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Organisation : Karnataka ePASS
Announcement : Know Your Application Number & Status
Applicable State : Karnataka
Know Your Application Number :

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Karnataka ePASS Know Your Application Number

Please enter the following details to Know Your Application Number/ Print Application / Acknowledgement,

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Step 1 : Select (Fresh / Renewal)
Step 2 : Select Academic Year
Step 3 : Enter SSLC Examination Number
Step 4 : Enter Year of Pass (YYYY)
Step 5 : Select SSLC Pass Type
Step 6 : Enter Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY)
Step 7 : Click on “Get Scholarship Details” Button

Application Status

Application Status Link here :
You have to fill the below details to Know Your Application Status,
Step 1 : Enter Application No
Step 2 : Select Academic Year
Step 3 : Select SSLC Pass Type
Step 4 : Enter Year of Pass (YYYY)
Step 5 : Enter SSLC Register Number
Step 6 : Enter Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY)
Step 7 : Click on “Get Status” Button

About ePASS

Online Post Matric Scholarships disbursements through ePass application is one of the important welfare measures of the Government of Karnataka which is aimed at the educational upliftment of Students, initiated by the Department of Backward Class Welfare

The system links all welfare departments, treasury, databases of Secondary Schools Leaving Certificate (SSLC), Colleges and Banks to disburse scholarships

Contact Us

Please Contact Us for the following reasons:
Deletion of the Wrong Application Entry.
New User ID Creation for New Institutions.
SSLC Marks Card Issues
College Authority with regard to any course etc.,
Addition of New Banks/Bank IFSCs
Replying Online to any other Queries.

Contact Details:
Karnataka Backward Classes Welfare Department
No.16/D, 3rd Floor, Devraj Urs Bhavan,
Millers Tank Bed Road, Vasanth Nagar,
Bangalore – 560052.
Phone 1: 9480818013
Phone 2: 9480818010
Phone 3: (080) 22374837
Email ID: bcdbng[AT]

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  1. I have mistakenly entered 1st year admission number in renewal form without entring 2nd puc admission number is it wrong

  2. Sir when i making renewal of my application i have mistakenly pressed submit without changing admission number,is it wrong and what can i do?j

  3. I am applying for scholarship were my bank account detail are not showing their IFSC code wat to do

  4. I applied for scholarship in my first year BE …due to my fault I didn’t apply in second year of my BE. Now I’m third year how can I apply now plz give information regarding this

  5. i am a cbse student, ihave lost my application number,how do i get it.

  6. How we have to make correction

  7. how to find previous application number

  8. My application id is 201802168265, i have added my punjab national bank details in the application and uploaded the document of the canara bank.Please resolve the problem soon

  9. I have got fresh income&caste certificate, but while registering online error message was ‘invalid’ for the certificate. On enquiring with Taluk office,they are telling that the certificate is correct.
    Pl.let me know what to do further.

  10. How do I apply for epass scholarship?

  11. How to delete the wrong application entry please help

  12. Date of Barth how to apply

  13. I have not received Post Metric Scholarship money, Why? In status, it is showing sanctioned but I have not yet received. My application Id is 132076543.

  14. My application status is like sanctioned under fee concession. But I have not received any amount. Can I know, when will I get sanctioned to my account?

    Application Number : 201800021572
    SSLC Number : 20130413274

  15. My application status is like sanctioned under fees concession scheme and food and accommodation assistance scheme but I have not received any amount. Can I know, when will it get sanctioned to my account?

    Application Number:201800843343
    SSLC Register Number:20130734649
    Date of Birth:24/09/1997

  16. Status of Prathiba Merit Scholarship is showing verified but not selected. What is the reason?

  17. It is sanctioned under Prematric and fee concessions. I received fee concessions money only. When will I get the scholarship money?


    I have not received Post Metric Scholarship money, Why? In status, it is showing sanctioned but I have not yet received. My application Id is 201801977754.

  19. My application Id is 201802078538. My application was ineligible due to Aadhaar authentication now. So, I have submitted updated Aadhar but my application is still showing ineligible for scholarship. Why?

