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Organisation : Karnataka State Government
Portal : State Scholarship Portal (SSP)
Scholarship Name : Post Matric Scholarship/ e-Attestation 2019-20
Applicable For : SC,ST and Minority Students
Applicable State : Karnataka
Application Last Date : 31.03.2020 (Date is Extended)
Website/ Apply Online :

SSP Karnataka Post Matric Scholarship

Online applications are invited for SSP Karnataka Post Matric Scholarship and e-Attestation.

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SSP Post Matric Application

SSP Portal

Only SC,ST and Minority category students should apply through this Portal. Backward classes category students should apply in e-PASS portal or contact Backward Classes Welfare Department.

Note :
To know your Student ID click on Know Your Student ID link and provide your Registered mobile number


Only SC,ST and Minority category students should apply through this Portal. Backward classes category students should apply in e-PASS portal or contact Backward Classes Welfare Department.

e-Attestation Instructions

Step by Step Instructions for Students to get documents E-Attested for Post Matric Scholarship

Step 1:
** Go to post matric scholarship portal by entering the below URL in your browser’s address bar. ( )
** Click on “E-Attestation of documents for Students” link.

Step 2:
** Enter your Aadhaar number and Name as in Aadhaar card in the E-Attestation page (

Step 3:
** In the student profile page, update your details.
** Select your university, district, taluk and college names from the drop downs.

Step 4:
** Ensure all your selections are correct.
** If your college is not appearing call the SAKALA helpline/inform your college authority

Step 5:
** Select your couse details from the drop downs

Step 6:
** Select whether you are staying in hostel or not.

Note :
** If you are not staying in hostel, you should select “No” and select the save button.
** If you are staying in hostel, select yes.
** You will be asked to choose the type of hostel.
** If you are staying in Government hostel, select government and save button.
** If you are staying in private/private college run hostel, select the relevant option
** Select the district and taluk of your hostel

Step 7:
** Select the document type from the document drop down.

Step 8:
** Select the document
** Fill the index data for every document
** Upload the relevant document.
** If you have multiple pages for the same document merge and upload as single document.
** The document should be in pdf format (size <2 MB).

Step 9:
** The documents you have uploaded will appear in the table. Check the index details by clicking on the view details button.
** If you have uploaded wrong documents/index data, you can delete the document and upload it again.

Step 10:
** If the document and index details are correct, press the “submit all” button.
** You can press submit document after uploading every document.
** You can also upload multiple documents and submit them together.

Step 11:
** After submitting the document, the submitted documents will appear in the “pending documents” tab.
** Click the “pending documents” tab to check whether all documents have been submitted.

Step 12:
** After submitting your documents, download the Aadhar consent form.
** Take a print out of the Aadhar consent form.
** Write your details in the printed form, sign it and carry it along with your original documents to the E-Attestation officer.

Step 13:
** When your E-Attestation officer approves and attests your documents, it will appear in your “Approved documents” page in the E-Attestation portal.
** Note down the Document ID of the approved document.
** Enter the Document ID of every document while applying for post matric scholarship.

Step 14 :
** If your E-Attestation officer rejects your document, it will appear in the rejected documents page in the E-Attestation portal with reasons for rejection.
** You have to re-upload and re-submit the document with correct details.

Aadhaar Consent Form for e-Attestation :

Note :
Please ensure that your Aadhaar Number is seeded to your bank account to receive the scholarship amount.

Documents Required

Required Information For Post-Matric Scholarship Application:
** Students SATS ID / College Registration Number
** Aadhaar Number of Student & Parents
** Mobile Number
** Caste and Income Certificates
** e-Attestation Numbers
** Disability Card Number issued by GOI in case of Physically Challenged

SSP Scholarship Last Date

The last date for submission of applications for Post Matric Scholarship in SSP is extended till 31st March 2020.

Scholarship Helpdesk

080-44554455 : help-desk for e-Attestation / Post Matric Scholarship queries.
** Any issues related to registration of applications under State Scholarship Portal 2019-20 & e-Attestation – Post Matric (MCM) may be sent to email id gokdomssp [AT]

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  1. i am facing the same issue , may i know you got any update regarding this issue?

