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Organization : Department of Science & Technology
Scholarship Name : Women Scientists Scheme (WOS-A) Scholarship
Applicable For : Women Scientists
Applicable States : All India
Application Last Date : No Last Date
Website :

DST Women Scientists Scheme

The ‘Women Scientists Scheme (WOS-A)’ of the Department of Science and Technology is aimed to provide opportunities to women scientists and technologists for pursuing research in basic or applied sciences in frontier areas of science and engineering.

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This Scheme to encourage those women scientists who have had break-in-career. It will provide a launch pad for them to return to mainstream science and work as bench-level scientists in the field of science and technology.

The Scheme is open throughout the year. Therefore, there is no last date of application.

Update : Project duration in Women Scientists Scheme (WOS-A & WOS-B) of KIRAN Division is extended until 31, March 2021 due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Scientific Disciplines

The scholarships have been instituted in the following subject areas :
(1) Physical Science;
(2) Chemical Science;
(3) Mathematical Science;
(4) Life sciences;
(5) Earth Sciences;
(6) Atmospheric Sciences;
(7) Engineering Sciences.

Changes in Grant-in-Aid :

A project proposal should be submitted in active collaboration with an academic/R&D institution in the chosen subject area.


** Persons already in employment need not apply.
** Women scientists, with a minimum of Post Graduate degree, equivalent to M.Sc. in Basic or Applied Sciences or B.Tech. or MBBS or other equivalent professional qualifications, are eligible for this scheme.
** Maximum age limit is 35 years. The amount of fellowship for such candidates will be Rs. 20,000/- PM.

** Women scientists having a Ph.D. in Basic or Applied Sciences or M.Tech. or MD/MS, DM/MCH in Medical Sciences from recognized Universities can apply up to the age of 50 years. The amount of fellowship for such candidates will be Rs. 35,000/- PM.

** Age relaxation of 5 years would be given to candidates belonging to SC/ST/OBC and physically challenged category.
** Attested copies of supporting documents in this regard must be enclosed.

Desirable :
** Preference would be given to candidates having a break-in-career due to family reasons.
** Also, preference would be given to Ph.D./equivalent degree candidates.
** M.Sc./equivalent candidates may, however, be also considered if they have a bright academic record and demonstrable research experience in the form of publications, dissertations, patents, etc.

Support :
This scheme will provide a research grant with an upper limit of Rs. 23 lakh (for Ph.D. or equivalent) and Rs. 20 lakh (for M.Sc. or equivalent) for a well-defined R&D project proposal for a period of three years.

This grant will include the fellowship of the applicant and cost of small equipments, contingencies, travel, consumables etc. Institutional overhead charges will be extra.

Last Date of Application

The Scheme is open throughout the year. Therefore, there is no last date of application.

Procedure For Applying

** Five (5) copies of neatly typed application (in single space and on both sides of the paper) should be submitted in the enclosed format at the address given below.
** Carefully prepared proposal should be concise focused and complete in all respects.

Submit Your WOS-A Proposal Online :

Address for Submission of Application and Enquiries:
Dr H B Singh
Women Scientists Scheme (WOS-A)
Department of Science & Technology
Technology Bhavan, New Mehrauli Road
New Delhi – 110016

E-mail: haribsingh at nic dot in
Phone No: 011-26590273


Submit PES Online

To Submit your PES Project Executive Summary follow the below steps,
Personal Details :
Step 1 : Select Title *
Step 2 : Enter First Name *
Step 3 : Enter Middle Name
Step 4 : Enter Last Name *
Step 5 : Enter Fathers Name *

Step 6 : Enter Email Address *
Step 7 : Enter Date of Birth *
Step 8 : Select Marital Status * – UnMarried/Married/Divorcee/Widow/Others
Step 9 : Enter Husband Name
Step 10 : Select Category *
Step 11 : Select Employement Status *
Step 12 : Enter Correspondence Address Line 1 *
Step 13 : Enter Correspondence Address Line 2

Step 14 : Enter City *
Step 15 : Select State *
Step 16 : Enter Pin Code *
Step 17 : Enter Telephone(O)
Step 18 : Enter Telephone(R)
Step 19 : Enter Mobile*
Step 20 : Enter Fax
Step 21 : Select Break in Career * – Yes/No
Step 22 : Enter Descriptions of Break

