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Extramarks EYSE 2020 Sample Paper : Young Scholarship Exam

Organisation : Extramarks
Announcement : EYSE 2020 Sample Paper
Scholarship Name : EYSE 2020 Extramarks Young Scholarship Exam
Applicable For : Students in grades VIII to XII
Online Exam Date : 18th June 2020 – 21st June 2020
Document Type : Sample Paper
Website :

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Extramarks EYSE Scholarship Sample Paper

Download the Sample Question Paper of Extramarks EYSE 2020 Extramarks Young Scholarship Exam from the official website.

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Practice with Sample Papers and Previous Year Papers. If you aspire to become a doctor or an engineer, this exam will enable you to move towards your dream.

Class VIII

Physics :
1. Which kind of clothes will you prefer most in summers?
(1) Thin clothes with white colour
(2) Thin clothes with black colour
(3) Thick clothes with white colour
(4) Thick clothes with black colour

2. In summer, people paint their cars with silver color in order to prevent
(1) Release of heat
(2) Absorption of heat
(3) Transfer of heat
(4) Strength of heat

3. Which one of the following is a reliable measure?
(1) Hotness
(2) Temperature
(3) Energy
(4) Coldness

4. Wind speed of 170 Km is called
(1) Typhoon
(2) Hurricane
(3) Heavy rain
(4) Hailstorm

5. A car is moving with 72 km/hrs. The speed of car in m/s is
(1) 25 m/s
(2) 40 m/s
(3) 20 m/s
(4) 30 m/s

Chemistry :
16. Cellulose : Cotton :: Protein : ?
(1) Silk
(2) Nylon
(3) Jute
(4) Tricot

17. Carding machine is used to
(1) Comb loose wool into sheet
(2) Wool into sweater
(3) Yarn into shawls
(4) Fibre into yarn

18. Sericulture is old occupation in
(1) India and china
(2) Pakistan and Japan
(3) China and Myanmar
(4) India and Japan

19. Which of the following is a natural indicator?
(1) Methyl orange
(2) Oxalic acid
(3) Phenolphthalein
(4) Turmeric

20. Tartaric acid is used in baking powder to remove
(1) Bitterness due to calcium carbonate
(2) Bitterness due to calcium carbonate
(3) Sourness due to sodium carbonate
(4) Bitterness due to sodium carbonate

Biology :
31. Leaves of some plants are not green, either red or brown due to
(1) Absence of chlorophyll
(2) Presence of lipids
(3) Presence of fats
(4) Presence of other pigments

32. Pla nts prepare their food by the process of
(1) Transpiration
(2) All of these
(3) Photosynthesis
(4) Respiration

33. Bile helps in digestion and absorption of fats because it contains
(1) Pepsin
(2) Lipase
(3) Bile salts
(4) Bile pigments

34. Chewing is required for
(1) Increasing surface area of food
(2) Enjoying the taste of food
(3) Solubilisation of food
(4) Decreasing surface area of food

35. Climate is the
(1) Average rain pattern over a long period of time
(2) Average temperature over a long period of time
(3) Average weather pattern over a short period of time
(4) Average weather pattern over a long period of time

Class 8 Sample Paper :

Class IX

Physics :
1. Pressure is
(1) Inversely proportional to force
(2) Directly proportional to mass
(3) Inversely proportional to area of contact
(4) Directly proportional to area of contact

2. Same force produces more pressure on
(1) Circular area
(2) Larger area
(3) Smaller area
(4) Equal area

3. It is easy to walk on sand with flat shoes because
(1) Flat shoes are sand resistant
(2) Flat shoes are made of plastic
(3) Flat shoes are lighter
(4) Flat shoes have larger surface area

4. Wheels of vehicle are stopped by using brake that works on property of
(1) Retardation
(2) Friction
(3) Acceleration
(4) Pressure

5. Streamlining is
(1) Making back thick
(2) Making back thin
(3) Making tips thin
(4) Making tips thick

Chemistry :
16. Read the following statements
i. Acrylic fibres can be made into transparent sheets.
ii. Acrylic fibres are used to make thermal wears.
(1) Both are correct
(2) Statement (i) is wrong and (ii) is correct
(3) Both are wrong
(4) Statement (ii) is wrong and (i) is correct

17. Which of the following can be beaten into thin sheets?
(1) Phosphorus
(2) Oxygen
(3) Sulphur
(4) Zinc

18. We can control the physical properties of synthetic fibres by
(1) rearranging the dimers
(2) rearranging the polymer
(3) rearranging the tetramers
(4) rearranging the monomers

