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Organization : Department of Biotechnology
Scholarship Name : Indo-Australian Career Boosting Gold Fellowships (IACBG-Fellowships) 2017-18
Applicable For : open to Indian researchers (PhD Holders)
Application Deadline : 31st December, 2017

Application Form PDF/ :
Application Form Word :
Guidelines :
Referee’s Report :
Terms and Conditions(Annexure I) :
Service Bond(Annexure II) :

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IACBG Fellowships :

** Under the Indo-Australia Collaboration between Department of Biotechnology, Government of India and the Australian Government, Indo-Australian Career Boosting Gold Fellowships (IACBGF) are announced.

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** Under this initiative, the Government of India will fund ten (10) researchers from India. The fellowships will be supported to undertake a collaborative research project at a leading science Institute or University in Australia for a period of 3 to 9 months, commencing in 2017-18.

** Call opening on —- 1st November, 2017
** Last date of Submission —- 31st December, 2017

Guidelines For Indian Applicants :
1. Overview Of Fellowships :
1.1 The Indo-Australian Career Boosting Gold Fellowships (IACBG-Fellowships) is an initiative of the Government of India through the Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology; with in kind support from the Australian Government, Australia, through the Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, and Research. Under this initiative, the Government of India will fund ten (10) researchers from India.

The fellowships support travel to undertake a collaborative research project at a leading science institute or university in the Australia for a period of 3-9 months, commencing in 2018.

1.2 This Program is open to applicants based in India who are employed as faculty on full time basis (on permanent or contractual basis).
1.3 Ten (10) Fellowships will be awarded in total annually, for applicants from India who have identified an opportunity to undertake a high quality, technically feasible and strategically valuable research project with a collaborating organisation in Australia.

2. Extent Of Assistance Available :
2.1 The fellows would be entitled to :
** Monthly Associateship of Rs. 1,50,000/-
** Preparatory allowance of Rs. 20,000/- (one time grant) and
** Cost of air passage in economy class by Air India for joining the overseas laboratory and back.

** The selected candidates may receive payment of salary and continuance of other service benefits by the Indian institutions to which they belong. However, no liability on any of this account will be borne by DBT.

2.2 Fellows must spend a minimum of 3 months on their project at their nominated international host institution in Australia. An IACBG-Fellowship may not exceed 9 months.

3. Eligibility :
3.1 The Fellowships are open to Indian researchers (PhD Holders) who are currently employed as faculty- permanent or on contractual basis including Ramalingaswami, Ramanuja Fellows, IYBA fellows and INSPIRE faculty (please note that JRF/SRF/Research Assistants/Research Associates/Post Doctoral fellows are not eligible).

3.2 Eligible applicants include persons employed in a :
** Indian Government agency, statutory body or government owned corporation;
** Indian based university, institute, or other national research organisation;
** Age limit 35 years

3.3 Indian applicants must be Indian citizens with their principal place of residence being India.
3.4 Unsuccessful applicants in any one round are eligible to re-apply in subsequent rounds.
3.5 Fellowships are awarded on individual basis only. Therefore, interdependent or joint applications will not be considered.
3.6 The decision of the IACBG-Fellowship Secretariat regarding applicant’s eligibility is final.

4. Selection Criteria :
4.1 Eligible applications will be assessed competitively against the following criteria: Feasibility of the project:
** technical feasibility of the project and achievability of the project goals;
** applicant’s expertise and capacity to carry out the proposed project; and
** Appropriateness of undertaking the project with the nominated institution(s).

** contribution to the future work of the applicant;
** advancement of knowledge and skills relevant to the field;
** potential for ongoing interchange of knowledge and skills between the applicant and collaborators in India or Australia; and
** benefit to both India and Australia as a result of the project.

4.2 Each selection criterion has equal weighting.
4.3 No weighting will be given to an applicant’s prior international experience

5. Application Requirements :
5.1 Applications must be submitted using the Application Form for the present call for applicants provided on the following websites: India: Applicants are required to complete all sections of the form and attach/enclose the documents.

5.2 Applicants must arrange sending of written reports from at least two different referees who will be able to provide inputs to the Selection Panel regarding the project’s feasibility, significance, and value, the applicant’s personal qualities and the international host institution’s potential contribution to the project. (Please note that these referees’ reports must be sent directly by the referees in sealed envelopes to DBT) Further comments from these independent referees may be sought by the selection Panel.

5.3 Applicants must also provide letters of support from their respective employer/home institution and their Australian host(s) which endorse their application and confirm the commitments made to the proposed collaborative project.
5.4 Applications may be withdrawn within 10 days of the closing date of a call, but are not allowed to be amended and re-submitted.

5.5 The Department may seek further information from the applicant, or their nominated referees, to clarify details provided in the application.
5.6 Incomplete applications will not be considered.
5.7 Canvassing in any form shall lead to fore-termination of Candidature.

6. Selection Process :
6.1 The selection process will be managed by the IACBG-Fellowships Secretariat in liaison with relevant external parties in India and Australia (as required).
6.2 Applications will be assessed on a competitive basis by a Selection Panel using the selection criteria set out in Section 4 above.

6.3 Applicants will only receive advice of receipt of their applications on requesting a receipt.
6.4 There is no implicit guarantee of approval at any stage in the process.
6.5 The final applicant scores and rankings determined by the Selection Panel will form the basis of a recommendation to the delegated departmental officer for approval.

7. Conditions Of Fellowship :
7.1 All successful applications will be subject to a formal agreement between the applicant’s employer/home organisation and the Department of Biotechnology. This Agreement outlines the terms and conditions of the IACBG-Fellowships funding and each party’s responsibilities (Annexure I). A Service bond is also to be signed by the Candidates (Annexure II).

7.2 All successful applicants will be required to :
** undertake the Fellowship within six months from issuing of the sanction order for successful application; and
** Successful applicants will be required to submit reports of their visit- an initial report within 15 days and a written report on the results of the Fellowship project and make presentations to interested parties after completion of the project.

7.3 Other grants and allowances received by the applicant should be detailed in the project outline.

For further details please contact :
Dr. Suraksha S. Diwan
Scientist ‘D’
Department Of Biotechnology
Ministry of Science & Technology
Block No. 3, 5th Floor, Room No. 517
CGO Complex, Lodi Road,
New Delhi – 110 003 INDIA
Email: ssdiwan.dbt AT

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