Highest Educational Qualification Details :
Step 23 : Select Highest Educational Qualification *
Step 24 : Select Year *
Step 25 : Enter Subject
Step 26 : Enter Thesis/Dissertation
Step 27 : Enter Guide Name, Designation & Address

Proposal Details :
Step 28 : Enter Proposal Title *
Step 29 : Enter Department *
Step 30 : Enter Institute Name *
Step 31 : Enter Proposal Duration(0-36)(in months) *
Step 32 : Enter Proposal Estimated Cost(Rs in Lakhs) *
Step 33 : Enter Summary of Proposal(500 words) *
Step 34 : Enter Field of Experience(Keywords separated by comma) *

Step 35 : Enter Captcha – Please enter the text as seen on the following image.
Step 36 : Click on the Submit button.
Note : * Fields are Mandatory

Instruction :
** First, submit “Project Executive Summary (PES)” online. It contains general information about the candidate and a brief summary of the proposal.
** After submission of PES, an on-screen acknowledgement will appear which contains a Serial Number. Note down this Serial Number for future enquiries.

Utilization Certificate Download Here :

** The submitted PES will be examined by the Department and decision will be communicated through email.
** If submitted PES is accepted by the Department then a login ID and password will be intimated through email.
** This login ID will enable the submission of ‘Project Proposal Document (PPD)

Women Scientists Scheme Revised Fellowship

 Programme Qualifications Amount of Fellowship per month Total cost of the Project


Women Scientist Scheme (WOS-A) and Women Scientist Scheme-B (WOS-B)*

Ph.D. in Basic or Applied Sciences/MD or equivalent degreeRs. 55,000/- +HRA* as applicableRs. 30 lakh (excluding HRA and Overhead)
M.Phil/M.Tech/M.Pharm/ M.VSc or equivalent degreeRs. 40,000/-+HRA* as applicableRs. 25 lakh

(excluding HRA and Overhead)

M.Sc in Basic or Applied Sciences/ MBBS/B.Tech or equivalent degreeRs. 31,000/-+HRA* as applicableRs. 20 lakh

(excluding HRA and Overhead)



Women Scientist Scheme-C (WOS-C)

Ph.D. in Basic or Applied Sciences/MD or equivalent degreeRs. 35,000/-
M.Phil/M.Tech/M.Pharm/ M.VSc or equivalent degreeRs. 30,000/-
M.Sc in Basic or Applied Sciences/ MBBS/B.Tech or equivalent degreeRs. 25,000/-

*HRA is as per GOI norms based on class of city.


Result of SEC Meeting of ‘Life Sciences’ under WOS-A held on October 01-03,2018 at KIIT University,Bhubaneswar

Check Result Here :

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  1. Sir/madam, WOS-A open right now

  2. Hiii,I submitted wos b dst project during Feb to June 2020. PPT presentation is also done in dec.2020. Can you please tell me how much time they take to declare result after presentation? What is the next round?

  3. overhead charges WOS-A, B schemes universities

  4. mam, when will i can apply for wosa. dr chandan singh


  5. i have applied in Nov 2019 for wos-A fellowship…can anyone pls tell how much time they take to declare if proposal accepted or not.

    1. Hey hi i too applied same time. Didnt get any notification after that. Please tell if you get any email from them.

    2. Same with me. I applied in nov. Still waiting.

    3. same with me, applied in nov 2019, still waiting

  6. i have got my ppd acceptance letter for the ppd sent in Engineering and technology division in February 2019.. But , I have not received any intimation on the interview date.. if anyone has similar experience,do respond…thanks

  7. I had submitted my PPD in the month of aug in CS category on old website.. But now previous login id not worked on new web.. What I do for know the updates of PPD.. How much time it take to give decision… Is anyone also faced same kind of problem..

    1. Hi i m facing same problem .i have also applied in aug in ls n now my id is not working. I have mailed dr vandana singh but didn’t get any reply .plz let me know any updates if u have

  8. Madhushree Chakrabarty

    How long does it take to convey their decision on the PPD?

  9. My ppd is accepted and my project details are displayed in website. Will they call for interview?

    1. When u submitted your PPD? In new website PPD acceptance list not shown… Plz reply.

  10. My ppd is accepted and my project details are displayed in website. Will they call for interview?

  11. My PPD got accepted. I applied through online. I have not submitted hard copy. Will they consider my application or not? Will they call for interview or not..