  2. I am 1st year engineering student.when I am going fill the application form that time I entered the counciling number,but not getting the data details..what can I do sir….

  3. HI sir, My Name SUPRITHA V i am studying 2 year B.Sc When i am going fill the application means that time i got one error . What is that error means in STEP 1, RD number is already exists. what can i do for complete my application.

  4. hi sir i am 2nd year mba student i am applying scholorship through ssp mostmatric portal when i open id with password its asking 2step process in that i am enter
    my sslc registration number and year its showing data already exists please clarify it sir

    1. facing the same problem

  5. I’ve applied for epass in first year n got year back and in 2nd year didn’t apply…. now I’m 3rd year …
    Can I apply for SSP

  6. Sir/ma’am now’iam first year engineering student, iam New one to applying SSP scholarship I aploded all required documents first, then iam Move to create a student account their one problem that is My cast certificate RD number is already exists, further next proses it cannot open, in this problem what can do please help me this scholarship is more required for my education.

  7. Sir,
    We are from PU college where shall we get a sanctioned list of 2019-20 scholarship

  8. Hi,
    I’m applying for academic year 2020-21 but in my form the academic year shown is 2019-20 which I am not able to change. Please assist.

  9. Hii sir…i applied for ssp amount also sanction.on 28 sep 2020…UTR number also generated but still my scholarship amount nt get credited to my bank account…account also seeded to adhar..wt is di prb im nt understanding plzz kindly help mee plzz plzzz its really very need for mee plzz kindly help mee plzz
    SSP ID: 19200606568

  10. Hello Sir,
    Im Chitra.K i have applied for my post matric schilarship 2019 but it was rejected since it was given as aided because at present I’m in non aided quota soo i tried to edit my application but it wasn’t accepted i enquired about it in the social welfare department they said the ssp portal will provide the recall option on tat time i can edit my application….it’s been 3 months still they didn’t provide recall option can you help me with this regard.

  11. I’m a Pharmacy student and i applied for postmetric metric scholorship under sc category but still i didn’t recieve the scholorship amount also i can’t check the application status as I’m not having SATS id .. So i want to know the reason for it.. Please do reply for my query..

  12. Dear Sir
    I had applied for Scholarship Application No 19200007670. Yesterday i recieved and a Message telling to Upload ATTESTED CET ADMISSION ORDER otherwise form will be Rejected there is no EDIT OPTION in the Application Form
    Do the Needfull

  13. Sir am engineering student that i have applied my scholarship successfully & submitted But the problem is.. My income certificate is not updated in my name.. Its in my father name & social wlefare dept. Had called me & said to update in my name so plz do extend the time for us its very important pls sir,

  14. Can I submit my ssp acknowledgement form even after last date of online online submission everything done but I haven’t submitted my acknowledgement in college .plz answer

  15. Please extend another 15 days please sir I request you because some people not registered ssp please give me one chance

  16. Sir please extend for another 15 days because some people not registered ssp college started 10 February sooo please I kindly request you give another 15 days please sir

  17. Sir.. I’m student of user id 19200600502
    And I already sent mail many times and but still not solved..and in sakaala they asked to register complaint but I’m not able to complete complaint and I din’t get a complaint registration ID.. please help us and solve our..and still
    Problem is once I complete entering my data in step 1 it is showing data already exits so please help me ..and respond


  18. Arbazahmmad kamatagi

    Dear Sir/Madam The Problem is not yet solved, So Writing this mail I am e-attestationofficer from Smt. Kamala and Sri Venkappa M Agadi college of engineering and technology, Lakshameshwar, Dist Gadag. College ID: C-1324My Adhar no is 49627*044*28. At present we don’t have single document pending in our login as on 22 January 2020. But One student  of our college with Aadhar number: 62089*288*29 and Student Name: ArbazahmmadKamatagi Student ID 19200340245has uploaded documents, it is showing pending in his login. But in our login his documents are not showing. please help us to do our duties properly. Please do the needful. Request Numbers of his documents are as follows.Request No :PM10510984Request No :PM10511154Request No :PM10511274
    This is for your kind information that this is the third time I am mailing. The Student even visited District Minority Office. We are not able to connect through SAKALA. Very Important1. Student can not re-initiate the process as his aadhar number will take him to same login.2. Student might have gone wrong but college code and all other information is right. Please Help.3. We have approved 687 documents, only this student documents we are not getting. We are helpless to answer parents of this student.