  20. I have applied for Vidysree scholarship and fee concession but I have received only fee concession. When will I get the Vidysree scholarship?

  21. I have not received Post Metric Scholarship money, Why? In status, it is showing sanctioned but I have not yet received.

  22. In status, it shows sanctioned but the amount of food and accommodation scheme is not credited to my bank account. Application number is 201801034785

  23. My application number is 201801163933. I have updated aadhar card. Now I want to upload it in my application. How I can do it?

  24. In application status, it is showing sanctioned under food and accommodation but amount is not credited. Please resolve this issue. My application number is 201800587204.

  25. My application status is like sanctioned under fees concession scheme and food and accommodation assistance scheme but I have not received any amount. Can I know, when will it get sanctioned to my account?

    SSLC Examination Number : 20090562573
    SSLC Pass Type : Karnataka SSLC Board
    Application Number : 201800901536

  26. My application status is like sanctioned under fees concession scheme but I have not received any amount. Can I know, when will it get sanctioned to my account?

    Application Number : 201802055093
    SSLC Register Number : 20130765418
    Year of Pass : 2013
    Date of Birth : 07/07/1997
    Academic Year : 2018-19
    Board : Karnataka Regular Board

    1. Please contact the BCWD office and give the details of college.

  27. I have applied for Vidyasiri scholarship but it was rejected by Taluk officer due to aadhar mismatch. So please suggest me, what can I do?

  28. I applied for Vidyasiri Scholarship. My application status says that pending for sanction. When will you sanction under Post Matric? My application number is 201800021572.

  29. My application is also rejected by Taluk office due to aadhar card mismatch Today, I met Taluk office for correcting but date for editing the application is closed. Can you suggest me, what I can do now?

  30. I also applied for Vidyasiri but the application is rejected by Taluk officer for Aadhar card incorrect so, he suggests me to make bio metric aadhar link so I made it but now the he says last day had over. Please do second round verification.

  31. I applied for Vidyasiri Scholarship renewal. My application status says that pending at Taluk office. If any wrong with my application please update as soon as possible. My application number is 201800021572. What is the last date for editing application?

  32. My application is also rejected by Taluk officer because of Aadhar mismatch it seems, I don’t know, what is the next step to do now. Please anybody suggest, what to do? I am studying B.E 4th year.

  33. I am getting a ‘Rejected by taluk officer due to adhar card mismatch’ status on my application. Please help me to solve my issue. My application number for the year 2018/19 is 201801948540. I applied on 16-10-18 .

  34. Rao Harshitha Narayan

    I Harshitha Rao student at Mangalore Institute of Technology. I had applied for ePass scholarship for 2nd year it is a renewal scholarship. I had received scholarship for 1st year but this year my application status is showing that you require a adhaar card verification. I went for the backward classes department for verification but the server was busy. I request you to provide us a date for verification as I need this scholarship. My application number is 201801973408.

  35. I am doing 2nd MBA. I applied for renewal but application rejected by taluk office due to aadhar number incorrect (or) mismatched. My Application Number is 201801243472 and SSLC Number is 20110764286.

  36. I want to know, where to submit the acknowledgement of scholarship if college is not taking acknowledgement. I asked in college but they said they you only have to give. Where to give? My name is Ramakrishna Ayurvedic Medical College & Research Hospital, Ramagondanahalli, Yelahanka, Bangalore.

  37. I have forgotten my application number so, I searched for application number but it is showing student details not found. I have applied in last yer. Please suggest me, what to do?

  38. My income certificate validity has expired. So the application was not accepting while I was applying for scholarship. Then I renewed my income caste certificate and applied successfully for scholarship. But the problem is old income certificate has a income of Rs.24000 and new income has a income of Rs.45000 but I applied my scholarship by uploading new income certificate number but also I am getting my application status printed with old certificate income. What is the solution for this query?

  39. I have applied for the scholarship but I have not received any scholarship. Please tell the reason why I am not getting any amount.

    KA SSLC Board : 20140464844
    Application Number : 201700859058

    Please give the solution as possible as soon.

