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VLSI Industry Maven Silicon Scholarship Test MSST 2024

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Organisation : VLSI Industry
Scholarship Name : Maven Silicon Scholarship Test 2024 MSST
Applicable For : Indian Nationals
Last Date : 30th March 2024
Website :

What is VLSI Industry Maven Silicon Scholarship Test?

Maven Silicon Scholarship Test 2024 MSST is sponsorted by VLSI Industry. Our online scholarship test, which is conducted every year, is a platform for us to identify individuals with genuine interest and potential in VLSI. It’s a chance for you to showcase your skills through a simple online test and, in return, unlock exclusive scholarships for your upskilling. At Maven Silicon, we are committed to making quality education in VLSI affordable and accessible. Dive into the significance of our online scholarship tests, designed to support VLSI aspirants in their careers based on their talents and merits. Last Date of Scholarship is 30th March 2024.

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Benefits of Maven Silicon’s Online Scholarship Test

1. Affordable Learning:
Our Yearly Online Scholarship Test paves the way for affordable learning. The best-performing candidates can get up to 90% scholarships. Hence, making quality education in VLSI more accessible.

2. Recognition for Your Skills:
It is a way for us to recognize and reward your skills. If you have a passion for VLSI, this is your opportunity to stand out and receive acknowledgement for your efforts.

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3. Open Doors to Education:
Our yearly online scholarship tests are inclusive, ensuring that anyone with a genuine interest in VLSI can access quality education. It’s a chance to open doors to learning without the burden of high costs.

4. Motivation for Excellence:
Taking the test isn’t just a formality; it’s a step towards personal and academic growth. It motivates you to strive for excellence, set higher goals, and invest in your development as a future professional in VLSI.

5. Building Confidence for Success:
Maven Silicon’s Online Scholarship Test instills a sense of healthy competition. It’s not just about scholarships; it’s about gaining confidence in your abilities. The skills you develop through this process will prepare you for success in the competitive field of VLSI.

Eligibility Criteria for Maven Silicon’s Online Scholarship Test

To be eligible for Maven Silicon’s Yearly Online Scholarship Test, candidates must meet the following criteria:
1. Academic Background:
Only for 2024/2025 Passouts (B.Tech/M.Tech – Electronics or Electrical Stream Only).
*Only for Indian Nationals

2. Minimum Score Requirement:
The candidate must have a minimum score of 60% in 10th, 12th and degree.

Conclusion of Maven Silicon Scholarship Test

As we continue to conduct online scholarship tests at Maven Silicon, we invite you to be a part of this journey toward affordable learning. It’s not just a test, it’s an opportunity to make quality education in VLSI accessible to all. Join us, showcase your skills, and let’s embark on the path to affordable and enriching educational experiences!

If you meet all the requirements mentioned earlier and are interested in applying for the scholarship, please apply for the test happening on 30th March 2024:

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