  19. In 1st step all document are updated but my 10th it’s not showing and it’s not saving and processing from past 6 days I am trying but all the time the server is busy and

  20. Sir I submitted all documents but in last step it shows my income id is already exists plz sir give me a suggestion what should I do

  21. In step 4 my caste certificate number. Is not accepted. It’s showing like plz enter the valid number. My caste certificate. Is not expired. So kindly help me what should I do

  22. Sir my documents are not uploading in pending documents please proceed my details


  24. All time server error we can’t upload or verfiy pls hlp us

  25. Sir sever is down all the time we not able to upload any documents and some of student uploaded but they can’t verify sir please help the students they have sem exam

  26. I am karantaka not pass 10 class
    Please help to msc study Karnataka

  27. Hello Sir,
    I had not got the e-attestation of the fee Receipt so I had given fees paid as No but it is not allowing to add the e-attestation for the fees, It has reached the final stage, Please help me edit the application so that I can submit the Fees – attestation number

  28. Hello Sir,
    I had not got my Fee receipt attestation number from college so I selected option fee paid as no but I have got fee receipt attestation now, I want to add the e-attestation number but it has got final stage, Can I delete and create new account
    as it has got to final stage and not allowing me to update fee attestation

  29. I hav just registered in SSP portal but Still didn’t complete filling up my documents can I do the filling even after the last date

  30. In 2nd step it is showing “data already exit”please tell what I should do…where should I complain ..I have very less time to apply SSP

  31. I already submitted postatric sholership but income cast certificate validity is expired. edit is not happens that says your scholarship is on process what I can do sir how I can edit new id

  32. I have completed e-attestation step but in 2nd step it is showing “data already exists” what should i do.i lodged complete in cyber but it’s not accepting it.. please tell me

  33. Sir/madam, I have completed my e atterstation process but not created account the server is not working. Please help me

  34. In first step i get error saying data already exists what should i do

  35. When I’m uploading the documents, it is not taking the document only, no data available in the table is coming, please help me!! Please extend the date till January please please

    1. same problem in step 1 they said data already exits

  36. sir e attestation will not showing a list of uplodinng menu what will i do?

  37. are we suppose to submit all the documents to our college e attestation office, to post the details for government

  38. I have completed e- attestation
    But now the longin student id
    Is user don’t exist coming plz
    Help me

  39. if there is no server how the students can apply the scholorships,all the time they want to go cyber centers.

  40. Respected Sir/Madam
    Is there any available chances to edit the application for any mistakes college is also closed due to holidays is there any extension of dates for application. Can u help us giving an extension of dates up to January
    Pls help me

  41. Rakishita Devi S Naik.

    Sir I have to upload the e-attastatement but server is error all the time, what should I do sir please give solution.

    1. I Registered My Aadhaar Number and Wrong Mobile Number,
      How can I Replace Mobile number

  42. Sir I am getting data already exists in 1 step please humbly request you to guide me regarding the problem to solve. It is important to apply for me.

  43. Sir, I’m studying in Bed 1st year in this academic year applying for SSP but when I enter SSLC (Passed out in 1999) register no(6 digits) it’s showing as ‘Please check the number or contact your college’
    Please guide me sir.

  44. Sir is there any chance of applying ssp scholarship after 31 dec…
    I have done all the steps.. As i have put my income nd casted certificate for renewal . Yet i have nt got the certificates nor it got gendrated.. Its need few more days.. So is there any chance so tht i can apply after 31 dec plzzz reply me….

  45. Sir,I have applied spp scholarship and submitted acknowledgement in College. But it showing some documents are it possible. And what to do for that ..please gave suggestions through this problem.