  40. Value provided in Income Caste Certificate number might have been changed as per the details mentioned in Income Caste Certificate Details (or) it is not a valid Income Caste Certificate number. Please solve this problem.

  41. I have already renewed my application without uploading mandatory form instead of that I have uploaded my bank passbook so is there any solution regarding it if so please inform me as soon as.

  42. I don’t know my previous year application number, so I am unable to submit my renewed application online. It is asking the application number. I tried for the same by submitting my details, it is displaying student application number not found. So kindly help me in this regard.

    My details are below,
    Name : Hari Prasad
    10th Register Number : 20130442397
    Year of passing :2013
    DOB is : 02-08-1997

  43. I have applied for Karnataka ePass scholarship but by mistake, I have entered wrong income &cast certificate number. What is the solution for this?

  44. I got 1st & 2nd year scholarship but have not got the 3rd year scholarship. Please check. In application status, it shows pending for sanction. Please resolve my problem and my application number is 201700880415.

  45. I don’t know my previous year application number, so I am unable to submit my renewed application online. It is asking the application number. I tried for the same by submitting my details, it is displaying student application number not found. So kindly help me in this regard.

    My details are below,
    Name : Shreya Bulla
    10th Register Number : 20150799280,
    Year of passing :2015,
    DOB is : 14-10-1999

  46. I applied for the scholarship last year. This year, I have been trying to apply for it but I don’t know my Application number. Please suggest me what to do.

  47. I got 94.7% in SSLC & 93.5% in PUC. In SSLC, I received merit scholarship and I applied for Prathibha Puraskara 2018-19 scholarship. Application status shows that verified but not selected. I want to know that, why I am not selected for Prathibha Purskar Merit Scholarship.

  48. I applied for scholarship 2017 under fee concession, status is sanctioned but still I have not got amount in my account, when I will get amount? please send it soon. My application number is 201701349087.

  49. I applied for scholarship under food and accommodation assistance scheme, it got sanctioned but not credited to my bank account yet. My application number is 201701136843. Please send me the scholarship amount soon.

  50. I am seeking procedure for registration of ePass. I am a student of class 10 secured 92% in my CBSE board. Can you please tell me how to register for ePass so that, I can seek my scholarship and proceed my further studies. I belong to 3rd OBC and a lingayat. Can you please send me the link of fresh registration? I need to register and seek scholarship. All the caste certificate and all the documents are ready. So please provide me the link and procedure.

  51. First tell us, how to get the application number. If there are any trusted scholarship schemes, please tell me. I want to get rid of these fake ones. I had passed SSLC in distinction but not able to get any scholarships.

  52. I have not yet got the scholarship but status shows your scholarship is sanctioned. The others who had applied with me have got the scholarship and college management gave 1732 rupees and saying government fees and said rest of the amount will come to your account but still I have not yet received the amount. Please tell, what to do.

  53. I have not received the Fee Concession/ Post Matric scholarship, Please give me the status of following details.

    Application Number: 201701026219
    Application Date: 07-08-2017
    SSLC HT Number: 20140645337

  54. I am eligible for fee concession and post metric food and accommodation but still I got only fees concession scholarship only. All my friends got post metric amount so what I have to do now. Do I need to wait or whom I have to ask about this? My application number is 201700763551.

  55. Please tell me, Why first year students are getting 68k amount but others getting 26k. Why this type of difference with same aggregate also someone got 68k others 26k? This is not fair.

  56. I am studying M.Tech 2nd semester in VTU Mysore. Its a government college so we should get full amount to be refund. But they sanctioned full amount only for the 70% and above students. Why did they took percentage criteria this time but for 2nd year M.Tech students they didn’t considered percentage only for us that too we payed 64k CET fees this time. Its too worst. Please let me know the reasons.

  57. Student can check the status of Online Application by selecting the “Know Your Status” link from Student Services drop down list. And fulfill the form with appropriate details in specified fields.