  12. The PPD uploading site is not working. Once I fill in all the details and save the PPD 2, the message shows that the URL is not working.

  13. Plz tell anyone, hard copy of PPD also required for submission or online is sufficient in category of chemical sciences.

  14. Hi.. Plz tell me, hard copy of PPD also submitted in wosa under chemical science? Is ys then in which address..

  15. I am not able to make an account for project submission. what should I do

  16. Is anyone going to attend the interview (Engineering Technology category)?

    1. My PPD got selected. But I have not submitted hard copy.. will it be a problem?

  17. 1. Is it true that the fellowship might be terminated if performance is found unsatisfactory after 1/2 years?
    2. Is it possible to reapply after completion of one project under this category?

  18. I have attended the interview WOS A presentation held on February 14th at IIT Jodhpur. I have got the approval letter for the project and they have asked me to submit some required documents for financial approval. I got reply from them about the submission of documents. They replied us after the April we will update but still I have not got any mail from them. Please can anyone tell me that how much time it will take after this. Is anyone in the same process? Please do help me.

    1. Even mine was approved for interview scheduled on May 1-3 2019.

      I have submitted the required documents. After that no update from them.

      Do they give any acknowledgement after submitting the documents? How to know whether they have released the funds or not?


  20. Monika Kiroriwal

    Can anyone tell me, is it mandatory 10 publications to fill this scheme proposal, because I have done M.Tech in Electronics and Communication with 5 publications. Am I eligible to fill online proposal?

  21. Any information regarding interview of Chemical Science?

    1. Chemical Science presentation will be on 14th June at IACS Kolkata.

    2. Had u submit a hard copy of PPD also?

  22. Any idea about Engineering Technology interview date?

  23. Can anyone apply for DST WOS A more than once? If once the WOS A is completed for three years, can we apply again second time and third time?

  24. Any update about the next interview dates of life sciences. I got acceptance for interview in December after that no further update.

    1. I guess you should have received the LS interview date by now, May 1-3.

  25. Madhushree Chakrabarty

    How long does it take to respond to PES?

  26. I received the acceptance letter on 14th October 2018 then I sent all the required documents. But I have not received any mail (or) communication yet. I sent a reminder mail but did not receive any reply. Is there anyone who received the financial sanction order in life sciences for the interview held at KIIT university, Bubaneswar,2018? Please Reply.

  27. Any one from Physical and Mathematical Sciences, I am waiting for heard from you as it’s so long to accept my proposal but no call for interview, please share your current status.

  28. Please intimate, if anyone got email regarding interview of chemical sciences?

    1. Hi, I Called for interview on Dec.19, but still now i didnt get any information and format of ppt…

  29. Any one got mail regarding interview in Physical and Mathematical Sciences in March 2019.

  30. I am preparing a proposal for WOS-A, but stuck with the Overhead Charges calculation. Can anyone suggest where I can find the details? The PES estimated cost should include overhead charges? What is the percentage for overhead charges calculation?

  31. I want to share my experience during PowerPoint presentation, in my opinion it is just a formality, your project title, methodology will not decide your fate but your university, your mentor reputation will decide either you will get the financial assistance (or) not. In life sciences interview the panel were not let you utter a single justification about your project, their main motive was to discourage and insult the student. They don’t had the simple etiquettes how to behave. It was worse experience of my life, I am feeling guilty why I applied. Is there anyone who had the same experience? I am sorry friends for this kind of note, I am very frustrated and depressed after my presentation, I worked so hard.

  32. Anyone have any information regarding the interview status for chemical sciences? Do we get an email in either case of acceptance and rejection of PPD? Kindly let me know.

  33. Anyone going to present at IIT Jodhpur on 14th February? I have booked train ticket from New Delhi which will depart from old Delhi at 5.30 PM, my train number is 14659. Anyone going by the same train?

    1. I am going to IIT Jodhpur on 14th February. I have train at 11:30 PM and train number is 22481. Do you think Gujar Andolan will affect this route? I am scared.

  34. I presented my project proposal on 08.10.18 at Jamia Millia University, New Delhi. I filled my traveling allowance details on that day. Still not yet credited the travelling allowance.

  35. Please advise me, I have changed some modification in my proposal after submission in WOSA and I am having presentation in this February 2019. Can I proceed with my new work (or) proceed with what I am submitted? Please guide me.