19. Which of the following statements is correct?
(1) All metals are ductile
(2) All non-metals are ductile
(3) Some non-metals are ductile
(4) Generally, metals are ductile

20. Nylon is a
(1) True synthetic fibre
(2) Natural fibre
(3) Regenerated fibre
(4) Both true synthetic fibre & regenerated fibre

Biology :
31. Seed drill helps into
(1) Proper but irregular spacing between seeds
(2) Irregular spreading of seeds
(3) Unequal spacing between seeds
(4) Proper & regular spacing between seeds

32. Animal those yield milk are also known as
(1) Mild animal
(2) Milch animals
(3) Broilers
(4) Domestic animals

33. Which of the following have a cell wall?
(1) Plant
(2) Bacteria
(3) Fungi
(4) All of these

34. Watering the crops is called
(1) Manuring
(2) Irrigation
(3) Tilling
(4) Sowing

35. The crop field is irrigated before sowing because
(1) Different irrigation systems prevent weed growth
(2) Moisture is necessary for seed germination
(3) Irrigation works as bio fertiliser for seed germination
(4) Watering increases content of soil air for seed germination

Class IX Sample Paper :

Class X

Physics :
1. A particle accelerates from rest at a constant rate for some time and attains a constant velocity of 8 ms-1. Afterwards it decelerates with a constant rate and comes to rest. If the total time taken is 4 second, the distance travelled is
(1) 32 meter
(2) 16 meter
(3) 4 meter
(4) Insufficient data

2. Match the following with correct response.
(i) Rate of change of velocity motion (A) Uniform circular
(ii) Rate of change of displacement (B) Velocity
(iii) Rate of change of distance (C) Acceleration
(iv) Rate of change of speed in circular path (D) Speed

(1) i-A, ii-C, iii-B, iv-D
(2) i-C, ii-B, iii-D, iv-A
(3) i-D, ii-A, iii-C, iv-B
(4) i-B, ii-D, iii-A, iv-C

3. Fireman holds a hose by exerting a _____.
(1) Momentum
(2) Friction
(3) Force
(4) An acceleration

4. A water tanker filled up to 2/3rd of its height is moving with a uniform speed. On sudden application of the brake, the water in the tank would
(1) Be unaffected
(2) Move backwards
(3) Rise upwards
(4) Move forwards

5. Find the incorrect statement
(1) The body is said to be accelerating if it moves in a uniform circular motion
(2) When a body moves with constant speed its acceleration is zero
(3) The slope of velocity-time graph gives instantaneous acceleration
(4) None of these

Chemistry :
16. Identify the incorrect statement about evaporation
(A) It causes cooling
(B) It increase with increase in humidity
(C) It decreases with increase in temperature
(D) It increases with increase in wind speed
(1) (B) and (C) are incorrect
(2) (A), (B) and (C) are correct
(3) (A) and (B) are correct
(4) All of these

17. Which of the following energy is absorbed during change of state of a substance?
(1) Latent heat
(2) Hydro energy
(3) Heat of solution
(4) Specific heat

18. In the determination of boiling point of water correct reading in the thermometer is noted when
(1) Water starts boiling
(2) Temperature starts rising
(3) Temperature becomes constant
(4) Whole of the water evaporates

19. Which of the following is not a chemical change?
(A) Changing of milk into curd
(B) Freezing of water
(C) Burning of paper
(D) Mixing of iron filling & sand

(1) (B) and (D) are correct
(2) (A), (B) and (C) are correct
(3) (A) and (B) are correct
(4) All of these

Class X Sample Paper :

Biology :
31. Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are examples of
(1) Micro-nutrients and Macro-nutrients
(2) Micro-nutrients
(3) Fertilizers
(4) Macro-nutrients

32. Which cell organelle plays a crucial role in detoxifying many position and drugs in a cell?
(1) Lysosomes
(2) Vacules
(3) Smooth endoplasmic reticulum
(4) Golgi apparatus

33. A eukaryotic nucleus has a
(1) Non-porous, single membrane
(2) Porous, single membrane
(3) Porous, double membrane
(4) Non-porous, double membrane

34. The most abundant material on plant cell wall is
(1) Proteins
(2) Lipids
(3) Wax
(4) Cellulose

Class XI Sample Paper :

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