  58. What is the meaning of fee Concession Scheme? Tell me whether the scholarship amount will be given or not in this scheme. If amount is given then it will it be credited to my account or not?

  59. I am eligible and I have been promoted but also in application status its showing you are ineligible, discontinuous etc. May I know the reason why it is showing like that? and please tell what further process I want to do? My application number is 201701669376. Please reply me.

  60. Just visit this site, where on left side of the screen there is an option called “Know your app number”. You have to just click on it and pass your SSLC register number, on which year you applied for scholarship before and other credentials, post which you can get your Application number.

  61. Actually I am MBA student. I am waiting for pgcet seat second round for this year dated 25/09/2017 but kare pass applying last date is 20/09/2017. How can I apply? So many students are waiting for pgcet seat. So please postpone the last date.

  62. When I applied for fresh, my application number was 201601683376. When I checked my application status application number was 201701683376. But during renewal the application number was incorrect. It was showing that 201701683376 was already registered. So what should I do?

  63. Please tell how I can cancel the application and do again application because I have not taken printout of acknowledgment. My application application number is 201701970406.

  64. Please add the following bank and it’s IFSC, as this is not there in the list of banks for scholarship.
    Central Bank of India, Nagarabavi branch, 2nd stage, Bangalore-560072
    IFSC: CBINO284889

  65. We recently finished our MCA 4th sem in vtu. Wwe have not yet received our results. Kindly reply me the procedure for applying scholarship for PG students who have not yet received there previous semester results.

  66. I didn’t get my scholarship till now. My application number is 201601572058. May I know the reason? I tried to open my application status but it’s not opening. Why?

  67. I am learning BCA degree final year. I got my first amount of scholarship. Then I renewed my application but second time I did not get any amount. Please check my application.

  68. I am studying Diploma in Horticulture. I applied scholarship for food and accommodation. When I checked the status of my application I could see that my scholarship has been sanctioned. Till now the amount has not been sanctioned to my account. Please help me.

  69. My application status is sanctioned under food accommodation scheme and fee concession scheme. I didn’t get any amount in my account. Please sanction the amount as soon as possible.

  70. Abhishek S Lokare

    My application number is 201501141113. I have applied for Vidhyashree Scholarship. I didn’t get any amount in my account. Please help me.

  71. I don’t know whether my scholarship got sanctioned or not. I have applied for scholarship in September 2016. How can I know my scholarship status? Kindly help me.

  72. I have changed my name as it is in the Aadhar card. Then I tried to make the same changes in the application form. After manipulating I tried to submit the application form but I am unable to submit the application form.

  73. I have seen my scholarship status. It is sanctioned only fee concession other two are not sanctioned. Kindly I request you to give reason.

  74. There is a problem with entering of date of birth. Officials should take care of this problem, otherwise students cannot see the scholarship status.

  75. In the said website all options are working but date of birth column is not operating. The officials should clear this problem otherwise students will not be able to see their application status.

  76. This is to report to you about Ramangaram Hostel issue. My daughter has a problem in stomach pain and she had taken pain killer and it ends in vomiting since tablet has expired. Warden is not allowing my daughter to stay. We have been running around from Bangalore to Ramanagaram for past 15 Days. So kindly look in to this matter. We are humbly requesting my daughter education. We have a problem in Ramangaram Ladies Hostel who is running Warden Name Vasanth Laksmi Madam Warden – BCM

    Note : I am suspecting because she had compliant about the water.
    Student Name : Nazeera Banu
    College : Govt Engg college Ramangaram
    Year : 1st Year
    BE (Mechanical Engineering)

  77. In karepass scholarship fee concession must be done in the college? and I have got only Rs1600 per year. Is it only that much we will get?

  78. ISir in my application form college name was changed and now wants to add correct college name. How can can it do?

  79. I have submitted fee concession application online but did not receive acknowledgement. Find me a way to receive acknowledgement.

  80. In printout of application status I’m getting not yet verified and not eligible. Should I Wait?

  81. I took bcm hostel under BE. Now I am studying medical. So it is not allowing me to apply Vidyasiri under medical. So what is the procedure to cancel the registration under BE?

