Udacity employees and individuals that reside in countries subject to U.S. trade restrictions are ineligible to apply.

Scholarship Timeline

** Enrollment Opens – Tuesday, May 19
** Enrollment Closes – Wednesday, July 31, 11:59 PM PST
Students can sign up and start learning at any point during the enrollment window.

How It Works?

The AWS Machine Learning Scholarship program is for all developers interested in expanding their AWS machine learning skills and expertise.

Phase 1 : Scholarship Foundations Course
Learners can start learning at their own pace from May 19, 2020 and will have till July 31, 2020 to complete the foundational course.

The course will help students develop object-oriented programming skills including writing clean and modular code and also introduce key AWS machine learning technologies, namely Amazon AI Services and Amazon AI Devices and apply their skills in the AWS lab environment.

At the completion of the course, learners will receive a certificate for having completed the foundational course.

Finally, learners will receive instructions to take an online assessment quiz that will be used to select the top scorers who will receive a full scholarship for Udacity’s popular Machine Learning Engineer nanodegree.

Phase 2 : Full Scholarship for a Udacity Nanodegree program
325 top scorers from the online assessment quiz from the foundational program will earn a scholarship to the Machine Learning Engineer nanodegree. Nanodegree programs typically require several hours of work per week for the duration of the Nanodegree program.

This program will offer world-class curriculum, a groundbreaking classroom experience, industry-leading instructors, thorough project reviews, and a full suite of career services.

Foundations Course

** Enroll in the AWS Machine Learning Foundations course.
** Learn best practices of object-oriented programming, Amazon AI Services, and AWS AI Devices such as DeepLens, DeepRacer, and DeepComposer.
** Commit to dedicating 5-10 hours a week on the course and work towards earning one of the follow-up Nanodegree program scholarships


1. How many Nanodegree program spots will be available?
Upon completion of the foundations course, Udacity and AWS will provide 325 Udacity scholarships to the top scorers in the assessment quiz administered at the completion of the foundational course.

2. Are there any non-technical prerequisites or costs associated with this program?
Both the foundational course and nanodegree will require performing tasks in an AWS lab environment with an AWS account. Learners will need to submit a credit card on file with AWS to create an AWS account.

The required exercise can be completed using AWS Free Tier services. Learners may incur a cost if they complete the optional exercise.

3. Will I definitely get a job based on these scholarships?
These scholarships do not guarantee you a job. But Udacity students often do get jobs after graduating from programs like these. Check out some student stories.

4. Where does the program take place?
The program takes place 100% online. You can work from wherever you want to, as long as you have a working internet connection.

5. How will the full Nanodegree program scholarships be earned?
After the foundational course ends, follow-up scholarships will be provided for the Udacity Machine Learning Nanodegree program. Students will be evaluated based on successful completion of lessons in Phase 1 in addition to their performance of the online assessment quiz.

6. Will there be a Certificate of completion provided?
Students who complete the foundational course will receive a certificate of completion from Udacity. Students selected for Phase 2 who complete the full Nanodegree program will be awarded a Nanodegree certificate.

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