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Kerala LSS/USS Scholarship 2020 Examination Result :

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Organization : Office of the Commissioner for Government Examinations Pareekshabhavan
Announcement : LSS/USS Scholarship Examination Result 2020
Scholarship Name : LSS/USS Scholarship Examination 2020
Applicable State : Kerala
Website :

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Kerala LSS/USS Exam Result

Kerala Pareekshabhavan LSS/USS Scholarship 2020 Results are out. Candidates please follow the below steps to download your result.

How to Check Result?

Steps :
Step 1 : Go to the official website of Office Of the Commissioner For Government Examinations through the URL

Step 2 : Then click the ‘LSS/USS Results’ link in the home page.

Step 3 : Select your Examination Type and Enter your Register Number.
Step 4 : Finally click on the View Result button

Step 5 : The result will be displayed as shown below.

Step 6 : If you want to take a print out of your Result please click the ‘Print’ button.

Exam Pattern

Paper 1 :
Language 1 – 40 Marks
Language 2 – 40 Marks
General Knowledge – 40 Marks

Paper 2 :
Science – 40 Marks
Mathematics – 40 Marks

Kerala LSS/USS Scholarship :
The government of Kerala started a scholarship program with an intention to encourage each student of state for further studies. A huge number of students take part in this test to grab a scholarship amount for their better future.

USS Answer Key

LSS/USS Model Questions

Questions 1 to 5 : Read the following passage and select the correct answer for the questions after it
Banks are places where people can keep their money. Most people use banks to save money in their savings accounts and to pay or withdraw money from their accounts.

Today, when one earns money from his/her job, their salary is often electronically deposited (put) into their savings account. Then, he/she can pay their bills by writing cheques from their accounts or pay online where their bills are electronically connected to their bank accounts.

Banks also give loans to people. Banks use the money that their customers deposit to lend to people to buy new houses, cars, or to start business and for many other reasons. The bank makes money from lending and charging interest.

In other words, people have to pay back more than they borrowed. This amount depends on how risky the bank thinks the borrower is and how fast the loan is paid back among other things

1. Which of the following is not a function of banks  :
A) Impose tax on people
B) Allow people to pay bills online
C) Charge and give interest
D) Provide loans

2. How do banks get money :
A) Having a number of accounts
B) Giving interest to depositors
C) Electronically
D) Collecting deposits from customers

3. What does ‘interest on loan’ mean  :
A) Banks pay more money to people than they have borrowed.
B) Banks require people to pay back the same amount they have borrowed.
C) Banks require people to pay back more money than they have borrowed.
D) Banks require people to deposit more.

4. Which one of the following is not a purpose for lending money  :
A) for depositing in the bank
B) to buy new or old cars.
C) to break the laws of lending
D) how fast the loan is paid back

5 Which of the following means ‘withdraw’ :
A) Take on
B) Take up
C) Take out
D) Take into

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