  82. I am not getting my scholarship of 2014-15. But status is showing as sanctioned. Please guide me.

  83. My application has been already filled but I did am not get my application form and acknowledgement form which I have filled. So please inform the process that I have to do.

  84. How can I edit the epass scholarship application form? Because, while applying scholarship I applied for DECE course instead of DC in mtech. So please reply, how can I edit?

  85. Can any one tell me how can I get the application number? Actually I forgot to take the copy of my last year application.
    Some one help me how can I know about application number.

  86. How can I get my application print? In know your application status date of birth box is not taking the data. Please check it and reply.

  87. I want to take a printout of application Status but it’s not taking date of birth. What should I do?

  88. I want to know my status of last year scholarship which haven’t yet got but in status it not taking date of birth.

  89. Last date is Extended up to 25th Sept 2016.
    If any doubt regarding submission of the application you can call me.

    1. I have uploaded all the documents for the fresh scholarship in 2013-14. I didn’t renew it in 2014-15. Now can I apply it back? If yes how?

  90. I filled all the required details to the scholarship format but it is not generating the application number. It is showing students details not found.

  91. I am trying for scholarship from 20 days,more than 60 times I have been filling the online form but every time it shows verified and next webpage will open as session expired. To solve the issue I went to Vasanth Nagar office but the officers didn’t even ask me what was the problem and they spoke in such a way that “students are filling 500000 applications we are also humans,why you come here and disturb us stand outside and will call you”. This was the reply from the system operators in the department office Vasanthnagar. Even after this I again gave a try in night so that server will be busy,but that also ended trustworthlessly,dob was not taking as there is a problem in filling,error 404 .
    Nobody guides in that office even if a student goes there.

  92. Tomorrow is last date(15-09-2016) to submit the form in college, but till now I am not able to take a print out of application form because of the authentication errors from the website as I tried many times till date. Please try to resolve the problem as soon as possible or try to extend the date and make us convenient.

  93. I had applied for epass scholarship and forgot to take print out. How can I know my application number of previous year by using SSLC register number?

  94. My application was registered but my status was not shown in below link. Date of birth is not entering into particular place.

  95. I applied for scholarship but don’t get acknowledgement. Please tell me how can I get acknowledgement.

  96. My income certificate is not accepting. What can I do?
    Can you please extend the date to apply scholarship?

  97. I made a mistake while uploading that I did not uploaded my Ration Card. Can I submit that in Taluk office or somewhere else?

  98. I have got all possible problems in filling the fresh application,>
    1)It shows it is viewing for verification,next it shows verified,later it will not provide application number instead it shows time out session expired.
    2)Even if we try to put of dob website is not taking entry,with great difficulty it shows student number not found.

    Please guide us so that we make use of scholarship.

  99. I am eligible for FC and sanctioned under FC, but still am not getting amount. What is the problem? When will be announced 3rd list of 2015-2016 sanctioned report? Please help me.


  101. I am 2nd year BE student. I changed my branch from Environmental to IT. In renewal of scholarship there is no option to change the branch. How can I change it? Do I have to apply as fresh?

  102. I applied this year for epass. But while applying mistakes happened. So I need to correct my college name and address.
    What shall I do?
    Please help me.

  103. No necessity to delete your application but you can consult your dist Office for any amendments in your application.

  104. Date of birth is not taking in karepass application status of my 1st year.
    Please help.
    I am studying in diploma .

  105. I have lost my application number. Could you help to get my application number? I want to renew my scholarship this year. I want application number.

  106. I’m a first year engineering student. While filling the karepass application form it is asking to give previous years course details. How can I give the details because I’m in first year?

  107. What can I do if application number is forgotten,dob is not taking in it. What can I do? Please help me!

  108. Here we are not able to review our application. What is the reason for that, and please correct that as soon as possible.

  109. I forgot my application number. Is it possible to know the karepass application number now?

  110. Is the provisional marks card uploaded on the application without the attestation of the institution where we are studying?


