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Sankshema Scholarship 2020 Selected Students : Charitable Trust

Organisation : Sankshema Charitable Trust
Announcement : Sankshema Scholarship Selected Students 2020
Scholarship Name : Sankshema Scholarship 2020
Interview Date : 25-01-2020 & 26-01-2020
Website :

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Sankshema Scholarship Selected Students

Sankshema Scholarship Selected Students 2020. Kindly follow the below steps to download the Scholarships Selected Students list 2020

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How to Download?

Steps :
Step 1 : Go to the official website of Sankshema Charitable Trust through the URL provided above.
Step 2 : Next click on the “Download Selected List” link under Latest News section.

Step 3 : The list will be displayed in a Excel format.
Step 4 : Download the Excel file and check your name in the list.
Step 5 : The Excel file contains the following details,
** Student Name
** Father Name
** H.No.
** Village/Street
** Mandal/Town
** District
** Pin Code
** Sex
** Course
** Year
** College
** College
** Place

Scholarship Selected Students 2020 :
25.01.2020 Interviews List :

26.01.2020 Interviews List :

Selected Candidates

Some of the selected candidates names are listed below. Kindly refer the above Excel links uploaded for full candidates list.

1M.Jithender ReddyS/o.M.Venkat Reddy8-33(8th Block)NIT warangal10:00AM
2K.Vinod KumarS/o.K.Thikkanna7-2-1 (7th Block)NIT warangal10:00AM
3P.Raja ReddyS/o.P.Amarnath Reddy6-54/1NIT warangal10:00AM
4Ch.ManishaD/o. Ch.Bhageerath7-62KITS10:00AM
6A.MadhavaS/o. A Nagaraju6-1/A, BC ColonyKITS10:00AM
7S.RushikaD/o.Sripathi Srinivas8-5-308/AKITS10:00AM
8B.HarshithaD/o.B.Rajeshwar Rao2-10-997KITS10:00AM
9P.MadhaviD/o.P.Ashok Rao2-21KITS10:00AM
12S.DharaniD/o.S.Kanakaiah (Late)1-3-142JITS10:15AM
13K.PallaviD/o.K. Thirupathi Rao2-2-647/185/14/1JITS10:15AM
14K.SpoorthiD/o. Sathyanarayana Rao1-24JITS10:15AM
15Ch.Sravan RaoS/o. Ch.Vijaya Kumar Rao2-77/1JITS10:15AM
16G.Sai RamanaS/o. G.Veeresham8-49JITS10:15AM
17S.Sai PriyaD/o. S.Krishnmohan Rao (Late)5-7-135JITS10:15AM
21Ch.DileepS/o.Ch.Madhusudhan4-40Vardhaman Coll of Eng10:30AM
22Ch.PavanS/o.Ch.Madhusudhan4-40Jayashankar Agri.University10:30AM
23Md.AneesD/o. Md.Gouseddin (late)3-2-55Anubose Institute of Tech10:30AM
24Md.AfrozD/o. Md.Gouseddin (late)3-2-55Kakatiy Medical College10:30AM
25A.AnkithaD/o.A.Bhaskar2-56Vaagdevi Degree College10:30AM
26A.AkhilaD/o.A.Bhaskar2-56SR Eng College10:30AM
27N.RajeshS/o.N.Bhoomaiah2-8-58Master Minds10:30AM
28N.SrikanthS/o.N.Bhoomaiah2-8-58Apoorva College10:30AM
30B.ShivasaiS/o.B.Suresh4-63Govt.Polytechnic Colleage10:30AM
31K.BhavaniD/o.K.Saidi Reddy10-5-126/2,Mallareddy Eng Colleage10:45AM
32K.ShivaniD/o.K.Saidi Reddy10-5-126/2,Mallareddy Eng Colleage10:45AM
33K.SrikanyaD/o.K.Sridhar2-10-1646/32Bhojireddy Eng College10:45AM
34K.SrimanyaD/o.K.Sridhar2-10-1646/32Bhojireddy Eng College10:45AM
35G.Vinay KumarS/o. Gannu Raju3-45/1 10:45AM
36G.Sai TejaS/o. Gannu Raju3-45/1 10:45AM
37E.SandhyaD/o.E.Srinivas Rao4-204Bapatla College of Phramcy10:45AM
38E.Manoj GopiS/o.E.Srinivas Rao4-204Bapatla Eng College10:45AM
39P.SpandhanaD/o.P.Ramesh4-5-99/1/A 10:45AM
40P.Sai TejaS/o.P.Ramesh4-5-99/1/A 10:45AM
41K.Ravi tejaS/o. K.Sudhakar8-3-169/1376/81P.D.S College of Physiotherapy11:00AM
42K.Bindu MahaviS/o. K.Sudhakar8-3-169/1376/81NIMS11:00AM
43N.ChandanaD/o.N.Komuraiah(Late)8-4-28/cSree Chaitanya College of Eng11:00AM
44N.MeganaD/o.N.Komuraiah(Late)8-4-28/cSree Chaitanya College of Eng11:00AM
45M.PrasannaD/o. M.Sampath Rao1-180Acharya N.G.Ranga Agri University11:00AM
46P.Sai SuprajaD/o.P.Venkata Rama Rao1-5Aditya Engineering College11:00AM
47S.SrividyaD/o.S.Sudhakar2-77/1Ashoka Group of Insti of Eng11:00AM
48S.Kiran KumarS/o.S.Kumaraswamy1-131/1Ashoka Group of Insti of Eng11:00AM
49S.Vinay KumarS/o. S.Satyanarayana8-5-103Balaji Institute of Tech11:00AM
50A.AnushkaD/o.A.Chandra Shekar Rao1-9-295/32/BBhojireddy Eng College11:00AM
51K.SupriyaD/o.K.Srinivas Rao (Late)3-68BITS College11:15AM
53K.VennelaD/o.Ramesh6-6-413C.M.R College of Eng11:15AM
54G.DharaniD/o.G.Srinivas Rao1-9-295/32/2CBIT11:15AM
55G.Navya SriD/o.G.Srinivas8-3-405/2/A/ACBIT11:15AM
56S.VenuS/o. S.Mallaiah3-22Chaitanya Inst of Tech11:15AM
57M.VennelaD/o. M.Venu5-2-102CMR Eng College11:15AM
58K.PraharshaD/o.K.Srinivas5-1-16CMR Eng College11:15AM
59D.NiharikaD/o.D.Venkat Rao9-5-108/1CMR Eng College11:15AM
60A.PavithraD/o.A.Linga Rao12-131/12CMR Eng College11:15AM
61G.AravindS/o.G.Srinivas8-6-367/2/BCVR Eng college11:30AM
62G.RishuS/o.G.Raju8-4-103CVR Eng college11:30AM
63M.NaveenaD/o.Venu Chary6-5-36G.Narayanamma Inst of Tech11:30AM
64G.Vinay ReddyS/o.G.Shiva Reddy6-27Geethanjali College11:30AM
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