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CHAMP GENESIS Scholarship Test 2019 :

Organization : Champ Square
Scholarship Name : CHAMP GENESIS Scholarship Test 2019
Applicable For : Students Presently Studying in Class VII, VIII, IX & X
Website :

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CHAMP GENESIS Scholarship Test

Champ square an institute with difference, has been established in the year 2015.

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Cash scholarship is applicable only after joining and he should be among top 50 students in Internal Term Test.

Genesis Eligibility

Champ Genesis is a unique initiative of Champ Square. Students studying in class VII, VIII, IX and X and going to class VIII, IX, X and XI are eligible for this test.


** An exam that will help a student to analyse his/her performance at state level.
** An exam which will help student to understand competitive scenario.
** It gives opportunity to students to join Champ Square at lowest fees and highest scholarship.

** Apart from discount on Tuition fees students will get an opportunity to avail cash scholarship and Hostel fee assistance, based on his / her performance in the test.

** The toppers of each segment will get attractive gift without joining Champ Square. 1st Topper of each segment will get Laptop, 2nd topper will Tab and 3rd topper will get Smart phone.


Class 7 :
For class VII students (going to Class VIII)
Science :
Physics :
1. Motion and Time
2. Wind, Storms and Cyclones
3. Heat

Chemistry :
1. Acid, Base and Salts
2. Physical and Chemical Changes
3. Fibre to Fabric

Biology :
1. Nutrition in animals
2. Respiration in Organisms
3. Nutrition in plants
4. Weather, Climate and Adaptations of Animals to Climate

Mathematics :
1. Simple Equations
2. Data Handling
3. Lines & Angles
4. Congruent Triangles
5. Integers
6. Fraction & Decimal
7. Triangles & its Properties

Class 8 :
Science :
Physics :
1. Sound
2. Friction
3. Force and Pressure

Chemistry :
1. Metals and Non Metals
2. Coal & Petroleum
3. Synthetic Fibres & Plastics

1. Microorganism
2. Crop Production & Management
3. Conservation of Plants & Animals

Mathematics :
1. Cube & Cube roots
2. Understanding Quadrilaterals
3. Rational Numbers
4. Graphs
5. Data Handling
6. Linear Equation in One Variable
7. Squares, Square roots

Class 9 :
Science :
Physics :
1. Gravitation
2. Force and Low of motion
3. Motion

Chemistry :
1. In Matter around us pure? Properties of Matter, Solutions
2. Matter in Our Surrounding

1. Tissues
2. Cell: The Fundamental Unit of Life
3. Natural Resources
4. Improvement in Food Resources

Mathematics :
1. Lines and Angles
2. Triangles
3. Number System, Indices & Surds
4. Heron’s Formula
5. Polynomials
6. Co-ordinate Geometry

Class 10 :
Physics :
1. Sources of Energy
2. Magnetic effects of electric Current
3. Electricity

Chemistry :
1.Metals & Non-Metals
2. Acids, Base and Salts
3. Chemical Reactions & Equations

Mathematics :
1.Linear Equation in Two Variables
2. Trigonometry
3. Polynomials
4. Statistics
5. Real Numbers
6. Similar Triangles


Note : School Top – 3 of all district will also be awarded

About Us :
CHAMP SQUARE has been founded to facilitate IIT-JEE aspirants with the highest level of expertise to achieve success in IIT-JEE, one of the most prestigious competition in the country. Today’s rapidly changing pattern of IIT-JEE makes complete training more essential than ever before.

CHAMP SQUARE can help you make sense of the IIT-JEE world – and help you lay the strongest possible foundation for a successful career. Here, you’ll receive specialized IIT-JEE hands-on preparation and you will march towards the ultimate target.

Contact Us :
Champ Square
Sunrise Forum,
2nd Floor, (Debuka Nursing Home Lane)
Circular Road,

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  1. If I have attended 2 or 3 classes and due to some reasons I am unable to attend the classes, can I get my cheques back?

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