  36. Anyone please intimate me if it is possible to purchase new equipment instead of the equipment already quoted during the financial approval. Since I am unable to purchase already quoted equipment due to the exceeding amount.

    1. Dt-22feb 2020. My ppd is accepted in oct19 in engineering category . I have not received any further email regarding interview till now. Is there anybody in the same category,kindly respond. Anyone having idea of interview?

  37. I have presentation on 16th February 2019 in IIT Jodhpur but presently there is menace of swine flu. I am very tensed. What to do?

  38. If any one have registered their institute with PFMS then tell me that how much time does it take for approval? I have registered 10 days back but it is still showing PD APPROVAL pending.

  39. Dr. Shubhi Srivastava

    I am trying to submit my PES so many times but there is no submission yet, only one message displayed on screen (page Error, try after some time), is there any issue in website?

  40. I got a mail that my project got accepted (checked in the website too) but still I have not get interview call. I got an acceptance mail on 31st December 2018. How much time, does it take approximately to call for the interview /Project defence in front of subject expert?

  41. I am yet to be received funds and can anyone help me how to reach them and know about the release of fund. Is there anyone who got selected in May 2018 interview held in Vadodara for Earth Science received funds?

  42. I have submitted my PPD in category Engineering technology (PPD-1). But in PPD-4 by mistake, I mentioned subject code-6 (the correct subject code is 7) although I mentioned the subject as Engineering science/technology (which is correct). Will there be any problem? I immediately mailed them stating the issue. Has anyone done similar things? How to resolve in that case?

  43. When I saved PPD-I, it takes me to next PPD-II, but after saving PPD-II, it says “This page is already processed. Do not Press F5 or refresh button” Can anybody tell me, if I have done any mistake in filling the format.

  44. I am facing problem in PPD submission. I did not reset the password immediately as I thought I can do it within three months of acceptance of PES and after doing so I can submit PPD. But now the link is not working. I mailed them stating the issue. They responded that they will reset the link. But it has not been done. Has anyone faced the same issue? How to resolve that? Please help as I am not getting them over phone also.

    1. Yes, I also face same problem. I think we have to wait for one to days to check may be there is technical issue in website, if they replied and send id and password link means that they are responsible officials.

    2. My PPD login site was not opening but as I mailed Dr.Vandana singh (mail id given in contacts of home page) stating the issue, she gave me a login password so, I could open to fill in the PPD. Don’t worry send a mail to her.

  45. While filling the project details online:
    ** Make sure that the internet speed is high.
    ** Avoid using bullets in the text.
    ** Try to fill all the columns and save. Once the form is saved, we can edit it again and save. e.g. entering 10 publications in the list may consume time, so first enter the details of only one publication and move to the other column to fill. This will save time to complete the form in time.

  46. I am from Lucknow and I submitted my PPD on 30th July but didn’t receive any mail till now. Can anyone tell me, how much time they will take for acceptance and I will receive any mail regarding this (or) I have to check “Accepted PPF” list and Do I have to post any hard copy also (or) online submission is sufficient?

    1. Have u submit a hard copy of PPD?

  47. I received the acceptance letter by 19th July 2018 and I sent all the required documents. I have not received any mail yet. I sent a reminder mail but did not receive any reply. Is there anyone who received the financial sanction order in chemical sciences for the interview held at Univ of Baroda 2018? Please clarify.

  48. It is almost a month that I submitted my project in WOSA for 2018. But no communication from DST. No email for Engineering Sciences. Has anyone received the acceptance email? Please reply.

  49. Jeevitaa Kshersagar

    Please tell me, has anyone got financial sanction order in 2018 for the life sciences whose presentations were conducted on 11th August 2018 at university of Hyderabad. How much time will they take to give response after presentation?

  50. I am doing M.Sc in Ihysics and I am 24 years old. I have a break in the career of one year. I have joined Ph.D. in NIT Jamshedpur this year but I don’t have a scholarship. I have two journal publications on Nuclear Physics. Am I eligible for any women’s scholarship?

  51. In how many days, we get information about acceptance (or) rejection of PES. I have submitted PES 7 days back but have not get any intimation regarding acceptance (or) rejection of PES.

