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Organisation : India Fellow
Scholarship Name : Fellowship 2024
Applicable For : UG Completed Students
Last Date : 15th August 2024
Website :

What is India Fellow Fellowship?

India Fellow is a transformative social leadership program for young Indians, who are ready to immerse in grassroots realities. It is a unique journey of self discovery and finding one’s true calling. The India Fellow selection process is non-competitive and the starting point of the learning. Through a unique approach, we look at a value match between the applicant and the fellowship.  Applicant have completed graduation (in any discipline) or will complete before the fellowship begins. Last Date of Fellowship is 15th August 2024.

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Eligibility Criteria To Apply for Fellowship

Please ensure the following is true before proceeding:
** You are between 20 to 30 years of age
** You have completed graduation (in any discipline) or will complete before the fellowship begins
** You are ready for an 18-month full time commitment
** You understand that this will expect you to be engaged 24×7 with the local community
** You understand that you can be placed in any part of India and in any thematic area
** You have read, understood and align with the philosophy and values of fellowship

Steps To Selection for Fellowship

Application : The application gathers all primary information about the applicant. Most answers are subjective and we need you to answer them after careful consideration.

Telephonic Conversation : Once you clear the application round, we would like to have a phone call with you for 15- 20 minutes to understand you better and help you know more about the program.

Assessment Day : Everyone who clears the above rounds makes it to the assessment day. Here applicants take part in group activities and sit down with our team one on one for a personal interview

Kindly Note: If you go past the assessment day, we extend an invite to you to join the fellowship. You can then deliberate on it to accept or reject it and let us know.

Timelines of Fellowship

We will accept online application for our 17th cohort from 15th May to 15th August 2024.
Fellowship commences – 12th November 2024
Fellowship completes – 19th April 2026

FAQ on Fellowship

1. What is the schedule and agenda of the trainings?
The learning structure of the fellowship is unique, it tries to promote as much openness, adaptability and flexibility. A big part of that also requires us to constantly evolve based on the cohort and India’s ever changing social fabric. We are not used to such learning patterns and understandably it may cause some anxieties. But we will keep fellows posted on the required aspects, adequately ahead of time.

2. Can I pick the geographical region and/or thematic area I want to have my work assignment in?
The fellow cannot handpick which assignment they get to do. Similarly, host organizations can submit their preferences but cannot handpick which fellow they work with. Since the fellowship ecosystem thrives on faith, each stakeholder (fellows, host organizations, mentors, alumni and team) brings into it by participating whole-heartedly and taking up opportunities with great openness and commitment. Please come into a fellowship journey, first, and know that the host role is a part of it, second.

3. What are fellows expected to do in host organizations?

The fellows will be assigned to projects after careful consideration of various factors like skillset, aspirations and experience of the fellows along with those of the requirements of the project. While the expectations may be high from a fellow, there will be some time to settle down and understand the new ecosystem that you would be in.

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Because this is a big decision from the fellow’s point of view to invest 18 months of their time in what could be an entirely new experience, everyone will expect fellows to be proactively taking initiative in whatever they are engaged in.

Wherever there is some technicality, they will be trained and equipped with skills accordingly by the host organization and the fellowship. Community immersion, development program management and communication, engaging in team capacity building are some key ingredients of all our projects.

4. I am not sure of the stipend component? What will it cover and what will be my out-of-pocket expense? What about accommodation and the related costs associated? Will the fellowship or host organization provide/help with my accommodation?

The fellowship is a learning experience by working hands-on with grassroots organizations and also accessing high-quality training and expert mentorship. This is alongside being a part of the wider network. Above all, you need not pay any fee for it.

In terms of monetary contribution – fellows collectively fundraise, which is INR 1,25,000 per head. This also entails a lot of learning on how collectives work and skills of fundraising. All the travel cost to reach the four in-person trainings is to be borne by the fellow. All costs and arrangements during the training (accommodation, food, resource persons, material costs, etc.) is borne by the fellowship.

For the duration when the fellow works with the host organization, the organizations pay them a stipend, which is basically to cover the living expenses of the fellow.

To keep parity, this amount is as follows:-
** For rural areas, if the organization provides accommodation (some organizations have their field offices and/or guest house where you can stay) the stipend is INR 15,000 per month. If the organization does not provide accommodation then the stipend is INR 18,000 per month
** For metropolitan areas of Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Hyderabad, the stipend is INR 17,000 and 22,000 respectively with and without accommodation

The fellow is expected to use the stipend for living expenses like accommodation, food and local transport. Please remember that it is not a salary but a stipend. For long-distance travel, which is work-related, the organization reimburses the amount.

Any other personal travel has to be borne by fellow. While the organizations are not mandated to provide accommodation to fellows, their team will be supportive and will help you make suitable arrangements on arrival at the assignment field areas.

5. What about my accommodation during training?

The fellows and fellowship team members stay at the said training venue. We have training infrastructure partners for all our in-person training programs. All costs of training and boarding are borne by the fellowship. The trainings are full-time residential program and it is mandatory for the fellows to stay at the said venue. We will timely communicate venue to the fellows.

6. Can I arrive before/after the said date of induction training?
Please plan to reach the training residence venue on the day before the training commences throughout the day. If you are reaching before that, request you to make alternate accommodation arrangements for yourself independently. You cannot reach after the given time – every minute of the induction experience counts! Please plan your travel accordingly. The fellowship team will be available on the phone and will meet you all at the venue.

7. What kind of clothes should I carry?

Modest clothing to suit the set-ups you will be heading to bearing in mind the extreme weather (heat–rains–cold) and the travels involved. There are no moral policing or dress codes involved. Please use your judgment and pack accordingly. A sturdy pair of shoes, an umbrella/raincoat, quick-dry pajamas/salwars/shirts/kurtas will be really handy.

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