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Organisation : Karnataka State Government [State Scholarship Portal (SSP)]
Portal Name : SSP Post Matric Scholarship
Facility Name : FAQs on e-Attestation
Applicable For : Karnataka SC,ST and Minority Students
Website :

SSP Post Matric e-Attestation FAQs

E-Attestation is the attestation of document using digital technologies. The attesting authority uses electronic signature to attest document.

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SSP Karnataka FAQs

e-Attestation Benefits

The benefit of E-Attesting documents is the once E-Attested the documents can be used multiple time for verification. This reduces the need to visit a government office each time attested documents are required.

e-Attestation Process FAQs

1. How should I login to e-attestation?
You can login to E-Attestation portal through the link provided in post matric scholarship portal ( You can log in to the E-Attestation portal by providing your Aadhar Number and Name (as in Aadhar). You don’t need any other credentials.

2. Can I use my parents Aadhar number for getting my document attested electronically?
No. You must use only your Aadhar.

3. Will there be any charges for getting my documents attested electronically?
No. There will be no charges for electronic attestation of documents.

4. Where can I download the Aadhar Consent form?
You can download the Aadhar Consent form from the E-attestation page in the post matric portal.

5. Do I have to submit the Aadhar Consent form in the E-Attestation page in post matric portal?
No, you must not upload the Aadhar Consent form. You must only upload the documents that require E-Attestation.

6. Who does e-attestation and how do I ensure his eligibility?
The list of E-Attestation officers is available in post matric scholarship portal.

7. Do I need to meet the E-Attestation officer who has received my request for e-attestation? What are the documents I need to carry with me?
Yes. You must meet the person who has received your request for e-attestation for one-time verification of the document. You need to carry the original document of the document submitted for E-Attestation.

8. Where should I go for physical verification of the submitted documents? Who does the physical verification of documents?
Currently, after successful submission of documents by you on the portal, you must visit your E-Attestation officer for verification of original documents. College E-Attestation officers will perform physical

9. How can I know the names of e-attestation officers of my institute?
You can obtain the information in post matric scholarship portal.

10. Where can I apply for E-attestation for post-matric scholarship?
** You can apply for E-attestation in the E-Attestation page of Post Matric Scholarship portal.
** Students who do not have computers/internet connectivity can approach the nearest KarnatakaOne and BangaloreOne centres.

** Facilities for applying for E-attestation for post matric scholarship will also be available in all college libraries.

11. What all documents are required to be E-Attested for applying for post matric scholarship?
Currently, the students studying in institutions in Karnataka need to apply for E-Attestation for post-matric scholarship the following

Type of Student Type of Document
Students pursuing regular degree courses* 

1. Bonafide Certificate

2. Marksheet/Promotion Certificate

3. Fee Receipt

4. Hostel Admission Certificate (only for students residing in private and college run hostels)


Students pursuing ITI/Diploma/PU/ B. Pharma /Paramedical/Nursing 

1. Hostel Admission Certificate (only for students residing in private and college run hostels)


Kin of Defence Personnel pursuing Engineering/Diploma Courses 

1. Defence Personnel Service Certificate


Students who are not kin of defence personnel and belong to SC/ST category and are pursuing Engineering/Diploma Courses 

1. Salary Certificate


* Degree courses includes all post matric courses except ITI/Diploma/PU/ B. Pharma/ Paramedical/Nursing

12. I am pursuing a degree course and I am staying in Government hostel. What are the documents I must get E-Attested?
You must get the following documents E-Attested
** Bonafide Certificate
** Mark Sheet/Promotion Certificate
** Fee Receipt
You do not have to submit your Government hostel admission certificate for E-Attestation.

13. Can I upload multiple pages separately for a document I need to get E-Attested?
No. You cannot upload multiple pages separately. In case you have multiple pages for a document for which you need E-Attestation, merge all the pages into one document and upload the merged document.

14. Will I get any SMS/email alert after approval/rejection of my documents in e- attestation?
Currently this feature is not available. You have to check the E-attestation page in post matric page to find out the status of your document.

15. When will E-Attestation officer reject my documents from E-Attesting it?
The E-Attestation officer will reject your document when,
** Index Data is not the same as data in the original document
** Submitted document is not relevant
** Submitted / Original Document is not clear
** Submitted Document is not matching with Original
** Document is not within the validity period

** Document is tampered
** Document is fake
** Incomplete index information is given
** Fake index information is given
** Applicant doesn’t belong to Institute
** Any other reason provided by E-Attestation officer

e-Attestation FAQs :


Any issues related to registration of applications under State Scholarship Portal 2019-20 & e-Attestation – Post Matric (MCM) may be sent to email id gokdomssp [AT]

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