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HDFC Bank 2016 ECSS Educational Crisis Scholarship Support

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Organization : HDFC Bank
Scholarship Name : ECSS Educational Crisis Scholarship Support 2016
Applicable For : Schools students from Government aided or Private school in classes 6 to 12
Application Last Date : 15th July 2016

Website :

Educational Crisis Scholarship Support:

HDFC Bank believes that the benefits of economic growth need to flow to all sections of society. Although not a panacea, education would be one of the main interventions that would lead to the overall economic and social development of the society.

Update : HDFC Bank ECSS Educational Crisis Scholarship Support 2018-19 :

With the aim of empowering individuals who are economically and socially disadvantaged, the bank has initiated various projects in the field of education and livelihood training. ‘Educational Crisis Scholarship Support’ (ECSS) programme is envisaged to provide interim support for children facing a personal/economic exigency.

About ECSS:
Economic hardship or a crisis in the family sometimes has a direct impact on the education of children, often resulting in the child dropping out of school/college/university. ECSS has been conceptualized to provide assistance to these students, to tide over a difficult situation/Personal/Family Crisis without adverse impact on their education.

The Scholarship:
ECSS aims to cover students from recognized Private or Government aided schools between standards 6 and 12 and students studying in undergraduate and post-graduate courses (full-time/part-time degree/diploma/ courses) who due to personal/family crises are unable to continue bearing the cost of education and are at risk of dropping out of school/college/university.

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This situation would be defined as bereavement/death/ terminal illness/permanent disability and loss of job of the breadwinner due to accident or any such extreme circumstances that have put a strain on the family resources. The Scholarship will cover the total annual School Fee upto a maximum of Rs.10,000/- and College/University Fee upto a maximum of Rs.25,000/- of the selected candidates.

Eligibility Criteria:
** Schools students from Government aided or Private school in classes 6 to 12
** College students pursuing Under-graduate/Post-graduate Fulltime/Part-time Degree/ Diploma courses in colleges or universities recognized under UGC/AICTE/State/Central Government rules and guidelines
** Students undergoing a crisis situation

Selection Process:
** Received applications will be assessed on the basis of the criteria defined by HDFC Bank’s management.
** Students will be selected basis the score that they receive on the selection parameters. While every effort will be made to ensure a fair screening, the management reserves the right to decide the final recipients.

Application Process:
The application can be submitted either online or as a physical copy.

For online submission:
Step-I :Log on to
Step-II :Click on** form=30
Step-III :Fill in the details and upload all the necessary documents in PDF/JPEG format (documents‘ size should not exceed more than 15 MB
Step-IV :Submit In the event that you are unable to make an online submission, a hard copy of the same can be submitted to the nearest HDFC Bank Branch.

Online submissions would be the preferred mode of applications. Forms submitted online should not be resent in hard copy.

For Physical Copy Submission:
Step-I :Download the ECSS Application form folder (named as ECSS_2016_ApplicationForm) from
Step-II :Take print out of all the documents
Step-III :Fill in the necessary details
Step-IV :Attach all the documents along with the application form and submit the same at the nearest

Last Date For Application :
The application window will be open from 30th May, 2016 to 15th July, 2016.

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  1. I had applied for 2017 SCHOLARSHIP but I didn’t received any message. Also no list of selected students had been uploaded.

  2. Muntazir Ahmad Mattoo

    Please tell me whether result is declared or not. Tell me the declaration date of 2017.

  3. My dad was died six years ago. My mom was uneducated. So I need your help.

  4. I have received HDFC Scholarship-2016 cheque today in my nearest branch. Looks like they have printed it on 21 Oct or so, you people would also get soon in your nearest branches which has been mentioned in your application form. My sincere Thanks for the HDFC Scholarship committee.

    1. Please provide me the branch code so, that I could get my scholarship. I am also selected for ECSS scholarship HDFC 2016

  5. I applied for the scholarship.I just want to know the results.

  6. When will cheque be dispatched?

  7. I am selected for ECSS scholarship 2016. Where will I find the cheque? Please help me.

  8. I am not sure when these guys will dispatch the cheque. Branch people says they don’t know anything about scholarship and they have never received cheques regarding this anytime.
    There is no contact information available anywhere to check the status of cheque/DD.
    Now I am thinking it is just for publicity.

  9. When will cheque be dispatched? Please tell.


  11. I am selected for ECSS scholarship 2016. Where will I find the cheque? Please help me.

  12. I am a selected candidate. When will I got DD?

  13. My name is in the selected list but I have no any call from your side. What can I do after this?
    Please suggest me.

  14. I got a call saying that you had applied for hdfc scholarship. I said yes then she confirmed my name, address, date of birth and college and said to contact nearest hdfc bank branch and when I inquired about it the bank manager they said that they haven’t had such information and told me to contact the person from whom I got call and when I called back that number it didn’t work out. I need suggestions to collect my scholarship.

  15. When will scholarship list 2 be released?

  16. I am applying for the hdfc scholarship-2016 last day on 27/9/16. I got a call and asking me about my address and confirming all about the data as required for that I am the student who applied for this scholarship. And also that call told me to confirm near my hdfc branch of Lakhimpur. But today when I go to the branch then they told me there is no notification against this type of scholarship. What can I do?

  17. When list 2&3 will be released?

  18. I am a selected candidate. Will I get the call from hdfc bank or not? When can I get my dd?

  19. I need help to know where should we contact to collect the scholarship amount(DD) for selected candidates.
    Appreciate the help.

