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Webdy Scholarship Test 2021

Organisation : Webdy
Scholarship Name : Webdy Scholarship Test 2021
Applicable For : Student from class 10th to post graduation
Applicable State/UT : All India
Last Date : 15 Feb, 2021
Exam Date : 15-30 Mar, 2021
Website :

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Webdy Scholarship Test

Scholarship Test 2021 We motivate talented students for study.

Webdy Scholarship Test for Youth is a merit based scholarship test conducted by Webdy with the assistance of various Educational Institutions, trusts and NGOs from all over India.


The sole objective behind conducting the scholarship exam is to motivate meritorious and talented students and resolve financial problems in their family which restrain them from obtaining quality education in reputed institutions.

With the help of Webdy scholarship they will be able to enroll in their dream courses and create a better future for themselves and their family.

Eligibility Criteria

Student of standard 10th – Post graduation.

How to Apply?

Just follow the below steps to apply for Webdy Scholarship Test 2021.

Steps :
Step 1 : Visit the official website of Webdy through provided above.
Step 2 : Read the instructions carefully and click on “Apply Now” button.
Step 3 : Fill the registration form with the required details.

Step 5 : Finally click on “Submit” button to complete your registration.

Instructions :
1. A valid email account and mobile number, which will be used to send all necessary information/ updates to the applicant.
2. Free Registration & Your mobile number is your registration number.

Important Dates

** Apply Start – 15 Dec, 2020
** Last Date – 15 Feb, 2021
** Exam Date – 15-30 Mar, 2021
** Result Date – 10 Apr, 2021

Scholarship Syllabus

1. Reasoning
2. Quantitative Aptitude
3. Verbal Ability

Scholarship Prize

Rank 1 – 10 : Rs. 25,000

Practice Test

Questions :
Q1. In the following sentence there are two blank spaces. Below each four pairs of words have been denoted by letters (A), (B), (C), and (D). Find out which pair of words can be filled up in the blanks in the sentence in the same sequence to make the sentence meaningfully complete.

Keeping in mind the ______ to develop the sector the government has _____ solicited foreign investment.
A – need, actively
B – importance, never
C – objective, wanted
D – view, discretely

Q2. On other hand means
A – Contadict the previous information
B – Highlight
C – Contradict a later statement
D – None

Q3. In the question given below out of four alternatives, choose the one which can be substituted for the given word/sentence.

Extreme old age when a man behaves like a fool.
A – Superannuation
B – Senility
C – Dotage
D – Imbecility

Q4. In question given below, a part of the sentence is Capitalised. Below are given alternatives to the italicised part which may improve the sentence. Choose the correct alternative

The workers are HELL BENT AT GETTING what is due to them
A – hell bent on getting
B – hell bent for getting
C – hell bent upon getting
D – No improvement required

Q5. The question consists of two words which have a certain relationship to each other followed by four pairs of related words. Select the pair which has the same relationship.

Diva : Opera
A – producer : theatre
B – conductor : bus
C – director : drama
D – story : writer

Q6. Some of the sentence have errors and some have none. Find out which part of the sentence has an error.

No less than twenty persons(a) / were killed in (b)/ the air crash. (c)/ No error(d)
A – (b)
B – (a)
C – (d)
D – (c)

Q7. In the question, an incomplete statement (Stem) followed by fillers is given. Pick out the best one which can complete incomplete stem correctly and meaningfully.

His behaviour is so unpredictable that he _____
A – never depends upon others.
B – is seldom trusted by others.
C – always insists on the work completed.
D – seldom trusts others as far is concerned.

Q8. Some proverbs/idioms given below together with their meanings. Choose the correct meaning of proverb/idiom.

A – To come to compromise with someone
B – To put someone at ease
C – To desert someone in his difficulties
D – Constant source of annoyance to someone

Q9. They walked _____ the edge of the land.
A – up to
B – as far as
C – either A or B
D – untill

Q10. Did you play tennis yesterday?
A – Past perfect
B – Past progressive
C – Simple past
D – Past perfect progressive

Q11. Find the H.C.F, if the numbers are in the ratio of 4 : 5 : 6 and their L.C.M. is 2400.
A – 35
B – 20
C – 45
D – 50

Q12. What is the average of first five multiples of 12?
A – 36
B – 42
C – 32
D – 38

Q13. On the off chance that a : b = 2 : 3 and b : c = 5 : 7, discover a : c ?
A – 10 : 11
B – 10 : 21
C – 8 : 19
D – 9 : 23

Q14. Sohan started a business with a capital of Rs. 80000. After 6 months Mohan joined as a partner by investing Rs. 65000. After one year they earned total profit Rs. 20000. What is share of Sohan in the profit?
A – Rs.6778
B – Rs.5221
C – Rs.5778
D – Rs.6221

Q15. A mother is twice as old as her son. If 20 years ago, the age of the mother was 10 times the age of the son, what is the present age of the mother ?
A – 45 years
B – 48 years
C -42 years
D – 51 years

Q16. The angles of elevation of the tops of two vertical towers as seen from the middle point of the lines joining the foot of the towers are 45° & 60°.The ratio of the height of the towers is
A – v3 : 2
B – v3 : 1
C – 2 : 1
D – 2 : v3

Q17. A pipe can fill a tank in 6 hours and another pipe can empty the tank in 12 hours. If both the pipes are opened at the same time,the tank can be filled in
A – 8 hours.
B – 16 hours.
C – 10 hours.
D – 12 hours.

Q18. At what time somewhere around 3 and 4 o’clock will the hand of a clock be together?
A – 180/11 min
B – 120/11 min. past3
C – 180/11 min. past 3
D – 120/11 min

Q19. A sum was put at simple interest at a certain rate for 3 years. Had it been put at 2% higher rate, it would have fetched Rs. 360 more. Find the sum?
A – 6000
B – 6500
C – 6800
D – 5800

Q20. If Rs. 1460 rent for a shadow hired by three person which are A,B and C. A puts in 10 cow for 20 days, B 30 cows for 8 days and C 16 cows for 9 days. How much rent paid by each partner?
A – 300, 400, 500
B – 200, 300, 380
C – 500, 600, 360
D – 100,200, 300

Q21. A shopkeeper sold an article for Rs. 2500. If the cost price of the article is 2000, find the profit percent.
A – 23%
B – 25%
C – 27%
D – 29%

Q22. If ‘x’ means added to; ’÷’ means multiplied by; ’+’means subtracted from’ and ‘-‘ means ‘divided by’, then simplify 24 + 36 – 12 x 8 ÷ 4 = ?
A – 53
B – 36
C – 45
D – 61

Q23. Pointing to Manju, Raju said, “The son of her only brother is the brother of my wife”. How is Manju related to Raju?
A – Grand Mother
B – Maternal Aunt
C – Aunt
D – Mother-in-law

Q24. On an election day Santhosh walked from a place, 10 km towards South to reach the polling station, then turned left up to 2 km, then took a right turn, and took another 4 kms walk, again he turned right and walked for 12 kms and took a 14 km walk by turning to North, and there he could see the polling station at a 12 km distance after taking a right turn. In which direction is the polling station situated?
A – West
B – North
C – East
D – South

Q25. A train moving at speed of 80 km/hr crosses a pole in 7 seconds. Find the length of the train.
A – 175 m
B – 120 m
C – 165 m
D – 190 m


If you have any questions about a scholarship and can’t find the answer. Best resource will be mail @ connect.webdy [AT] .

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