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Organisation : ST & SC Development Department, Chhattisgarh
Scholarship Name : Post Matric Scholarship Portal
Applicable State/UT : Chhattisgarh
Website :

What is Chhattisgarh Post Matric Scholarship Portal?

Chhattisgarh Post Matric Scholarship Portal is implemented by Chhattisgarh ST & SC Development Department for for students studying in & outside Chhattisgarh. All students are requested to kindly check the status of Aadhaar Authentication (e-KYC) by their login. Students whose Aadhaar Authentication (e-KYC) has been failed are given a one-time opportunity to correct their Aadhaar details.

How To Apply For Chhattisgarh Post Matric Scholarship?

To Apply For Chhattisgarh Post Matric Scholarship, Follow the below steps

** Go to the link
** Online student registration facility available in this screen.
** Fields marked with (*) are mandatory.
** Please fill all the information in English only.
** Please do not prefix Mr./Ms./Mrs./Sh./Ku. etc. in any Name.
** Please fill out this form carefully and in full to ensure that everything is filled correctly. Once filled by candidate in the on-line registration form will not be changed.
** This registration is provisional, Final registration will be approved after successfully AADHAAR e-KYC authentication of the student’s personal details.
** All registered student get online credential to login. student should complete total seven step to complete process

Following facility available for to view the scholarship status tracking:
** Aadhar KYC status.
** In the home page student have also facility for scholarship status tracking.
** In every step of registration student can easily view the complete and in complete step by status bar.
** Current status of application.

Bank Details:
** On the instruction of Department we provide online DBT facility.
** The department have require the student bank details to create the scholarship amount in the account of student for this below is the screen.
** To get the scholarship student should fill the current running bank details in the below form.

Following details should require.
1.Bank Name
2.Branch Name
3.IFSC Code
4.Bank Address.

Document Upload:
Three essential documents require by the department in the scholarship DBT process thatis Cast Certificate,Domicile certificate and Income certificate.

Lock Screen:
This is the screen to final and last step to finalize the all essential and required information in online scholarship DBT process. After finalization student cannot change any information that was previously fielded by the student. So Before click in the lock button student should carefully cake all the entries and then click for Lock application.

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FAQs On Chhattisgarh Post Matric Scholarship Portal

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Chhattisgarh Post Matric Scholarship Portal

1.Do all filed applications need to clear aadhaar e-kyc verification for approval to later stages?
Answer. As per guidelines of Ministry of Social Justice, Delhi All applying students biographic details need to match the details as in Aadhaar database. Aadhaar based e-kyc implemented from 27.11.2021, post this date all fresh applications will be entertained only after the name, date of birth and gender details of the student match his aadhaar details. For applications filed before this date, e-kyc will be performed by the online system as when they come to sanction stage.

2.How can student correct their wrongly entered basic details?
Answer. All applications temporarily rejected by institutes will be reverted back to student’s login where they can correct and send back to institutes. However, aadhaar related details like name, gender, date of birth can be edited only once and are subject successful aadhaar e-kyc details.

3. How can student recover their lost user Id and password?
Answer. Students can recover their user Id and password through “Forgot user Id/password” utility and get it back on their registered e-mall/mobile number.

4.How can students get the newly created/missing pin codes added to the portal?
Answer. Students need to address such pin codes to AC(tribal) offices of their district nodal with such missing pin codes list.

5. How can new IIFSC codes/banks be added to the portal?
Answer. New IIFSC codes will be added to the portal by state admin team while missing banks will be added by the technical team.

6.How can student correct their wrongly registered e-mail address?
Answer. Student can contact AC(tribal) office of their districts and get their e-mail id updated there. Temporarily rejected students can update their e-mail address online through portal.

7.How can student correct their wrongly entered category?
Answer. Student can contact AC(tribal) office of their districts with Aadhaar card and certificates and get their wrong category applications deleted there. After that, they need to apply afresh.

8.How institutes can correct their wrongly entered tuition fees?
Answer. For proposal drafting, institutes first need to update their tuition fees and other heads in the institute master. After checking it, then fresh proposal be generated, which will reflect the update tuition fees. Before locking the proposals, institutes need to check the fees details and delete the wrongly entered proposals. However, locked proposals cannot be deleted.

9.How can institutes get their tuition fees lying on the higher side of the slab fixed by government updated in the portal?
Answer. Such higher slab tuition fees need to be sent to the state nodal office which will be added on by the technical team.

10.How can exceptional courses like B.E.(Lateral Entry) students register on the portal?
Answer. Such exceptional courses students need to directly enter the Diploma course marks to take admission to second year of B.E.

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