  52. My project was selected in the month of April 2018 on continuation with that, I have sent all supported documents in April itself. I called to DST and they told it is in process but don’t know when can I get sanction order actually. Kindly help if anyone knows.

  53. My PPD was accepted and my name was published in the website. My submission date is 28-December-2017 in Physical and Mathematical sciences stream. Nearly it was 7 months but still I am not called for an interview. Please tell me when they will call for an interview. I am very scared.

    1. I have been called for a presentation at CEPT university, Ahmedabad on 17th August, 2018. Actually I applied for Mathematical sciences stream. I am from Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. Please anyone from Tamilnadu, who have interview at Ahmedabad? Other state candidates are also tell me.

  54. Please intimate me, If anyone have received the financial sanction order for Physical and Mathematical Science. I received the acceptance letter on March but so far till (June end) didn’t receive any order.

  55. My PPD (LS) has been accepted on February 2018. Can anyone tell me when would be they called for the interview? From the posts I could understand there was an interview at Chandigarh from June 14th to 16th. I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t allocated to that session?

    1. Year wise they will call for the interview. June 14th to June 16th interview conducted for last year i.e., 2017. You are selected for the next time interview. Wait surely they will intimate you. My PPD selected in the month of June 2017 and attended the interview on March 2018.

  56. Please share, if anyone from 4th October presentation at IIT Gandhinagar under Life Sciences have got the financial grant. I have received technical acceptance in November, now its more than 6 months still waiting for the grant.

  57. I submitted my PPD on January 3rd, 2018 for LS and it has got accepted. Till now I haven’t got any communication/ information regarding the processing of the project. Has the processing for the year 2018 started? Could someone who has attended the interview describe the pattern of interview and presentation?

  58. I attended the interview in February, 2018 in IIT Guwahati and I got an acceptance letter on March 29th. I sent the required documents by April 20th but I have not received any communication about the grant. Has anyone who attended the interview at the same time received the grant? Is there someone, I can communicate with regarding this? Please help.

  59. I am facing problem in PPD submission, when I saved PPD-I, it takes me to next PPD-II, but after saving PPD-II, it says “This page is already processed. Do not Press F5 or refresh button” Can anybody tell me, if I have done any mistake in filling the format (or) is this common. Please suggest why it is happening? What can I do now ad how to fill the form?

  60. I am facing problem in PPD submission, when I saved PPD-I, it takes me to next PPD-II, but after saving PPD-II, it says “This page is already processed. Do not Press F5 or refresh button” Can anybody tell me if I have done any mistake in filling the format (or) is this common. Please suggest if there are any guidelines.

  61. Hopefully, you will also receive the mail soon. Otherwise, please call to these numbers- 011-2659 0676/273/675. You have to keep trying until the call answered, usually ‘0676’ is answered in morning times.

  62. You will be provided with a reference number via mail after you submit the PPD. This will take nearly 1-1.5 months (After submission) and it will also appear in the list of PPD accepted under the branch in which you applied in the website. Subsequently, you will receive the interview schedule via email which will again take two months.

  63. Hai Jaya, If PPD has been selected the name will be included in “LIST OF PPD ACCEPTED”. They won’t send any email regarding this. We have to check it. Mostly it will take 2 months for acceptance. After acceptance you have to wait for the interview atleast 3 to 4 months.

  64. Hi Ash Anand, Did you get the sanction letter? I have also given PPT on 5th October at IIT Gandhinagar and also got acceptance on November. But yet did not receive the sanction letter. One of candidate from Pune got it on 8 march. I am also from Pune but not get it.

  65. I am from Pune. One of LS candidate from Pune got sanction letter on 8th March for the PPT held at IIT Gandhinagar on 5th October 2017. I have also got acceptance letter for the same but yet did not receive the sanction order. It’s 6 months now. Is it possible that, DST may release grant at different months to the same city?

  66. I am in great trouble. I am not able to fill up PPD 3 due to the financial budget. It’s continuously giving a message that actual cost is less than the estimated cost. While everything has been filled properly. The actual cost is only showing the cost of equipment. It’s not adding the other costs. Please help.

    1. The issue got resolved, when the dialog box says “the actual cost is different from the estimated cost, would you like to revise the project estimated cost?” Click OK and proceed, the fields would have populated and you can enter the financial details.