  20. Total scholarships are 2500 but Only selected 600 members. When will you release List 2 and 3?

    1. Have you got the 1st list of 2016? If you know please reply me.

  21. I would like to know whether I am for ecss selection or not?

    1. I also want to know whether I am selected for educational support. Please give me reply.

  22. I am the recipient of HDFC scholarship for 2015-16. The scholarship result will be declared before 25-9 as authority said. Don’t worry . And its not fake. Please keep patience. I am in touch with the respected authorities. Keep patience. Hope , result will be good. Almost 500 students are selected per year. And don’t ask about scholarship issue in bank. They are not aware about this. And when result gte announced , you will receive call from HDFC bank. So, keep your cell with you. Thanks guys.

    1. How the amount will be credited?

  23. I had been selected for ECSS 2015 but when I get the DD the expiry of DD had been over. We send it again but no response. I can pay my fees if I get the DD. Kindly accept my request and give me a reply.

  24. When will the result be announced and how can I check it?

  25. I want to know the ECSS result. How can I know the selected person?


  27. I would like to know whether I am selected for ecss or not.


  29. If results are announced or not? Please intimate us if i am selected or not.

  30. My father passed away last year.
    My mom is uneducated.
    No other income for us.
    So kindly release hdfc results.
    I wanted to know whether I am selected or not.

  31. When scholarship results can be released?

  32. How can I get ecss scholarship 2016 results?

  33. Please release hdfc crisis scholarship results. I got a menu responsibilities and I do continue the studies. Please release results.

  34. Kindly let me know the about hdfc scholarships results get released or not? What is the result date?

  35. I am a big member of my family. I have lot of responsibilities about my family and my brother’s education.
    Your scholarship will help me for completing my education.
    So please declare result.

  36. Kindly let me know the about hdfc scholarships results get released or not? What is the result date?

  37. Please release the scholarship list. If it is released please tell us where to find it.


  39. Please tell clear instruction to see the list whether our name is included or not.

  40. Actually when the result will be released? I did not paid fees.

  41. I applied for hdfc scholarship.
    How to know that results?

  42. Kindly let me know the about hdfc scholarships results released or not?
    What is the result date?

  43. Where can I check the scholarship results?

  44. I really need this scholarship but your bank is not giving a correct answer that we understood that how can we check the result list of scholarship.

  45. Where can I find the results of scholarship?

  46. Monika Kumari Mishra

    Could you please tell me that how to check the ECSS selected scholarship student list?

  47. Nazir Hossain Mondal

    I have been checking hdfc ecss results since yesterday but it still not found. Please someone suggest me where can I check my scholarship result?

    1. Don’t open the site via uc browser. Visit it through chrome.

  48. How can I know that I am selected for the scholarship or not? I got 80.4 % in B.E 1st year.

  49. Nearest hdfc bank authority said they are not aware about the details. Is this scholarship announcement just fake to make disappointment to poor students like us?

  50. How can I know whether I was selected or not? I got 95.5% in intermediate 1st year. Now I am pursuing my intermediate 2nd year and my father was not at alive. So I request you to help my studies.

    1. Can anyone find result of scholarship on any website?

    2. Can anyone tell me when ECSS scholarship result will be declared?

  51. I would like to know whether I’m selected or not for ECSS scholarship.

  52. On which website I can see the result of scholarship?

  53. I have been checking hdfc ecss results since morning but it still not found. Please someone suggest me where can I check my scholarship result?

  54. When the Ecss Scholarship 2016 will be released? Please tell me.

  55. Why list was not released?

  56. I was applied the scholarship but where did I find the list of the scholarships?

  57. When will you announce scholarship results 2016-17?

  58. I got 978 marks. I studied by donations in inter. I want to study more. But I had financial problem because my parents were divorced. Now my mother was suffering from back pains. So I need your help. Can I get this scholarship?

  59. I would like to know whether I am selected for ecss 2016.

  60. What is my son’s scholarship status of 2016?


  62. Chrismalisa Basumatary

    I would like to know whether I am selected for ECSS.

  63. Can you please tell me the scholarship results of 2016-17?


  65. When you will release the scholarship results 2016-2017?

  66. What are the result for scholarship?

  67. I am registered for hdfc scholarship. My family is in poor condition and suffer a lot of problems. I need hdfc scholarship.

  68. I applied to the ecss application form. Registered online but no result found. I need to scholarship. Please don’t refuse me.

  69. May I know what to do in annexure column? Tell me because tomorrow is the last date.

  70. Is fee reimbursement students apply for ecss scholarship?

  71. I have applied this scholarship to my sister. How to know application status?

  72. I am a student of SBD International School of lx & my sister is reading in diploma. Can we both apply? Is there any test? What are the documents required?

  73. I am a 10th passed student. What I need to do to get this scholarship?

  74. I am a student of BA Honors political science 3rd year complete.
    Can I apply this scholarship?

  75. Is there any type of test held in this scholarship?

  76. I am pursing B.A. 1st year. But I have money problem. Can I apply?

  77. I am Parth Patel from Gujarat.
    I am mechanical engineering student degree 3rd year
    Can I apply scholarship form?

  78. Can I submit this application form in HDFC bank?

  79. Can we scan physical copy of the Application after getting the HDFC bank manager’s attestation and send by email to the HDFC bank’s ECSS ?

  80. Why should students who apply online get preference over many deserving students who apply offline with physical copy through HDFC bank?

  81. The ECSS website states that preference will be given to Online Applications compared to Offline Applications.
    Will not the really deserving candidates who do not have the facility to apply online, miss out such a golden opportunity to avail this magnanimous scholarship provided by HDFC banks?

  82. I am pursuing B.A 1st year. Can I apply this form?

    1. Yes, you can. But what is your crisis or problems?

  83. Can more than one child of a single parent apply for scholarship?

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