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Sankshema Scholarship Selected Students 2019 : Charitable Trust

Organisation : Sankshema Charitable Trust
Announcement : Sankshema Scholarship Selected Students 2019
Scholarship Name : Sankshema Scholarship 2019
Applicable For : Students from Medical, Engineering, M.B.A, M.C.A, Bachelors of Commerce (B.Com), Bachelors of Pharmacy (B.Pharm) Nursing, etc
Website :

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Sankshema Scholarship Selected Students

Sankshema Scholarship Selected Students 2019. Kindly follow the below steps to download the Scholarships Selected Students list 2019

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How to Download?

Steps :
Step 1 : Go to the official website of Sankshema Charitable Trust through the URL provided above.
Step 2 : Next click on the “Download Selected List” link under Latest News section.

Step 3 : The list will be displayed in a Excel format.
Step 4 : Download the Excel file and check your name in the list.
Step 5 : The Excel file contains the following details,
** Student Name
** Father Name
** H.No.
** Village/Street
** Mandal/Town
** District
** Pin Code
** Sex
** Course
** Year
** College
** College
** Place

Scholarship Selected Students 2019 :

Selected Candidates

Some of the selected candidates names are listed below. Kindly refer the above Excel links uploaded for full candidates list.

S.N Students Name
Father Name
1 A. Satya Vardhan S/o: Kishan H.No.6-1-337
2 A. Sai Varun S/o: Srinivas H.No.5-4-106/1
3 Ch. Sai Teja S/o: Srinivas H.No.6-84
4 K. Pujya D/o: Santhosh Reddy H.No.12-116
5 Ch. Sai Kiran S/o: Venkata Ramana H.No.ST2-1167/1
6 S.I. Uday Kiran D/o: Srinivas H.No.7-65/A
7 S. Bharath S/o: Lalaiah H.No.1-25
8 M. Yashwanth S/o: Srinivas H.No.29-1-1/89/A
9 Ch. Srija D/o: Venkateshwarlu H.No.3-32
10 P. Shrvani D/o: Venkateshwar rao(late) H.No.2-10-1079
11 L. Shravani D/o: Srinivas H.No.3-11/A
12 T.T.N.V. Phani Kumar S/o: Shiva Nagaraju H.No.31-15-40
13 M. Mounika D/o: Ravinder Reddy H.No.
14 G.Archana D/o: Madhusudhan Reddy H.No.3-31
15 G. Sai Krishna Reddy S/o: Thirupathi Reddy H.No.3-100
16 D. Manoj Kumar S/o: Ramulu H.No.9-9-105
17 C. Meghamsh Reddy S/o: Ravinder Reddy H.No.8-6-168
18 V. Manish Kumar S/o: Murali Krishna H.No.8-2-465
19 K. Abhigna D/o: Venkanna H.No.
20 M. Sainath Rao S/o: Kondal Rao H.No.9-4-361
21 P. Dharani D/o: Laxma Reddy H.No.1-35/1
22 G. Saighna D/o: Prabhakar H.No. Flt No: 512
23 T. Koushik S/o: Babu Rajesh H.No.17-7/7
24 I. Mahathi D/o: Ramgopal H.No.
25 G. Himaja D/o: Ramakrishna H.No.7-5-257/1
26 S. Akhil S/o: Srinivas H.No.3-11/A
27 K. Anirudh S/o: Bhaskar H.No.7-2-825/A
28 T. Vijay S/o: Samma Rao H.No.1-06
29 T. Rajeshwar Rao S/o: Narshinga Rao H.No.2-112/1
30 M. Srinija D/o: Swamy H.No.3-75/1
31 P. Rishikesh S/o: Srinivas H.No.14-1-29
32 K. Ruchitha D/o: Venkat Reddy H.No.1-9-295/32/2
