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Vodafone Foundation India Learning Scholarships Platform :

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Organisation : Vodafone Foundation India
Facility Name : Learning With Vodafone Scholarships Platform
Applicable For : Students of all age group
Website :

Learning With Vodafone Scholarships Platform

Learning with Vodafone Scholarship main objective is breaking the language barrier and making scholarship information easily accessible to every student.

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Need Based Scholarships :
Need-based scholarships are awarded based on financial need and/or background of the student. These scholarships are available for low income families.

Merit Based Scholarships :
Many government and private organisations offer merit-based scholarships to help deserving students in their education.

How Can You Apply?

** Go to the Vodafone Foundation India through the URL
** Click the Login/Register link available in the right corner of the Home page.

** Registration can be done by using the following details.
Step 1 : Enter First Name
Step 2 : Enter Last Name
Step 3 : Enter Email Id
Step 4 : Enter Mobile Number
Step 5 : Enter Password
Step 6 : Enter Confirm Password
Step 7 : Accept the Terms & Conditions and Click Register button


Fill the required details to Login,
Step 1 : Enter Email ID
Step 2 : Enter Password
Step 3 : Click Login button

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Forgot Login Password

Enter your email Id and Click Send button to reset your password.

Find :
Complete your profile and gain access to matched scholarships.
Get Help :
For any queries, feel free to email us at info [AT]

What we offer? :
We help students of all languages to increase visibility, drive more scholarships and improve educational success.

SMS & Email Notifications :
Regular alerts on new/upcoming scholarships and during application process.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the different languages Learning with Vodafone offers?
To explore scholarship opportunities, Learning with Vodafone is providing scholarship information in 7 regional languages: Hindi, Bengali, Kannada, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil.

2. What are the benefits of using Learning with Vodafone?
The following benefits can be availed by students under Learning with Vodafone program :
** Students can create their profile and check the related scholarships. Notifications through SMS and Emails will also be provided to students.
** Assistance will also be provided to help students facing challenges in their applications.

3. How many children of a family can apply for the scholarships?
Depends on individual scholarship guidelines.

4. Can a student opt for multiple scholarships at a time?
Students can apply for multiple scholarships as per their eligibility criteria. However, as per general scholarship guidelines, they can avail only one scholarship at a time.

5. I have registered and completed my profile. How can I ensure that I will get the scholarship?
Students can apply for multiple scholarships as per their eligibility criteria. However, as per general scholarship guidelines, they can avail only one scholarship at a time.

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  1. what are the qualification requirements for Ghanaian student and when and how to apply

  2. I am in class 12th and I need this scholarship. How can I contact you?

  3. I completed my registration but I don’t know the next process. Please assist me.

  4. सर में इस स्कॉलरशिप के बारे में पूरी जानकारी चाहता हूँ I कृपा आप मुझे इसकी जानकारी दें I अगर हो सके तो अपना सम्पर्क नंबर

  5. I can’t even access anything is this offer still available.

  6. I try to open your site but it is not opening, is it true (or) for publicity, Kendriya Vidyalay Sangathan announces that student register with learning with Vodafone, but your server does not respond (or) open. All are marketing, very sad.

  7. I want to complete my profile but I don’t know how to complete, please give information to complete my profile.

  8. My scholarship is available but I can’t understand how to get my scholarship amount. Can you please send all the formalities to get my scholarship amount?

  9. I am unable to open my account and your help desk number is also not work properly. Can you please contact me?

  10. I had already registered, but I can’t log in to my account. Can you please tell me how to crack this?

    1. You may contact the helpdesk [info AT] of Vodafone Learning for your queries.

  11. I have registered in Vodafone Learning Portal. Due to some work, I was unable to attend your calls yesterday. Now I want to talk with you. Your help desk numbers are not working properly. Please contact me.

  12. I want to know when will I get my scholarship ?

  13. It is too difficult for us to apply for scholarship. Please help us.

  14. Divyanshu Kumar Singh

    How can I register my name in the scholarship?

  15. Tell me if I can register now.

  16. Tell me if it is it compulsory to register by student of Kendriya Vidyalaya. Also tell on what basis it is compulsory. What will happen if a student doesn’t register?

  17. Let me know if I can register my name in this scholarship.

  18. It is very nice to give chance for studying students.

  19. What is the process of applying the scholarship form?

    1. You are required to register first to apply for scholarship.

  20. How can we register our name for scholarship?

  21. Where is the scholarship for class 10th?

  22. Its very difficult to register.

  23. How can I apply this form? Please give the direction and rule of this form to apply.

  24. What is the process to apply for scholarship?

  25. What are the subjects? Please reply fast.

  26. How can I apply?

    1. Information available from the Official Website :

      ** Explore all the scholarships listed on the website.
      ** Select the best suited scholarship for yourself.
      ** Every scholarship has detailed instruction on ‘How to apply’ for the scholarship.
      ** Follow the instructions carefully.
      ** Attach all the relevant documents
      ** Submit the application carefully.

  27. I want to register.

    1. You are required to register with your email and password to apply for scholarship.

  28. Niikhil Kumar Mishra

    Website is not running.

  29. It will help in improving future education of students.

  30. What is the exam fee?

  31. It is good for students of all classes.

  32. I am excited to participate in this. I want to answer the question which are asked by Vodafone. I love study very much.

  33. It is a scholarship exam. Tell me even after that if there is fees for application.

  34. Gaurav Kumar Bharti

    I want to apply for drawing scholarship because I am poor.

  35. How can I apply scholarship form?

  36. How can I apply for scholarship 2017? I am a student.

  37. I want to apply For learning Scholarship.

  38. It is a nice application.

    1. Information available from the Official Website :

      India’s first multi–linguistic scholarship platform — aimed to help students like you achieve your dreams.

  39. It can help children a lot. They are doing very good job.

    1. Information available from the Official Website :

      What we offer? :
      Matching Scholarship
      SMS & Email Notifications
      Multi–Lingual Support
      Phone & Email Support

  40. I hope it will be very Nice.

  41. What should I do after I completed my profile?

  42. I have Registered my id on learning with vodafone website but on logging in, it still shows login id is wrong. I am requesting to vodafone telecom company that to give some more time like 10 or 20 days for Registration.

  43. It is good for students of all class.

  44. I want to apply for drawing scholarship. I am in 8th Class.

    1. Search your appropriate scholarship in the below link.

  45. I am excited to participate in this. I want to answer the question which are asked by Vodafone. I love study very much.

  46. How can I register my name in this scholarship?

  47. Please tell me what should be typed in the second box where we are supposed to write the program partner?

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