  67. Anyone give suggestion, how to quote the consumable quotation after receiving acceptance letter from WOS-A. If we want to quote it year wise or as a whole. They are in need of name, rate, quantity and amount for the sanctioned amount. My doubt is, if we want to send it as a whole (or) to split it year wise.

  68. My PPD, Life Sciences, was accepted on 30th Dec 2017 (submitted on 9th Dec 2017). Does anyone from December 2017, Life Sciences, accepted list has received the call for presentation? Kindly let me know.

    1. Hi Srivani, Have you got the mail for presentation? I enquired with Vandana mam last week. She told, we will be getting intimation regarding interview by the end of April but till now, I dint get any information.

  69. I want to apply for WOS A Scheme for my Ph.D work. Can I apply if I have a gap of 2 years after my last job due to family reasons? How long does it take for the proposal to get accepted if we apply? Also is there any particular time when we have to apply for the WOS A scheme?

  70. I have appeared for interview in Life Science stream on 10th November at Amritsar. But till now no reply has been received by me from DST. I have applied from IICB Kolkata. Is there anybody from Kolkata? Can anybody tell me how many applicants have been selected? DST is so much frustrating funding agency to me.

    1. Usually they inform by one month, if rejected they send email, for approved projects they send hard copy letter. I faced the same problem, then found postal problem, later got the approval letter from DST after communicating them over phone. My PPT was on October 4th, for which they sent letter dated 7th November. Its better if you can contact Vandana madam over phone and ask the status of your project after PPT. All the best.

  71. After submission of PES, I received an email mentioning rejection due to incomplete submission. I resubmitted the PES. Will they consider my submission this time (or) because they rejected once they won’t accept it anymore? Please reply, Once they rejected the PES for incomplete submission. Can I resend PES again?

  72. I want to apply for WOSA. Please help me, I completed my M.Tech in Biotechnology. So I have a doubt whether I should apply under Engineering Technology discipline or under Life Sciences discipline? Applying under life sciences discipline, there be any change in amount of the fellowship?

  73. I am not able to get the consent from host institute within 3 months of PES submission, as I applied late for the consent. Can I Submit my PPD after 2-3 days of completion of 3 months of PES acceptance?

  74. please use IE 9.0 or Mozilla Firefox 22.0. I too faced similar problem while filling PPD online using the latest IE. Then I installed IE 9.0 or Mozilla Firefox 22.0 as mentioned in Hope it helps.

  75. My PPD got accepted in life science on 2nd December. Let me know those who have presentation on 23rd February in IIT Guwahati are from life science area.

  76. My PPD is accepted and my name is in the list of accepted PPD. Could anyone please tell me the next step? Is it sure that I will get grant if PPD gets accepted? Is there any chances of rejection after acceptance of PPD? I couldn’t get any information on the WOSA site. Please help.

  77. I have not received sanction letter yet. I sent all the required documents one month back. My presentation was on 10th December 2017. It got acceptance in the month of November. How long will it take? Can I join the host institute or wait for sanction letter?

  78. I have submitted project summary 17th November 2017. I am still waiting for the reply. Please suggest me how much time they will take in sending result of summary acceptance.

  79. I got technical approval for DST WOSA on 29th November 2017. But after that I received no mail after submission of all documents (no answer of my mails). Since two months has passed I am worried. Please tell whether anybody like me (got TA in November 17) got financial approval.

  80. My PPD was accepted on December 2017. Let me know the interview date and the total number of fellowship given to the life sciences category under WOS A scheme.

    1. Let me know if I can switch one fellowship like NPDF to Woman Scientist A due to my own health issues? The N PDf is also not working well.

    2. My PPD got accepted on December 24th 2017. I didn’t get any intimation regarding the interview. I have applied under life science category. Kindly let me know if you get any information about the interview date and place.

  81. I got my financial sanction letter. But due to some problem I don’t receive fund release. Now I like to know whether I want to keep joining letter from letter dated. When will the fund be received by institution?

    1. I asked one of the women scientists already joined in our institute in last year about the joining date. As per WOSA rules and guidelines (already mentioned in undertaking) she told me that the date of appointment starts from the date on which the institute/university receives the fund from DST.

    2. When did you receive your acceptance letter and after that within how many months you got financial sanction letter? I got acceptance letter (Life Science) in November 2017. I have submitted documents by November end but still I have not get any sanction letter.