33 R. Geethanjali D/o: Ravinder H.No.2-9
34 S. Sharath Chandra S/o: Suresh H.No.5-4-189
35 L.Gopi S/o: Janaiah H.No.
36 K. Venugopal S/o: Kumaraswamy H.No.4-3-175
37 B.Yamuna D/o: Venkata Reddy H.No.
38 V. Abhinav S/o: Krishna H.No.1-3-169
39 D. Amulya D/o: Janardhan Reddy H.No.2-10/1
40 S. Akhil S/o: Jalender H.No.10-2-497/2/1
41 G. Nithish S/o: Satyanarayana H.No.
42 J. Shiva Teja S/o: Bhoopathi H.No.1-3-75
43 V. Laxmi Prasanna D/o: Srinivas H.No.7-105/1
44 A. Ambuja D/o: Vidya Sagar H.No.6-6-106
45 S. Hrudhay S/o: Sampath H.No.5-6-282
46 M.Vinay S/o: Rajaiah H.No.4-127/1
47 B. Varun Kumar S/o: Srinivas H.No.16-11-511/D/18
48 B. Rahul Samrat S/o: Appa Rao H.No.2-18
49 T. Sahithi D/o: Raghavender Rao H.No.
50 V. Sai Pratyusha D/o: Srinivas H.No.5-7-345
51 K. Akila D/o: Venkateshwar Rao H.No.10-82
52 M. Sreeja D/o: Someshwar Rao H.No.
53 V. Naveen Rao S/o: Sagar Rao H.No.4-127/1
54 S. Saipriya D/o: Krishna Mohan Rao H.No.5-7-135
55 N. Mounika D/o: Ramadas H.No.7-2-135
56 N. Spandana D/o: Mohanchary H.No.1-15
57 A. Akhila D/o: Ailaiah H.No.5-6-118
58 D. Pravalika D/o: Komuraiah H.No.3-5-461
59 J. Akanksha D/o: Ravinder Rao H.No.1-9-295/32/2
60 N. Suneel S/o: Srinivasulu H.No.
61 R. Guna Shekar S/o: Prabhakar H.No.
62 T. Ravi Kumar S/o: Rajaiah H.No.18-3-77/4
63 SK. Zameeroddin S/o: SK Zaheeroddin H.No.7-286/2
64 D. Rakesh S/o: Malliah H.No.3-38/3
65 T. Srikanth S/o: Janardhan H.No.56-426/1
66 P. Hari Prasad S/o: Ayodhya H.No.12-65/3
67 M. Sowmya Sri D/o: Srinivas H.No.29-1-1/89/A
68 A.Naveen Sai S/o: Lingamurthy H.No.3-26/2
69 K. Akhila Reddy D/o: Swami Reddy H.No.7-60
70 V. Shivani D/o: Srinivas H.No.2-2-33/1
71 N. Srilaxmi D/o: Srinivas H.No.15-96
72 V. Pranay Chandu S/o: Ravinder H.No.7-2-903
73 J. Santosh S/o: Chandu Naik H.No.2-28
74 Y. Anvesh Reddy S/o: Sai Reddy H.No.
75 A. Soumya D/o: Rajesham H.No.
76 V.Naveen Kumar S/o:Laxminarsaiah H.No.1-93/2
77 K.Rajesh S/o:Ailaiah H.No.9-56/1
78 V.Manoj S/o:Shankariah H.No.1-7
79 A.Deepak S/o:Sampath kumar H.No.2-11-90
80 G.Raviprasad S/o:Shudharshan H.No.11-19-69
81 P.Rajendar S/o:Madhukar H.No.11-105
82 Ch.Hareesh S/o:Srinivas H.No.2-7/B
83 Y.Prem chandu S/o:Venkatesh H.No.3-76
84 K.Sandeep S/o:Lingaiah H.No.3-9
85 A.Indhu D/o:Anjaiah H.No.3-18
86 B.Kavitha D/o:Venkteswarlu H.No.2-47
87 K.Mounika D/o:Narsimulu H.No.12-2
88 M.Yogesh chandra S/o:Umapathi Swamy H.No.5-5-49/1
89 B.Venkatesh S/o:Sathanarayana H.No.22-173
90 T.Rakesh S/o:Sridhar Rao H.No.2-47
91 T.Aravind S/o:Durgaiah H.No.2-21/2
92 M.Harshitha D/o:Srinivas H.No.5-4-54
93 V.Vamshi S/o:Ravikumar H.No.2-4-342
94 K.Saichandana D/o:Ramesh F.No.310,VSL Complex
95 P.Anil S/o:Raju H.No.
96 N.Sai S/o:Sanjeeva H.No.2-164
97 D.Sai Krishna S/o:Suresh H.No.1-1-5/4B3/2
98 P.Mani Pranav S/o:Rajesh H.No.6-3-48,B.Techhind Natraj Theatre
99 P.Shiriyala D/o:Mallaiah Water tank Street
100 B.Saiprakash S/o:Laxman H.No.5-6-189/1

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