    1. Use Mozilla Firefox for the best experience. Google chrome won’t allow you to enter dob.

  112. I’m unable to renew my karepass scholarship. I don’t know my application number. When I tried to know my application number it’s showing as student information not found though the entered information is correct. I tried to apply as new but there also its showing as student information is not found. I entered my 10th roll number and other information correctly but can’t get it. So can any one help me to get my application number or can you tell what should I do to apply my scholarship?

  113. We are not able to type the date of birth in that given box. I’m trying from one month to get the application print out.

  114. I need my application no to renew. I searched my application no but its showing that student details not found. My details given are right.

  115. I will apply scholarship in 2015/16. My application is rejected in verification officer and I will apply scholarship in 2016/17 “fresh/renewal”. Please tell me quickly.


  117. Last year I applied for Fee concession scholarship, status is showing “scholarship has been sanctioned”, but so far I did not received money. This is my application number 201501324526. Please do let me know when will I be getting money?

  118. This is my application no 201500166296.
    But I didn’t get the scholarship till now and even post metric and accommodation and food concession also I didn’t get. Will you please check this my no and please clarify my doubt. If I did mistakes please tell me because it is helpful for me to apply next year scholarship because some of my friends got this both scholarship.
    When is the last date for applying this present year 2016?

  119. What is the last date to apply karpass online application?

  120. I applied for the fess concession(mba) scholarship. Only first list has been announced. When second list will be announced?

  121. This is my app No 201501260365. Why I didn’t get my scholarship? Please can you tell me? Already 2 sanction list had been passed.

  122. Application status is showing waiting for sanction.
    And even second list also came but my name was not there, so when will 3rd list come?

  123. Sushil Kangralkar S

    I am eligible for scholarship but still didn’t get any amount. My application no is 2015 0137 0493. Please help me in this regard.

  124. I applied for fee concession & post matric scholarship but I didn’t get yet.
    May I know the reason?
    Application number : 201500587269

  125. I have applied to post-matric/food and accommodation/fee concession. There is no updates about sanction or pending for sanction. Application status option also not opened. Last time also I did not get. My application number is 201500287752.

  126. Please check my status. My application no is 201500903699.

  127. I applied scholarship but I didn’t get amount. My application number is 201501360859.

  128. Am I eligible for FC but not yet sanctioned? Why late? Please reply.

  129. Mr. H B Prakash, Principal.

    “SDS TRC & RGICD College of Nursing, Near NIMHANS, Dharmaram College post, Bangalore-560029”

    I would like to add our Nursing College name in your website to help our eligible nursing students in getting scholarship & hostel facility.

  130. Am I eligible for both fee concession and food and accommodation. My scholarship also sanctioned but still I didn’t get scholarship amount. My application number is 2014001597605.

  131. My application status is sanctioned under post metric scholarship scheme but I have not my scholarship and my application no is 201500836083.

  132. I did not get any of scholarship and I am unable to see my status. My number is 201501107937.


    1. Please check my application status &let me know. My scholarship not yet sanctioned.
      App no:201501380187

  134. I submitted scholarship but I did not get any money in bank account. Please give scholarship. My scholarship number is 201501280948 and my bank a/c no is 62420602632.

  135. Past 4 months my application status was pending but now I am not able to check my scholarship status. Please provide the link to check application status.


    My app no. Is 201500376648. I’m not able to see my application status. Let me know it as soon as possible. I scored 82.15% in my first semester, but still I’m not receiving any amount. Kindly let me know it. Last year also I didn’t get any amount from this. Please fix it as soon as possible.

  137. I applied for Hostel seat for the Technical education course(2016-17). Can you please confirm the whether the application status print is satisfied or can we take application form print out and acknowledgement printout? If it is necessary can you please help me to take my online application form (already applied) printout and the acknowledgement printout.
    My application number is 2016H0158653.
    I am waiting for your valuable reply.

  138. My app no. Is 201500640394. I’m not able to see my application status. Let me know it as soon as possible. I scored 82.15% in my first semester, but still I’m not receiving any amount. Kindly let me know it. Last year also I didn’t get any amount from this. Please fix it as soon as possible.

