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Organization : Department of University & Higher Education
Announcement : NEC Merit Scholarship Result 2019-20
Scholarship Name : NEC Merit Scholarship Fresh & Renewal 2019-20
Applicable State : Manipur
Website :

Manipur NEC Merit Scholarship Result

List of students selected for awarding Fresh and Renewal NEC Merit Scholarship 2019 2020

How to Check Result?

Just follow the below steps to view NEC Merit Scholarship 2019-2020 Result

Steps :
Step 1 : Visit the official website of Higher Education Manipur through provided above.
Step 2 : Next, click on the link “List of students selected for awarding Fresh and Renewal NEC Merit Scholarship 2019 2020” under Latest News.

Candidates can download the results directly from the below links

NEC Merit Scholarship 2019-20 Result :

Step 3 : The result will be displayed in a PDF format. The PDF contains following details,
** Regn. No. Fresh 2019-20
** Name
** Name of Institute
** Course Study
** Term
** PC
** Sex
** Caste
** Aadhaar No.
** Bank Name
** IFSC Code
** AC No.
** Amt payable
** Remarks

Step 4 : Download the PDF file and find your Name in the list.

Note :
For any discrepancy, the complaint may be submitted in written with supporting documents to this office on or before 20th June, 2020.

Selected Students List

Some of the selected students details are listed below. Kindly refer the NEC Merit Scholarship 2019-20 result PDF links uploaded above for full list.

Sl. No.Regn. No. Fresh 2019-20NamePCAadhaar No.Amt payable
1NEC/1219/020614302309rina ningthoujam83.0042359646916330000
2NEC/1219/040036302377elangbam yaiphaleima chanu82.8629839028914230000
3NEC/1219/110318302620NINGOMBAM SUSHMA DEVI71.8060693831294330000
4NEC/1219/052054302635Akoijam Rima devi71.0041818050680530000
5NEC/1219/103319302609Chingakham Nirma devi70.5050358153363830000
6NEC/1219/013615302291Rajkumari Bidyalakshmi89.9636258300934725000
7NEC/1219/031951302354SANABAM INDIRA DEVI89.1053492488676525000
8NEC/1219/090737302478laishram nikita devi89.5082051783238425000
9NEC/1219/060505302328Nikita Laishram87.0050085485934125000
10NEC/1219/023129302567yumnam krishnachandra singh86.3748441633990725000
11NEC/1219/093802302480Konsam Ibetombi chanu85.9085506553438025000
12NEC/1219/090316302332ningombam sonia devi85.5084011646609625000
13NEC/1219/072257302504Naorem ramchandra singh85.2599521576648225000
14NEC/1219/063324302329Salam Alisha Devi85.0040419187741725000
15NEC/1219/090056302477naorem romesh singh84.5053333008491425000
16NEC/1219/083958302507ANGELIOUA MUTUM83.6048597650047525000
17NEC/1219/013157302394Hoomexsun Pangsatabam8364551203212025000
18NEC/1219/121119302486LEITANTHEM SHANTIKUMAR SINGH82.7585473470005625000
19NEC/1219/085700302537BANDANA HIJAM82.704005070147925000
20NEC/1119/014112302196Kharibam Kabita Devi82.6053979665607225000
Sl. No.Regn. No. Fresh 2019-20NamePCAadhaar No.Amt payable
21NEC/1219/042452302498RAFIYA CHOUDHURY82.5075876071216125000
22NEC/1219/045909302500POSIBIA MEINAM82.1056693382452225000
23NEC/1219/045828302295RAJKUMARI RAMESHORI DEVI81.8167628514275325000
24NEC/1219/043504302499IROM RATI CHANU81.5028237300104225000
25NEC/1119/065224302167HIDANGMAYUM SHREERA80.0086532596695125000
26NEC/1219/101009302383SAGOLSEM VETIKA DEVI80.0090041453341925000
27NEC/1219/105047302412DAIMEI DAIMEILAN80.0053229461594725000
28NEC/1219/095814302380Seram Pinki Chanu53.0040636192030425000
29NEC/1119/084818302128SURAJ MAYENGBAM78.4033890525587525000
30NEC/1219/103949302509tilotama sougaijam77.5075569264988025000
31NEC/1219/113804302546MOIRANGTHEM MANGALSANA SINGH77.1020421996800425000
32NEC/1219/041522302457MALEMNGANBI HUIDROM77.0780152884140825000
33NEC/1219/020652302369SAPAM RHISON SINGH77.0054318226336625000
34NEC/1219/025014302569thokchom johnson meitei77.0044354125089525000
35NEC/1219/122042302552sunil salam76.8099492544504125000
36NEC/1219/025948302371ashangbam dinesh76.2570240865364125000
37NEC/1219/103707302410Oinam Subol Singh76.2561727065399425000
38NEC/1219/021730302396LOUREMBAM GITARANI DEVI76.2536701699695425000
39NEC/1219/052320302503khomdram monika devi75.8098297232299025000
40NEC/1219/072741302505Soram David singh75.4063119488413025000
Sl. No.Regn. No. Fresh 2019-20NamePCAadhaar No.Amt payable
41NEC/1119/122750302229phuritshabam keny singh75.1022604391297625000
42NEC/1219/071743302606Huirem Anila Devi75.0725226567730225000
43NEC/1219/063906302522RUBINDRO WAIKHOM75.0042459674903925000
44NEC/1119/084908302154BIPIN CHANDRA DEV74.80628078728325000
45NEC/1219/033350302577priyamka yurembam74.6660492497157225000
46NEC/1219/111325302485TERENCE CHIROM74.0024590598357925000
47NEC/1119/043138302247hijam ambica73.5034063442587925000
49NEC/1219/110944302434Daimond Singh Soibam73.0391552232440325000
50NEC/1219/100055302530LONGJAM PUSPENDRA SINGH71.9048232624447125000
51NEC/1219/034958302455S Dhanabir Singh71.7075415346414825000
52NEC/1219/044126302293PRAMESHORI KHWAIRAKPAM71.6033856117313325000
53NEC/1119/044449302134NAMOIJAM SUSHIL SINGH71.4451935940601025000
54NEC/1219/072812302511Akoijam sushmita chanu71.2736592443260625000
55NEC/1219/121353302623lhingnunnem khongsai70.8943284598532925000
56NEC/1119/081019302118LEIMAPOKPAM LOYANGAMBA SINGH70.2084250422982725000
57NEC/1119/123820302230wangkhem robinson singh70.0032374349295025000
58NEC/1119/034355302126IROM MONICA69.8082217573222725000
59NEC/1219/034949302356BEDANI YUMLEMBAM69.4486053833210625000
60NEC/1219/111312302610mohd azharuddin68.8021339081931725000
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  1. I apply nec scholarship 2020-21 for the first time. Verification process is totally completed but still pending in account validation while login my status.I don’t khow whether my application got reject or approved?what wrong in this account validation pending ? I hope exact reply could got from concern authority thanking you .

  2. When will NEC scholarship 2019-2020 awarded?

  3. is the list completed?

  4. sushanti nongmaithem

    Igot selected for nec scholarship 2018-19 and registered for renewal but my name is not found in the 2019-20 nec scholarship result.Further,money for 2018-19 has not also been transfered to my account.What is wrong?

  5. I got selected for NEC scholarship for 2018-19 and registered for renewal however my name was not included in the 2019-20 result.Let me know the reason. Further,money for 2018-19 has not been transfered to my account.what is wrong in this regard.


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