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Mega Vedantu Scholarship Admission Test MVSAT 2024

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Organisation : Vedantu Innovations Private Limited
Scholarship Name : Mega Vedantu Scholarship Admission Test MVSAT 2024
Applicable For : Classes 8-12 Studying Students
Exam Date : 2nd to 10th December 2024
Website :

What is Mega Vedantu Scholarship Admission Test?

Mega Vedantu Scholarship Admission Test MVSAT 2024 is a scholarship test organized by Vedantu. MVSAT is an online test conducted on website, sub-pages and mobile application in name of ‘Vedantu’ by Vedantu Innovations Private Limited in order to reward meritorious students. Students of Classes VIII to XII studying in schools affiliated to any State, Central or International board are eligible for the test. MVSAT shall be conducted in online & Offline mode. The Rewards shall not be construed as cash rewards or equivalent and cannot be exchanged for cash or kind at any point of time.

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Schedule of Mega Vedantu Scholarship Admission Test

** The Mega Vedantu Scholarship Admission Test (“MVSAT” and/or “Test”) is a scholarship test organized by Vedantu (“Company”). MVSAT shall be valid only within the territory of India. MVSAT shall be governed by the following terms and conditions as well as the MVSAT Terms and Conditions available on the Vedantu Platform (collectively referred to as “Terms”).

** MVSAT shall be conducted in online & Offline mode.
** Offline Test Schedule – The Offline Tests shall be conducted at several premises including schools with which Vedantu has partnered with on 2nd, 3rd, 9th & 10th December 2024, in multiple cities, as may be determined by Vedantu.
** Online Test Schedule – The Online Tests shall be conducted online, accessible through the web and/or mobile Apps of Vedantu, from the 2nd to 10th of December 2024 from 9 AM to 9 PM.

Eligibility of Mega Vedantu Scholarship Admission Test

** In order to participate in MVSAT, individuals will have to be a student of Class VIII, IX, X, XI, XII and/or those who have dropped to attempt the official Examinations in the Categories. Those participating in MVSAT shall be hereinafter referred to as the “Participant/s”.

** In order to qualify as a Participant of Tests, individuals shall be required to register for MVSAT on the official registration page of MVSAT (“Test Page”) on the Vedantu Platform, using their mobile number.

** Once registered, a confirmation SMS will be issued to the Participant with details related to MVSAT including, date, timing and duration of tests, details of the centre (“Test Details”) wherever applicable. The Test Details will also be made available on the Test Page.

** In case of the Offline Tests, Vedantu does not in any way represent that the Centres will be in the city/town that a Participant resides in. In the event there are no Centres in the city where the Participants reside in, the Participants may travel to any one of the other cities nearest to the Participant.

** In case of an Offline Test, registration shall close at least 1 day prior to the date of conducting such Offline Test.

Rewards of Mega Vedantu Scholarship Admission Test

** After the completion of a Test, and on a predefined date, the Participants shall receive a score and a rank secured in the Test. It is clarified that the All India rank of a Participant (“Final Rank”)) shall be considered as relevant for the purposes of Rewards.

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** At the discretion of Vedantu, once the Final Ranks are announced, the Participants may be eligible for one of the following Rewards, applicable only once enrolled to Vedantu’s Courses:
1. Up to 100% scholarships
2 For Doubt app subscription and other gifts like drones, telescopes, smart devices, etc, the participants shall only be eligible for it, if he/she has taken admissions in Vedantu’s offline courses.

3. Top Rankers of each Grade(Class) who appeared for the Offline Test, subject to their performance and the internal parameters as determined by Vedantu, shall be eligible for a special reward (“Special Reward”) which shall be a 5-Day Space Research Program organised by ISRO affiliated Space tutor. The Special Reward shall be subject to the following additional terms:

** This reward is only applicable for participants that have enrolled for Vedantu’s Offline courses

** The Participant should have become eligible for a Reward and availed the same on or before the Cut-off Date for the Tests conducted for any of the following Categories:
i. Class VIII, Class IX, Class X, Class XI- IIT JEE, Class XI- NEET (UG)
ii. Class XII- IIT JEE, Class XII- NEET (UG)
iii. Class Dropper- IIT JEE, Class Dropper- IIT JEE

** If a Participant is a minor, he / she shall be accompanied by one parent/guardian (“Guardian”) for the trip.

** The expenses to be borne by Vedantu shall be limited to travel, accommodation, meal expenses, activity expenses (if any), at cost. Any other expenses such as independent travel, purchases etc. outside of the itinerary set by Vedantu shall be borne by the Participant and Vedantu shall not reimburse the same or entertain any claims to do so.

** The Participants and Guardians may be required to travel to a predetermined location for the trip and all expenses related to the same shall be borne by the Participants / Guardians. It is hereby clarified that such location shall be within the territory of India subject to availability of flights.

** The duration, date and any other details related to the Special Rewards shall be as determined and communicated by Vedantu.
** The Rewards shall not be construed as cash rewards or equivalent and cannot be exchanged for cash or kind at any point of time.
** The Rewards shall be subject to such other terms and conditions as may be determined by Vedantu at its sole discretion, from time to time.

Terms & Conditions of MVSAT

** For the Offline Tests, Participants are encouraged to appear at the Centre a minimum of 30 (thirty) minutes before the commencement of the Tests and in the event a Participant is late, he / she will be required to complete the Tests within the remaining time.

** Participants shall not do any act which amount to malpractice or cheating and shall adhere to all the Terms, further the Participants shall obey the instructions of the invigilator or any representative of Vedantu at the Centre and shall not act in any manner that amount to harassment, intimidation or causes general disruption or harm to the other test takers or representatives in the Centre.

** For the Offline tests, the representatives of Centres and Vedantu shall have the sole discretion to prevent a Participant from entering the Centre or appearing for the Tests. Such representatives shall have sole authority to request a Participant to leave the Centre in case of any act or omission by the Participant that can be deemed to be disruptive.

** Vedantu will be actively monitoring both offline and online test-takers for any instances of unfair means. Decisions regarding the use of unfair practices and the imposition of penalties in such cases will be exclusively made by Vedantu.

** In case of any dispute, the decision of Vedantu shall be final and shall be binding on the Applicants, which shall be communicated via the email and/or mobile provided to Vedantu at the time of registration and in other manner as may be deemed fit by Vedantu with such time as may be deemed reasonable by Vedantu.

** These Terms shall be governed by the laws of India.
** All contestants should ensure that they have reviewed the FAQs in detail such that all the terms and conditions pertaining to the scholarship program and rules relating to the conduct of tests are clearly understood by the contestants.

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