  46. In step-1 it is showing data already exist….!! Will u plz help me to come out from this problem …

  47. Website email is showing invalid plz help as sir it’s very necessary for poor student like as

  48. Sir how to delete approved document please help me

  49. Sir im studying BE I applied the scholarship but in the last step it is showing u have entered some other student number for bonafied certificate

  50. I’m not able to select the course in e-attestation..I’m from alvas Pu college moodbidri..this is happening from past one week..what shall i do? please help me

  51. Respt sir,am aneesh. 2005-2009 bsc batch. Can you pls explain me who all can applay/submit thz scholarship . Is thz complalsery to all .now I am at abroad.Email:aneeshvno3 AT

  52. Sir serve is not reached.the last date for scholarship is 31-dec -2019.when server is opened sir.there is no time sir please tell me sir

  53. Sir even after documents is approved and also e attested I’d is generated but while uploading on student login it doesn’t take it.
    And after watching from e attestation from student the documents show its still pending.
    How it is possible sir.
    This thing happened to my classmate.

  54. Sir I want to edit my application in that step 3 but there step edition option is not there .so if I delete my application can I apply again??

  55. in SSLC marks card my name is NARASIMHA MURTHY M N but in Aadhar M N is missing. so dont match name, i edit my aadhar but stiil i wont get aadhar, pls extent the date of ssp schlorship

  56. Sir I am engineering student 1st year ,I completed my verification but next step is showing that , your data already exists what to do for this , please give me a solution for this problem its my humble request .

    1. Delete your form and re apply

    2. Sir how to delete the form? Please tell me sir

  57. Have you got any answer from this, please tell me because I am also suffering from that problem so.that data already exists

  58. Have you got any answer from this, please tell me because I am also suffering from that problem so.

  59. Sir ,I completed my verification after that I applying next step but it showing that , your data already exists . what to do sir please give me a solution its my humble request.

  60. I had completed e-attachment… but now I’m not able to login into student account.. it’s coming error.. but last date is this month only .. I’m doing masters now

  61. Mabel
    I am the second year student of Post BSC. I have already received the scholarship of 1st year. Can you please help me how to proceed to renew the scholarship form fo0r this year

  62. i have done 80% process of ssp postmatric but in 7th step my hostel admission form data iz not responcing whrn i click the button of save and proceed plz help me

  63. I have create SSP.postmatric login account.I am fill native address but asked the college place i am mistake address how to edit login account please answer me sir

  64. Iam completed 7steps but step1 is not open
    and acknowledgment also not getting

    1. Delete your form and re apply

  65. sir my father adhaar card has karnataka addres.but my mother adhaar card has tamilnadu address is this affect any problem to my scholarship.

  66. At first it was not showing the collage name ,but after the server maintainence there is no options for the course to select.

  67. I have applied for E attestation first and then created account in ssp .then I went for student login and started filling first step ,but after giving save and submit it is not proceeding further and showin message as data already exist…..
    So please can any one help me out this?

  68. shrey m hi sir i am shreya m cipet in dmpt 1st year i will ask to my college my regiter no diploma cipet scholership not appli cable

  69. Server is showing busy since past 15 days. Please do something.

  70. MY name is not appearing for e attestation verification even after uploading details plz help me how to resolve this ?

  71. please provide fast server as soon as possible we are facing too much problem regardings im face problem in step 6 where i can save my details and further step is not allowig

  72. I am studing in B.architecture and belong to OBC having income of rs.350000

  73. E-attestation is not open
    here is very confused to apply
    plz solve this problems
    and Help to students


  74. E-attestation is not open
    here is very confused to apply
    plz solve this problems
    and Help to students


  75. E-attestation is not open
    here is very confused to apply
    plz solve this problems
    and Help to students

  76. Step 3 is getting error so please help me

  77. The server is hanging even in the midnight. I don’t know how it is student friendly. No body is taking care of the technical errors. Why is this dept. playing with students.

  78. OBC students are not applicable for this scholarship?

  79. Is the last date extended till December 31

  80. Mohammed Musavir Ahmed

    hello sir after clicking the button save and proceed in step 1 it is not going further

  81. Mohammed Musavir Ahmed

    hello after entering the details in step 1 when i click on save and proceed it is not going further please help me

  82. What about student login?

  83. I have my caste certificate..of my name but i hav income certificate with my mother name….my name is not there in income certificate is it ok???