  139. My application number is 201500120318. This application is sanctioned for fee concession and food and accommodation but still I didn’t get my food and accommodation fund. Please tell in how many days it will come to my account?

  140. WHai scholarship department….what’s wrong with you why status of our scholarship is not showing …
    I heard that this link is not in use now and for more information and about scholarship information we have to consult our college scholarship in charge department. Is it true?

  141. I’m eligible for the scholarship but still I have not got the scholarship this year. I’m even unable to check the status. My application no. is 201501374032.

  142. I have applied the Scholarship and it comes pending for sanction in fess concession but my name is not come. Also its pending for sanction.

  143. I have good marks and I have a category. Last year also I didn’t get scholarship and even this year. What is the purpose you give scholarship but not for the students who score well? Many having 2 or 3 backlogs and they got it. I don’t understand on what basis you consider?

  144. On my name the scholarship amount have been sanctioned by Vidyasri scholarship of OBC, Karnataka but Central university is not ready to pay the current scholarship amount and in addition to that they r asking to refund the last scholarship amount ie. RS 28500 which we already spent on education. The reason they r giving is the education is free at central university for girls but the fact is that they have charged fee in the name of ERP, training and development fee, PDP program fee etc.

  145. I have applied for fresh scholarship and submitted all the required documents and while checked for application status it was displaying pending for sanction a few days ago but to check status know the website is not opening so please tell me how to know whether money is sanctioned or not or whether I will get or not.

  146. I had applied for scholarship last year. The money was sanctioned under food & accommodation. This year I applied for renewal but money has sanctioned under post metric. How does it possible?

  147. I applied for the scholarship and forgot to take the acknowledgement. I am not able to review my application as I dont know my application number to check my status. What can I do to check my status?

  148. I updated all my details. I still didn’t gt application number and still I did not open the application. But showing as application not found.
    Help me with this

  149. Sir, I not applied scholarship in karepass due to still not started admission for m-tech 2 round students, but last date is over on sep 20th 2015. Now what should do ??

  150. I have a problem with entering DOB. Give us a reply fast
    Then how to take printout of my application & acknowledgment?

  151. I applied for the scholarship but I did not take the acknowledgement and application copy print. So I am not getting as what to do. Can you assist me?

  152. I have filled application but I don’t have A/C. So instead of giving my account i gave my parents A/c because i don’t have student a/c. I have filled application. So is there any problem?


    1. I applied in e-pass but not mentioned my father name. Please sanction my fee concession. My family is poor family. I paid 91000 fees for college.

  153. Please anyone help me. I want to apply epass scholarship for the academic year. I applied last year but didn’t got amount. So that i wanna apply this year but i lost application number of last year. Its asking application num for renewal. So anyone please help me how to collect it


  155. I uploaded wrong mark card to my scholarship. Please tell me what are the steps to edit my application?
    Application no 201500733580 or delete this application
    I will do renewal once again with my correct mark cards.
    Please help me.
    Deadline for post matric and fee concession scholarship is Sept 10…

  156. I was applied scholar in academic 2015-16. But just by mistake I was not selected ‘fees concession’ option. I lost that fees concession. So that this time i want to apply through fees concession. So I visited to fresh application. But I am not able to apply because it is showing as you can renew. If I go to renew application I am not getting the ‘fee concession’ option. Please help me with this problem

  157. I couldn’t print acknowledge
    Registration is successful but couldn’t print acknowledgement. And on other hand why is it showing -application rejected by verification officer (other reason) local student?

  158. I am eligible for fees concession scheme. The status is sanctioned under fee concession scheme but not get any scholarship.
    Application no.201400020489
    Please tell me when will I get scholarship in my a/c?

  159. I secured FC,but I still didn’t received sanction.
    Please solve my problem. My application no is:201401061039

  160. I want to know my application status but date of birth page was not opening in the uc operamini chrome browser. please tell which browser I have to go?

  161. I am eligible for fee concession still not yet sanctioned. My application no is 201400 824397. Please resolve my problem soon.

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