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Organization : Karnataka Directorate of Minorities
Announcement : Pre-Matric Scholarship Sanctioned List 2017-18
Applicable State : Karnataka
Website :

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GOKDOM Pre-Matric Scholarship Sanctioned List

Karnataka Directorate of Minorities has announced the List of Students Sanctioned for Pre Matric Scholarship from Government of India 2017-18.

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Pre Matric Scholarship is awarded to students from the minority communities from class I to X.

How to Check?

Step 1 : Go to the Karnataka Directorate of Minorities official website through the URL

Step 2 : Then Click the Scholarship link available in the left side of the home page and Select the Pre-Matric Scholarship link.

Step 3 : You can find the ‘List of Students Sanctioned Pre Matric Scholarship from (GOI) 2017-18’ under the ‘Pre -Matric Scholarship for Minorities’.

Step 4 : The student list will be displayed in a PDF format.
Th PDF file contains the
** Scholarship ID
** Scholarship Status [Fresh/ Renewal]
** Student Name
** Scholarship Amount

Step 5 : Open the PDF file and Check your scholarship ID in the list

You can directly go to the below link to view the complete details of Sanctioned list 2017-18.

View Full List Here :

Sanctioned Student Details

Scholarship ID Fresh/Renewal Student Name Scholarship Amount
KA201718004932770 Fresh ABDUL SAWAD ₹ 1,000
KA201718000597482 Fresh TASWIYAN ₹ 1,000
KA201718000335465 Fresh ABDUL SHAMMAS ₹ 1,000
KA201718001665171 Fresh SHASHAVALI ₹ 1,000
KA201718000449159 Fresh FARSHEEN BANU ₹ 1,078
KA201718001952239 Fresh FAZILA ₹ 1,000
KA201718000899419 Fresh ALIYA AMAN ₹ 5,700
KA201718000219076 Fresh JOSEPH SUNIL ₹ 1,002
KA201718001796287 Fresh SANIYA BEGUM ₹ 1,000
KA201718002182553 Fresh SANIYA K ₹ 1,000
KA201718000801506 Fresh HUMERA AIMAN ₹ 1,000
KA201718001694749 Fresh NAZIYA TABASUM ₹ 3,068
KA201718000958078 Fresh RAKSHITHA SHILPA ₹ 5,700
KA201718001631438 Fresh MARIAM SHAHAMA ₹ 1,000
KA201718002059897 Fresh ZEHERA FIRDOSE ₹ 5,700
KA201718009427517 Fresh JAINABBI R NABINAVAR ₹ 1,000
KA201718005885120 Fresh FELCIVIA STINELLA ₹ 1,093
KA201718001952163 Fresh MADIHA FIRDOSE ₹ 1,135
KA201718001575514 Fresh ABUBAKAR ₹ 1,000
KA201718009376590 Fresh MUBEENA KOLUR ₹ 1,000
KA201718004582866 Fresh NASIR ₹ 1,000
KA201718002942395 Fresh SUNIDHI S GARAGATTI ₹ 1,000
KA201718007620223 Fresh FARIYA ₹ 1,000
KA201718003950039 Fresh ANNISA JAMAKHANDI ₹ 1,000
KA201718005606191 Fresh SAMMED JAIN ₹ 1,000

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who are eligible to apply for Scholarship Schemes?
Students fulfilling the Scheme guidelines of various Ministries are eligible to apply for these scholarships. These are available on the Home Page of the Portal.

2. What is the last date for submitting applications online?
Closure dates for acceptance of various scholarship applications are available in National Scholarships Portal.

3. How can I apply online for scholarship?
In order to apply online, please visit the website through URL

4. Can I edit the information already saved and up-to what time?
All the information can be edited till the closure of application form. After final submission, your application will be forwarded to the next level and application hereby cannot be edited.

5. What happens, if I detect mistakes after forwarding the applications to the next level?
You should separately inform the mistakes detected by you to the Institute/District/Region/State. The software provides facility at the level of the Institute & State to edit & correct limited information.

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  1. I am waiting for my scholarship since 3 years. I am studying 3rd year BE. My ID is kA201819006895942. Please sanction my scholarship amount as soon as possible.

  2. I have applied for the scholarship on 19/07/2017 but I have not received it yet. My application ID is KA201718000433088. Please check it.

  3. I have to pay fee. Please provide me the scholarship money soon. My application number is 201718004003974.

  4. Since from previous year, I am not getting scholarship, urgently I need it. Please provide the scholarship. I have to pay the college fees. My application number is 201718004003974.

  5. I have not received the sanctioned amount Rs.4500, got only Rs.1000. Why? When will I get the rest of amount?

  6. My scholarship ID is 201718001537415. Still I have not get my scholarship amount. Please help me.

  7. ID is KA2o1819002302795. SMS has come that your account number does not exist. But I have given the correct number. What should I do?

  8. Please give me the website link to apply for Pre/Post metric scholarship 2018.

  9. My daughter’s name is in the sanction list but till today the scholarship amount has not come in the bank account. What to do? My daughter’s ID is ka201718003582979. Please tell me.

  10. My daughter’s name is in the sanction list but till today the scholarship amount is not coming in the bank account. What to do? My daughter’s IDs are ka201718000713536 and ka201718000715859.

  11. I have not got my scholarship yet. My application ID is 011820004000108.

  12. My son’s ID is KA201718000192255. Why he is not getting his amount? Please reply soon.

  13. My children application IDs are KA201718000903205 and KA201718003933344. Why are they not getting their amount? Please reply soon.

  14. Aishwarya Vanakudari

    I am waiting for long time to receive my scholarship amount. Why it is delaying? Please tell me.

  15. Please tell me, Whether I am selected (or) not for NSP 2017-18.

  16. My application ID is KA201718006892315. May I know the reason, why I am not getting the scholarship?

  17. My Post Matric Scholarship Application number is KA201718003296305, please let me know the status.

  18. I am waiting for my scholarship amount. Tell me, why it is still delaying.

  19. My scholarship ID is KA201718003559616. Please show my status.

  20. I am studying 3rd standard. Why I am not getting the scholarship of 2016-17? Please tell me.

  21. I have applied for renewal. My ID is KA201617002539202. Please show me the status of renewal.

  22. I have forgotten my registration number, how to check it?

  23. Students who have got less percentage below 80, they got their scholarship but, I got distinction I have not get amount yet. My application number is 201718001548741.

  24. My daughter has not got the scholarship. Her application ID is KA201718000480403.


  26. I didn’t get the scholarship amount yet. Why it is so delayed? I am waiting for the amount.

  27. Tell me, When will scholarship amount be sanctioned to student account?

  28. I have applied for renewal. My application number is 201701413507. When will I get my scholarship?

  29. Please tell me, How can I check the individual school list?

  30. I am waiting for long time the receive my scholarship amount. Why it is delaying? Please tell me.

  31. I got only Rs.1600 amount of scholarship. It is very low.

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