  84. Post matric scholarship is applicable for obs students r not?

  85. SSP post matric scholarship for SC-ST students ,for Dharwad there is no name of JSS RSH it is showing only 2 collage names and not of other collages.

    1. Account creation problem

  86. SSP This an extra burden to the students. let me know why SSP required ? since NSP is running smoothly.
    ignore SSP with immediate effect and give relax to the Karnataka students.

  87. Engineering scst student income abaove 2.50to 10 lakh how aple scholarship in Karnataka state

  88. Sir/Madame, actually my adhaar card details are from Andhra Pradesh including address too.. After finishing my scholarship steps ie, entering details I got some acknowledgement & it’s asking the adhaar linked phone no. & address. I don’t no what to do, I have to renewal the adhaar card, linked to adhaar card &transfer the address.. I don’t know what to do & I have just 5 days left plz help me out..
    Yaa one more i have been in karnataka for 13 years.

  89. Sir i am Diploma 2nd year Electrical Students Sir , I forgotten the login details and password sir please tell me how to recover the password

    1. Sir I am engineering student,I am not applied to epass scholarship because incomecast certificate data was expired I am suffer but ssp is not applicable for OBC students please solve my problem sir

  90. e attestation for students link isn’t working at all please try to resolve the issue
    and the student verify link isn’t responding

  91. How careless people’s r u… every student’s are struggling to apply scholarship but server is too busy… shortly semester exams will conduct… plzzz help us…. how can we apply

  92. Last date is 30th,but link doesn’t open.. how we can apply… plzzz help us

  93. Server is showing busy since past 10 days pls do something sir

  94. in SSP.POSTMATRIC SCHOLARSHIP – after applying the first step save& Process – it will says – data already exist for ICSE Board students. what we can do. PLEASE TELL

    1. Same to me is happening what should i do further to come over this problem please help me

  95. sir how to change name

  96. 1)How to apply for this scholarship?
    2)Can we apply this scholarship in phone only?


  98. Sir please extend the last date because website is not supporting

  99. In our college not even single student completed all steps of SSP,server is not at all coming.. you increases the Burden of students for applying scholership..
    You just extend the date of submission..
    And please provide full server..

  100. Please sir extend in date


  102. sir please extend the last date

  103. sir please date extend the last date

    1. 31-12-2019 last date

  104. my mobile number is wrong enter in the student login how to change number, pls edit date annonce pls sir

    1. Delete your form and re apply

  105. if any one mistake in docements how to edit it, pls link the website , so many students are mistakes in docements pls annonce the edit date, i request u sir

  106. plz extend the ssp aplication pls sir i request from all are students , understand pls sir ,

  107. Server is did not able since from last 10days. pls upload the server pls

  108. Last date of scholarship is 30.11.2019 but website is not supporting what to do sir

  109. Last date of scholarship is 30.11.2019 but website is not supporting what to do sir

  110. Hyyy
    Last year I dint apply for scholarship
    Now i m applying as a fresher
    I had given every data…
    But at last sayingg that
    The data is already existing….
    Why its like that even i dont no….sir/Mam
    Plz…hep me for this…prblem

  111. While uploading PUC EXAM ID It is not taking my no.i have verified my no it is correct i m CBSE student

    1. same bro even i am cbse student,its saying the same thing.wht to do now

  112. Once it is created is it possible of deleting to creat new profile

  113. when is the last date

  114. hi sir,if once documents are rejected than how can we apply

  115. Adhae id verification is not supporting

  116. E attestation id is not supporting

  117. Pleas extend the date for apply

  118. e attenstion not responding sir

    1. sir e attestation id means what can i do sir please reply me


  120. Why server is not opening properly I tried day and night so many time I belong to sc category can you help me to solve

  121. My family income 2.5lakhs above eligible for this scholarship

  122. Gopalkrishna Bhat,e-attestation officer,Shree Vidyadhiraj Polytechnic,Kumta

    Sir,ssp portal is busy.Students are not able to get even the list documents to be uploded.

