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Organisation : Arunachal Pradesh Social Justice & Empowerment and Tribal Affairs (SJETA)
Announcement : Final List of Pre/Post Matric Scholarship 2017-18
Scholarship Name : Umbrella Pre & Post Matric Scholarship for SC Students
Applicable State : Arunachal Pradesh
Website :

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SJETA Final List of Pre/Post Matric Scholarship

Arunachal Pradesh Social Justice & Empowerment and Tribal Affairs has released the final list of beneficiaries under Umbrella scheme of Pre & Post Matric Scholarship for SC Students for 2017-18. Submission of Form-A in hard copy / e-mail will not be accepted after 10/08/2018

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How to View the List?

Just follow the below steps to check the final list of Pre/Post Matric Scholarship 2017-18.

Download Form A :

Steps :
Step 1 : Go to the official website of Arunachal Pradesh Social Justice & Empowerment and Tribal Affairs through the URL

Step 2 : Then Select the Final List of Beneficiaries link under the Notification tab.

Step 3 : The list will be displayed in a Excel format.

The Excel file contains the following details
** Sl.No
** Institution
** Application Id
** Student Name
** Father’s Name
** Mother Name
** Date of Birth
** Pre/Post
** Aadhaar Number
** Bank Account Number
** IFS Code
** Gender
** Hosteller/Day Scholar
** Course Name
** Mode Of Study

Step 4 : Please download the PDF file and Check your Application No in the list.

Note :
It is requested to the students to note the Registration Id for future application for renewal in National Scholarship Portal.

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Selected Candidates List

Some of the selected candidates names with Application Numbers are listed below. Kindly refer the below PDF links uploaded for full candidates list.

Pre-Matric Scholarship

Sr. No
Application Id Student Name Aadhaar Number
1 OFAR1718011718719 KASU TALOH XXXXXXXX1815
2 OFAR1718011721658 GYAMAR APPA XXXXXXXX5822
4 OFAR1718011662423 TARH NENE XXXXXXXX6692
5 OFAR1718011685506 TARH KAKU XXXXXXXX8205
6 OFAR1718011622683 TADAR JEENA XXXXXXXX9270
8 OFAR1718011587677 TAI TAGIA XXXXXXXX6229
9 OFAR1718011198010 TADAR KUNU XXXXXXXX6294
10 OFAR1718011593883 MILLI TABA XXXXXXXX2836
11 OFAR1718011626170 TECHI TEDIR XXXXXXXX4830
12 OFAR1718011615170 Tai Chumchum XXXXXXXX7318
13 OFAR1718011584612 YORUM MEME XXXXXXXX6429
14 OFAR1718011623704 GOLIK YEDI XXXXXXXX6683
15 OFAR1718011594982 Kipa Rima XXXXXXXX1206
16 OFAR1718011637975 KURU SUMPA XXXXXXXX8235
17 OFAR1718011631958 DUYU OPO XXXXXXXX2016
18 OFAR1718011663820 HABUNG MINI XXXXXXXX5126
21 OFAR1718011684939 SUBU TANGU XXXXXXXX4860
22 OFAR1718011231850 JOSAN YOMCHA XXXXXXXX4525
23 OFAR1718011661440 PATE PAPI XXXXXXXX5015
24 OFAR1718011585126 DANGHI TAKU XXXXXXXX0603
25 OFAR1718011626329 YOWA ZERNIA XXXXXXXX5558

Pre-Matric Final List 1 :

Pre-Matric Final List 2 :

