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Organisation : Dr.Ambedkar Foundation
Scheme Name : Dr. Ambedkar National Merit Awards For Meritorious Students of Secondary School Exam To SC/ST
Applicable For : Scheduled Castes & Scheduled Tribes School Students
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Scheme Details :

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Dr. Ambedkar National Merit Awards :

Dr. Ambedkar National Merit Awards For Meritorious Students of Secondary School Examination Belonging To Scheduled Castes & Scheduled Tribes

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Background :
1. Bharat Ratna Baba Saheb Dr.B.R.Ambedkar is respected all over the country for fighting for the welfare of poor and, downtrodden and weaker sections. He made significant contribution in Nation building.

Award provided by the Maharaja of Baroda was of considerable significance in the life and achievements of Baba Saheb. With a view to recognize merit and encourage and motivate students, it is proposed to provide a one-time cash award to the meritorious students of Scheduled Caste (SC) and Scheduled Tribe (ST).

2. The scheme would be known as “Dr. Ambedkar National Merit Award Scheme”.
3. This scheme would be implemented by Dr. Ambedkar Foundation, set up under the aegis of the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment in 1992.

To recognizing, promoting and financially assisting meritorious students belonging to Scheduled Castes (SC) or Scheduled Tribe (ST).

(i) Students should belong to Scheduled Castes (SC) or Scheduled Tribe(ST).
(ii) There shall be separate awards for SCs and STs.
(iii) The student should have appeared in any of the recognized State/Central Board of Secondary Education and scored not less than 50% marks in the aggregate in the Secondary School Examination (10th Class). A list of 29 Boards/Council of the country is given at Annexure-I.

No.of Award :
1. The Ambedkar National Merit Award will be given to three students scoring highest marks in the regular Class X level examination conducted by the Education Board/Council. This will be separate for Scheduled casts and Scheduled Tribes. In case none of the first three eligible students are girls, the girl student scoring the highest marks will get a special award.

2. Thus, there shall be four awards for each of the 26 Boards for SC i.e. 104 awards and likewise another 104 awards for STs. In case more than one student scoring the same marks, the number of awards would be accordingly increased for covering all such eligible students.

3. Keeping in view the SC & ST population of the country as per 1991 census, 250 no. of special merit Award @ Rs.10,000/- each will be given to SC/ST students securing next highest marks, after first, second and third position. This will be in addition to the awards indicated at para 2 above. The break up of these 250 awards is given in Annexure II.

Amount of Award :
The Award will be given as one-time grant as per the following norms: –
I. Student securing highest marks Rs.60, 000/-
II. Student securing 2nd highest marks Rs.50, 000/-
III. Student securing 3rd highest marks Rs.40, 000/-
IV. Girl student securing highest marks (In case she is not in the above three categories) Rs.40, 000/-

Total Rs.1,90,000/-(Per Board/Council)

This award amount will be payable over and above any other award; the student may receiving from other sources.

Mode of Selection :
The Board/ Council conducting the examination shall send details of the students (name, address, percentage of mark, school last attended, nearest bank etc.) in the format given as Annexure-II to the Ambedkar Foundation within 15 days of announcement of the examination results, with copy to the Secretary, Education Department of the concerned State Government.

The information should be duly authenticated by the Secretary of the Board/ Council. The State Government shall verify and forward the list to the Foundation within the next 15 days, provided that if details are not received from the State Government within the Scheduled time, action will be taken based on the details received from the Board/ Council.

Disbursement :
1. The proposal received from the recognized Board/ Council shall be processed in the Foundation and the Award amount shall be sent to the student awardees directly in the form of an Account Payee Bank Draft by registered post under intimation to the Board/ Council and the educational institution last attended.

The student awardees will be encouraged to keep the amount in fixed deposit and avail the interest accrued thereon, provided that there will be no bar for utilizing the amount for meeting personal educational health related expenditure.

2. Student awardees securing first, second, third and the girl student securing highest mark in each of the 26 boards/councils may either be invited to the Dr. Ambedkar Foundation, New Delhi for a felicitation each year or Foundation may send the awards to the student awardees through the respective District Magistrate/ Deputy Commissioners as per the convenience.

In case the Foundation invites the students, the awardee and one escort will be paid actual fare by sleeper class train/bus from their place of study or from their hometown (both ways). A sum of Rs.2.08 lakh (@ Rs.1000/- (for awardee and escort on an average) will be spent for the purpose.

3. The scheme will have a total financial implication of Rs.125.88 lakhs per annum. It will benefit 458 students all over the country directly and will be of considerable indirect benefit to the students belonging to weaker sections by recognition of merit and academic excellence. In case any doubt is raised on the scheme, it shall be referred to the Dr. Ambedkar Foundation and decision of the Foundation will be final.

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