  123. When is the last date for applying scholarship form sir

  124. Website is not opening sir plz open the website we have to apply for scholarship.

  125. Website is not opened plz do open we have to apply for scholarship

    1. Yess its not oprning

  126. I cmplted my 10th frm sslc board
    Bt 12th from cbsc board …so it is not proceeding to step 2.. kindly provide the options for 12th also same as for 10th a)sslc b)cbsc c)icse

    1. same here.if u get the solution

  127. When money distributs to all applicable students account

  128. e-attestation not support me…..

  129. e-attstation not supporting me…pleas inform SATS and e-attestation apply

  130. E attestation id is not supporting

  131. E attestation id is not supporting

  132. Sir/madam, sc/st website still not open. November 30 is l2ast date. Eny other options their for us… Plz tell me

  133. ನಾನು ವಿದ್ಯಾರ್ಥಿ ವೇತನಕ್ಕೆ ಅರ್ಜಿ ಸಲ್ಲಿಸಿದಿನಿ ಕಾಲೇಜು ವತಿಯಿಂದ ಓಟಿಪಿ ಬರತಾ ಇಲ್ಲ

  134. How to register from national scholarship portal 2.0 to State scholarship portal

  135. I have already applied for nsp(ms

  136. My name is Mohammed Muheedin how to create e attestation ID sir

  137. Dear Sir / Madam,
    This website is not opening. then how to apply. please solve the issue

  138. E-attestation means

  139. E-attestation is not open
    here is very confused to apply
    plz solve this problems
    and Help to students

  140. I didn’t get the e-Attestation Id ! what is the process to get done?

  141. e attstation is not responding what to do?

  142. Sir,
    I am final year student, am selecting wrong category so how can editing the category sir

  143. state schlorship portal server is very slow i cannot able e-attestate my documents please work on it soon.


  145. E attestation id is not supporting

    1. same here.. did u get any suggestion please let me know..

    2. Not open e attestation ID please tell e attestation ID sir

    3. iam unable to select course from drop down

  146. sir,my income is above 2.5 lakh..then what are the website for that and documents

  147. i have a income above 2.5 lakh then how to apply

    1. Social welfare office

      what are you studing

  148. dear sir/ madam,

    we dont know how to make college registration in this portal
    please help.

  149. How to get SATS no please inform me

  150. Is this scholarship applicable for OBC 3B categories

  151. adhar will be not verified in student verification

  152. i am already applied for nsp and can i apply for this scholarship too

  153. the website is not opening

  154. can pu students apply in this website

  155. We are not getting here ✓ type mark bellow of the adage and name that’s why it’s not taken our verifucarion

  156. How to do attestation?

  157. How to link aadhar to seed in bank account

  158. sir i am studyimg in Bsc Nursing i am under the 2A caste i can apply these scholarship

  159. last date for scholarship?

  160. Please suggest about defence child scholarship

  161. What about defence child scholarship

  162. How to get application

  163. I forgotten my user ID, massage was deleted from my mobile ,i can’t able login into ,i will try for creating account for another mobile number ,it won’t take password.what can do ? Help me

  164. If we apply vidyasiri is there any need to apply ssp

  165. What are documents requerd for this scholership ?

  166. General cost students are can applies this scholarship?

  167. I belong to sc category. I can apply only social welfare or even I can apply for other departments

  168. Diploma agriculture darwad not add in course aption pleace add sir. Beacause not any scholarship in this coures in sc st

  169. what do we write for sats no

  170. hi i didnt get the e-attestation id!what is the process to be done

  171. we dont know how to make college registatin in this portal
    please help

  172. I am not able to apply my schlorship

  173. Complicated process

  174. Sir, I am 3rd yr medical student
    After e-Attestation,we have to fill application or what is the future procedure so and so…
    So kindly inform to respective college people, people don’t know the procedure??

    1. In ssp.postmatric scholarship kar
      Application for postmatric scholarship
      It S stucked at step5 it S not proceeding further what to do sir kindly inform what to do??
      Last date for application S on 30/11/19


    3. Sar please fast is server and no open mobail in web sait sar mobail how to apply in mobile

    4. Sir I am engineering student 1st year ,I completed my verification but next step is showing that , your data already exists what to do for this , please give me a solution for this problem its my humble request .

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