  82. I got selection letter on last January 2017 and I have already started my project. I got my first sanction order and funds for first year 2017 -2018 now 2 days before. Please tell from which month I can use the fund. Is it from last year or from this January onward?

  83. Congrats Vidya for getting the financial sanction letter. What is your department? Is it Engineering technology or chemical sciences or anything else? When was your presentation held?

  84. Please intimate me, if anyone get details regarding interview for Physical and mathematical science. How will they intimate us either through email (or) phone?

  85. Any one here who got their first sanction order after the receipt of technical acceptance letter in between June 2017 to December 2017. Many deserving candidates here are anxiously waiting for months together for sanction letter. Any one who knew the technicalities behind regarding sanction letter kindly share their knowledge and experience. Sure it would be a great help.

  86. I had presentation on 4th October, 2017 under Life Sciences at IIT Gandhinagar. Is there anyone from this batch got technical acceptance or rejection of project? I have not received any further communication from DST till date.

    1. I had the presentation on 4th October 2017 under Life Sciences at IIT Gandhinagar. I got technical acceptance on 7th November 2017 but did not get any response after that. I have sent all required documents also. Is there anyone from this batch facing the same problem?

  87. I have asked for modification in my proposal. I have modified and submitted but till now didn’t got any mail for acceptance or rejection and nobody is responding to calls at DST. kindly reply if someone faces the same problem.

  88. I attended PPT round at JECRC university Jaipur on July 15th, and till now I have not got any further communication from DST about rejection or acceptance. Any one having idea about it. I am in physical science. Anyone from this batch got any mail or letter?

  89. I attended Life science interview on June 16th in Pondicherry & Received technical acceptance letter by July 25th.But I have not yet received the sanction order. Is there anybody who is facing the same issue?

    1. Smruthu, did you receive the sanction letter? Just wanted have an idea how it takes to join after receiving sanction. I have got my project approved in November first week for which interview was on October 3rd.

    2. No not yet. I have not received sanction order. Lot of formalities to complete before getting the sanction order. Now I have completed all the formalities and waiting for the financial sanction order. What about you Asha?

  90. I received the technical recommendation for WOS-A at the end of July 2017. When will I get the financial sanction letter? My interview was on June 16th 2017 at Pondicherry University. Has anybody from this batch received the financial sanction?

  91. I presented my proposal in life sciences at IIT Gandhinagar on October 3rd,2017. Is there anyone who have attended the interview in same duration and venue, received any mail regarding interview results?

  92. I have submitted one PPD in WOS A category since one month but I don’t want to proceed with the proposal anymore due to some problem. So I want to apply another new proposal. Can I apply a proposal? Please help me.

  93. My PPD got accepted on 24th June, 2017 under engineering technology. Can anyone tell how much time will take for further response and also whether they will conduct interview for all accepted projects? Please reply me.

  94. I got my acceptance letter (technical recommendation) on 28th august, 2017. DST asked to put forward some official papers and quotations for project after which financial sanction letter will be sent and grant will be provided. Please anyone tell, how much time the financial sanction letter takes to come?

  95. My PPD was accepted in June under Life science category. But there is no further mail regarding presentation. How much time will they take? Please tell me.

  96. My PES is accepted. I submitted all my PPD and final PDF get generated and I took the printout of that. Yesterday I login into my account & financial detail is not showing. But if I take the printout of that it shows complete financial detail. What’s the problem with the website? Can anyone tell me?

  97. My PES got rejected and the reason they gave is fresh PhD, although I have completed my Phd in July 2016. I don’t understand it. Please clarify how much break is required for WOS-A. Is there any problem in my summary?

    1. It is mentioned that, for PhD holders, need at least 2 years break in career. Please see the last line of WOSA instructions.

  98. My PPD is accepted in the month of July 2017. For Presentation how many slides should be prepared and how much time they offer? Is there any details related to PPT Presentation? If someone shares related to this it will be useful for us.

    1. They will allow only 7-8 slides full black and white. The PPT should highlight the objectives and methodology.

    2. They allow 8-10 slides with black font and white background.
      Maximum time : 10 minutes
      Not lesser than 20 font
      Focus mainly on Objectives and methodology

  99. I have submitted by PPD on 16.9.2017 in life sciences category. When could I expect the result of the submission? Is it accepted/rejected? Has anyone submitted during this time in the same category?