Post Matric Scholarship

SL. No. Application Id Student Name Aadhaar Number
1 OFAR1718012263698 DAKPIN RIBA XXXXXXXX5049
2 OFAR1718012052255 binjili marging XXXXXXXX9942
3 OFAR1718012050989 Nich serbi XXXXXXXX3608
4 OFAR1718012084370 Nyaken kamdak XXXXXXXX0854
5 OFAR1718011983780 TAO TARA XXXXXXXX9959
6 OFAR1718011983816 NIKH PASSA XXXXXXXX6622
8 OFAR1718011958584 rent bayang XXXXXXXX6302
9 OFAR1718012142496 LUCKY TAGA XXXXXXXX0782
10 OFAR1718012062695 TABA YAM XXXXXXXX8702
11 OFAR1718011972310 DUBON YAYING XXXXXXXX2567
14 OFAR1718012151878 TECHI TATA XXXXXXXX2098
15 OFAR1718012156843 ODAP SIRAM XXXXXXXX9252
16 OFAR1718011937133 HIBA PEKU XXXXXXXX4855
17 OFAR1718012076688 Yummo nyokir XXXXXXXX3080
18 OFAR1718011980305 DEKNGAM BOJE XXXXXXXX8077
19 OFAR1718012265001 LIBING BADU XXXXXXXX0781
21 OFAR1718012051353 Oyin tasing XXXXXXXX2612
22 OFAR1718011894264 ROMIK SORUM XXXXXXXX7049
23 OFAR1718011939148 MAMUM MEGU XXXXXXXX3247
24 OFAR1718012036902 takam kanu XXXXXXXX6898
25 OFAR1718011200637 GYATI MUNYA XXXXXXXX4270
26 OFAR1718012198110 TAME TANIYA XXXXXXXX8369
28 OFAR1718012029443 TUMYIR NOSHI XXXXXXXX1992
29 OFAR1718011669606 Muklong taki XXXXXXXX3888
30 OFAR1718011757685 TOKO TEMI XXXXXXXX3658
31 OFAR1718011985747 SORANG TATLI XXXXXXXX6156
32 OFAR1718011685619 YURA HARIG XXXXXXXX6852
33 OFAR1718011723731 hibu yapa XXXXXXXX2961
34 OFAR1718011636182 NABAM ANNA XXXXXXXX0710
35 OFAR1718011646638 Phulu dodum XXXXXXXX2592

Post-Matric Final List 1 :

Post-Matric Final List 2 :

Post-Matric Final List 3 :

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  6. My name is not in the rejected list even I have not received my scholarship.

  7. When will scholarship be given to the students who are not in the eligible list. Academic session has already started. Is this the way our state government work for their own student education?

  8. We have submitted the form A. Will we get the scholarship (or) not? Please update atleast.

  9. My name is not listed in the selected list and rejected list. I don’t know, what is the reason?

  10. I submitted form before 18th July but they misplaced the document.

  11. Please tell me, when will Post Matric list 2 be declared as no money is given to list 2 students on Post Metric Scheme.

  12. My name is in the selected final list and also submitted my Aadhar and bank account but still I have not get money. Why?

  13. My name is not in the list. What is happening?

    1. I faced the problem, bank account already exist last month so, I submitted my documents again and clear that errors but now, my name is not in the final list. May I know the reason?

  14. It is painful when you spend 5 hours in search of own name from list and could not find out. I don’t know why my name is not in list, I have submitted my documents and fulfilled all requirements.

  15. My name was in the selected list and I even submitted the form-A. All my friends have got the scholarship but I have not received it yet.

  16. My name is not in the merit list of Pre and Poat Matric Scholarships. Could you please let me know the reason?

  17. My SBI account name and my Aadhar card name have slight difference. Will it be a problem?

  18. My name is neither in selected list nor in rejected list, can anyone suggest?

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  23. I cannot find my name, please help me.

  24. We need amount urgently for our industrial training because most of us belong from poor family and in IT, we have to spend money from our own pocket. When we will get our scholarship?

  25. Please tell me, when will we get the scholarship and what does ‘applied for other scholarship’ means?

  26. I can’t find my name in the final list, kindly help me.

    1. If you are unable to find your name in the final list, please visit Department of Social Justice, Empowerment and Tribal Affairs, Naharlagun once.

  27. I tried so many times but I cannot find my name in the selected list and in the rejected list. Kindly clear, whether the uploaded list is rejected (or) selected.

  28. I could not find my name in the selection (or) rejected list, please help me.

  29. Those whose name are not on the rejected list as well as on the selected list, please visit the office with your name, father’s name, institute and course name, they will give your serial number if it is there. I got the same today.

  30. My name is neither at deficiency list (or) final list. Why?

  31. At least take out lists of students, who are rejected, my name isn’t there in deficiency list and in final list. Even if its rejected, take out the list of rejected students, I was patiently waiting for my name to appear and my name is nowhere, you just wasted my time.

  32. I have checked the rejection list and also the selection but I can’t find my name in any of this list and I have submitted with the proper document.

    1. Friends, let’s meet together and discuss this matter to director. I am also facing the same problem.

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    1. The 2nd and 3rd list without applicant ID, is it rejected?

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  36. Kindly clarify, is List 2 rejected list (or) selected List?

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