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Avanti ATSE Talent Search & Scholarship Exam 2018

Organisation : Avanti
Scholarship Exam : ATSE 2018 Avanti Talent Search & Scholarship Exam
Applicable For : Students of classes VII-XI
Website :

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Avanti ATSE

Avanti Talent Search Exam & Scholarship Test 2018 is Open for students of classes VII – XI

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How to Register?

Just follow the below steps to register for ATSE 2018.

Steps :
Step 1 : Go to the official website of Avanti provided above.
Step 2 : Then fill the registration form with the following details
** Enter your Name [Arun]
** Enter your Phone Number [9876543210]
** Enter your Email []
** Enter your Class [X]
** Enter your School [SRS School]
** Enter your Address [XXX]
** Choose your centre [Belgaum]

Step 3 : Next click on the “Pay Fee” button. It will redirect to the payment section.
Step 4 : Enter your payment details like Card Number, Card Holder Name and CVV number
Step 5 : Finally Click on the Submit button to complete your transaction.

Exam Details

Exam Date : Oct 14th 2018 & Oct 28th 2018 @ Hubli, Dharwad, Belgaum and Bellary
Venue :
Hubli – Global Independent PU College, Lingarajnagar
Dharwad – JSS English Medium School
Registration Fee – INR 200


** Understand your present level of preparation at the National Level
** Start your preparation early and gain an edge in the competition
** Concept-wise evaluation to identify specific problem areas
** Cash prizes & upto 100% scholarship on Avanti’s IIT-JEE, NEET, Foundation classes & digital product

ATSE Syllabus

Class 7 CBSE

Maths :
Integers; Fractions and Decimals; Data Handling; Simple Equations; Lines and Angles; The triangle and its properties; Congruence of triangles; Comparing Quantities
Physics :
Heat; Motion and Time; Winds; Storms and Cyclones
Chemistry :
Acids, Bases and Salts; Physical and Chemical Changes; Soil
Biology :
Nutrition in Plants; Nutrition in Animals; Respiration in Organisms
Mental Ability

Class 7 Karnataka Board

Maths :
Integers; Fractions; Rational Numbers; Algebraic Expressions; Pair of angles; Pair of lines; Properties of triangles; Symmetry
Physics :
Friction; Acceleration; Energy
Chemistry :
Properties of Solids, Liquids and Gases; Heat and Temperature; Acids, Bases and Salts
Biology :
Food and its Constituents; Cell and Cellular Organization
Mental Ability

Class 8 CBSE

Maths :
Rational Numbers; Linear Equations in One Variable; Quadrilaterals; Data Handling; Squares and Square Roots; Cubes and Cube Roots; Comparing Quantities
Physics :
Force and Pressure; Friction; Sound; Chemical Effects of Electric Current
Chemistry :
Synthetic Fibres and Plastics; Materials; Metals and Non-Metals; Combustion and Flame

Biology :
Crop Production and Management; Microorganisms – Friend and Foe; Conservation of Plants and Animals; Cell- Structure and Functions
Mental Ability

Class 8 Karnataka Board

Maths :
Playing with numbers; Algebraic Expressions; Axioms , Postulates and Theorems; Factorisation; Square, Square roots; Cubes and Cube roots; Theorems on Triangles; Rational Numbers; Linear Equations in One Variable

Physics :
EM Wave; Describing motion; Force and Newton’s laws of motion; Energy and its forms
Chemistry :
Structure of Atom; Atoms and Molecules; Chemical reactions and their types; Chemicals in our daily life
Biology :
Study of cells; Classification of living organisms; The world of microbes; Natural resources
Mental Ability

Class 9

Maths :
Number Systems, Polynomials, Lines and Angles, Triangles, Linear Equations in Two Variables
Physics :
Motion, Force and Laws of Motion, Gravitation (Excluding Floatation)
Chemistry :
Matter in our Surroundings, Is Matter Around Us Pure?
Biology :
The Fundamental Unit of Life, Tissues, Diversity in Living Organisms (Excluding Kingdom Animalia)
Mental Ability

Class 10

Maths :
Class IX – Number Systems, Mensuration, Quadrilaterals, Polynomials, Triangles
Class X – Polynomials, Triangles, Real Numbers, Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables, Quadratic Equations, Arithmetic Progressions, Coordinate Geometry, Introduction to Trigonometry
Physics :
Class IX – Gravitation (Floatation only), Work and Energy, Sound
Class X – Light – Reflection and Refraction, Human Eye and Colourful World, Electricity
Chemistry :
Class IX – Atoms And Molecules, Structure of the Atom
Class X – Chemical Reactions and Equation, Acids, Bases and Salts, Metals and Non-Metals
Biology :
Life Processes, Control and Coordination, How do Organisms Reproduce?
Mental Ability

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