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Organisation : Government of Goa
Facility : Application for Post Matric scholarship to SC/OBC Students

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Home Page :
Apply here :

Application for Post Matric scholarship to SC/OBC students :
This application is used by SC/OBC students for applying post matric scholarship.

Process Workflow :
Below is the high level process an application undergoes from the time application is submitted till the application is processed completely.
* *Fill Online Application2
** Receive Confirmation Number
** Downlaod the completed application3
** Get SMS/Email updates on the application progress4
** Check latest status at

Instructions to fill online application Field in the application form Purpose of the field :
** Applicant’s Name Full Name of the Applicant
** Mobile Numbe Mobile Number of the applicant
** Email Id Email ID of the applicant
** Id Proof ID Proof Pick one from the dropdown. This can be one of the
** Permanent Application Number (PAN) or (E.P.I.C) Card number. Id Proof Number
** No Of school going children excluding the scholar No Of school going children excluding the scholar in your family.
** Class in which the applicant was studying last year
** Year of Receiving Year of Receiving the stipend, if answered as yes in previous question
** Received Stipend Amount Received Stipend Amount
** Are you in receipt of scholarship/ stipend from any other agency- Answere Yes/No
** Father’s/ Guardian’s annual income Father’s/ Guardian’s annual income Total annual income from all sources of the family including your own in the preceding year ending 31st March
After filling all the details the Applicant has to click the submit button, in order to for the department to receive the application and process it.

Status Enquiry :
** Applicant can receive status updates as the application progresses via SMS or email or on the web.
** If a phone number/Email is provided while completing the application online at , SMS or email is sent on the appropriate phone no/email id with the latest information about the application. Applicant is notified about approvals/rejections/ request for additional information etc.
** The Applicant can check the status of the application using by providing the PAN Card Number/ E.P.I.C Card Number/ Application Number.

Error Messages :
All the fields marked with * are mandatory. Please ensure mandatory fields are entered before submitting the application. If any mandatory field is not supplied, the application prompts similar to an error message that is shown in the below example :

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  1. I am a resident of Goa aged 24 years. I am currently pursuing masters degree in outside of Goa. Am I eligible for the post Metric OBC scholarship?

  2. What if I was not able to apply for the Post Matric scholarship for the previous semester. Will they allow to fill the application and allow to include in this semester application?

  3. If my residential is not Goa, can I apply?

  4. Ganesh Gawade, Panaji-Goa.

    What about other students? Who are not OBC/SC and does not have proper financial support.

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