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Organisation : Karnataka Directorate of Minorities
Scholarship Name : Post – Matric Scholarship for Minorities 2017-18
Announcement : Transaction Failure List GOK – PMS 2017-18
Applicable State : Karnataka
Website :

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GOKDOM Transaction Failure List PMS

Transaction Failure List GOK – Post – Matric Scholarship PMS 2017-18. Post-Matric scholarship is awarded to students from the minority communities from class XI to Ph.D.

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Update : The last date for submission of copies of Bank Passbook with Correct and Updated Account Number and Students Id is 25.03.2019

How to Apply?

Students are advised to send scanned copy of your bank pass book (First Page) Mentioning your Scholarship ID Number on it to the gokpmsfailure1718 [AT] mail ID for repushing of amount.

Failure Student List

Some of the student details are listed below. Kindly refer the below PDF links to view the complete student Transaction Failure List.

PMS Failure Student List :

Sr No.Scholarship IDAmountTransaction Failure Reason
1KA201718000288414₹ 9,30002-No Such Account
2KA201718000483095₹ 2,30002-No Such Account
3KA201718004441760₹ 9,30002-No Such Account
4KA201718001316882₹ 4,30002-No Such Account
5KA201718000670713₹ 9,30002-No Such Account
6KA201718004529423₹ 6,30002-No Such Account
7KA201718006827998₹ 3,80802-No Such Account
8KA201718001106057₹ 9,30002-No Such Account
9KA201718001051132₹ 8,20402-No Such Account
10KA201718003542597₹ 9,30002-No Such Account
11KA201718005777991₹ 13,80002-No Such Account
12KA201718003716278₹ 9,30002-No Such Account
13KA201718005065083₹ 6,10002-No Such Account
14KA201718004070293₹ 6,00002-No Such Account
15KA201718004593098₹ 6,00002-No Such Account
16KA201718000716820₹ 6,00002-No Such Account
17KA201718002647157₹ 6,00002-No Such Account
18KA201718000721067₹ 3,00002-No Such Account
19KA201718004734974₹ 6,00002-No Such Account
20KA201718009563693₹ 8,70002-No Such Account
21KA201718008504774₹ 6,00002-No Such Account
22KA201718008875667₹ 6,00002-No Such Account
23KA201718002204500₹ 6,00001-Account Closed or Transferred
24KA201718004641721₹ 6,00054-Dormant A/c (No Transactions for last 6 Months)
25KA201718002818940₹ 6,00002-No Such Account
26KA201718001795142₹ 6,00002-No Such Account
27KA201718001771379₹ 6,00002-No Such Account
28KA201718000287524₹ 4,71102-No Such Account
29KA201718000144026₹ 9,30002-No Such Account
30KA201718006815833₹ 3,30802-No Such Account
31KA201718004692222₹ 9,30002-No Such Account
32KA201718000849538₹ 9,30001-Account Closed or Transferred
33KA201718003625575₹ 9,30002-No Such Account
34KA201718006815920₹ 3,30802-No Such Account
35KA201718003534688₹ 2,40002-No Such Account
36KA201718000660092₹ 9,30054-Dormant A/c (No Transactions for last 6 Months)
37KA201718002511320₹ 9,30002-No Such Account
38KA201718009484139₹ 10,80068-A/c Blocked or Frozen
39KA201718000234807₹ 9,30002-No Such Account
40KA201718001570552₹ 2,30002-No Such Account
41KA201718001526686₹ 9,30002-No Such Account
42KA201718000733837₹ 12,30002-No Such Account
43KA201718000298705₹ 6,43002-No Such Account
44KA201718003215890₹ 12,30002-No Such Account
45KA201718003038056₹ 6,68001-Account Closed or Transferred
46KA201718003183204₹ 13,80001-Account Closed or Transferred
47KA201718001227671₹ 2,56202-No Such Account
48KA201718001350884₹ 9,30002-No Such Account
49KA201718000788523₹ 7,07502-No Such Account
50KA201718003422050₹ 9,30002-No Such Account
51KA201718001656042₹ 9,30002-No Such Account
52KA201718001376162₹ 4,80202-No Such Account
53KA201718000632051₹ 9,30002-No Such Account
54KA201718001558670₹ 9,30002-No Such Account
55KA201718000323634₹ 9,30002-No Such Account
56KA201718001904938₹ 9,30001-Account Closed or Transferred
57KA201718004849461₹ 7,99701-Account Closed or Transferred
58KA201718002733478₹ 9,30001-Account Closed or Transferred
59KA201718002698245₹ 7,72601-Account Closed or Transferred
60KA201718001382029₹ 3,02502-No Such Account
61KA201718005625806₹ 2,53602-No Such Account
62KA201718003233965₹ 2,62502-No Such Account
63KA201718001690272₹ 6,04201-Account Closed or Transferred
64KA201718006286380₹ 9,30002-No Such Account
65KA201718004250029₹ 9,30002-No Such Account
66KA201718004063029₹ 2,52502-No Such Account
67KA201718002623458₹ 4,10002-No Such Account
68KA201718004844376₹ 8,15902-No Such Account
69KA201718004451395₹ 3,04202-No Such Account
70KA201718001575895₹ 9,30002-No Such Account
71KA201718003511477₹ 2,35002-No Such Account
72KA201718002229518₹ 9,30002-No Such Account
73KA201718001797953₹ 9,30002-No Such Account
74KA201718002538349₹ 9,30002-No Such Account
75KA201718001923982₹ 9,30002-No Such Account
76KA201718002465725₹ 3,03602-No Such Account
77KA201718000111073₹ 12,30002-No Such Account
78KA201718000395900₹ 12,30002-No Such Account
79KA201718009558421₹ 12,30002-No Such Account
80KA201718009698186₹ 6,00002-No Such Account
81KA201718004628759₹ 2,30002-No Such Account
82KA201718007273701₹ 9,30002-No Such Account
83KA201718000613105₹ 9,30002-No Such Account
84KA201718002782281₹ 6,00002-No Such Account
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  1. I am studying in Guru Nanak PU Collage, Bidar. My Post Matric Scholarship Scheme Minorities Application ID is KA2017184000041298. I want to know its status.

  2. I have sent the photo copy through mail. When the amount will get transferred?

  3. I had sent account photo copy on mail. When amount will be transferred? I need to check my status.

  4. I need to check my status.

  5. I have completed my 10th in the year 2017-18 and I got 92.16%. My hall ticket number is 20180731017 and I have not received any type of scholarships and I have even linked my account number with the final application for my 10th hall ticket, how can I get my scholarship. I am from a middle class family, please help me.

  6. I have sent the documents, when it is verified?

  7. I had sent account photo copy on mail. When amount will be transferred?

  8. I have forgotten my application ID. What to do now?

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