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AISTF Scholarship Test 2018 :

Organisation : All India Scholarship Test Foundation (AISTF)
Scholarship Test : AISTF Scholarship Test 2018
Application Deadline : 03-04-2018
Website :

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AISTF Scholarship Test

The All India Scholarship Test Foundation (AISTF) was started with the aim of giving students an equal opportunity at pursuing the academic course of their dreams.

Update : AISTF Scholarship Cum Entrance Test 2019 :

Eligibility Criteria

** Must be an Indian and must not hold any other Country’s Passport.
** Min. Age 17 years and Max. Age 25 years
** Final year appearing students can apply
** Must have completed education, as per accepted Indian standards


** Complete your Registration process on and complete your profile with payment
** Select the city and date of Examination

** Download your admit card
** Appear for examination in your selected city
** As per the online result get your Scholarship certificate
** Your complete profile, documents along with scholarship certificate will be mailed to Institute/University. You will receive your application form without any charges to proceed with your admission.

How to Apply?

1. Go to the AISTF official website through the URL
2. Click on the Apply Now button and fill the required details

Step 1 : Enter your Name*[Hari]
Step 2 : Enter your Email*[]
Step 3 : Enter your Password*
Step 4 : Select your Gender* – Male/Female
Step 5 : Enter your Mobile* Number [9876543210]
Step 6 : Select your Course* [B.Tech]
Step 7 : Select your Specialization* [Information Technology]
Step 8 : Click Submit button

Step 9 : Fill in complete details and upload passport size photograph and educational certificates along with your preferred city of test
Step 10 : Complete the payment by clicking on pay now button and choosing appropriate payment method


B Tech :
Physics :
** Physical World and Measurement
** Kinematics
** Laws of Motion
** Work, Energy and Power
** Motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body
** Gravitation
** Properties of Bulk Matter
** Behavior of Perfect Gas and Kinetic Theory
** Oscillations and Waves
** Current Electricity
** Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism
** Electromagnetic and Alternating Currents
** Electromagnetic Waves
** Optics
** Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation
** Atoms & Nuclei
** Electronic Devices
** Thermodynamics

Chemistry :
** Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry
** Solid State
** Solutions
** Electrochemistry
** Chemical Kinetics
** Surface Chemistry
** Structure of Atom
** Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties
** Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure

States of Matter :
** Gases and Liquids
** Thermodynamics
** Equilibrium
** Redox Reactions
** Hydrogen
** S-Block Elements (Alkali and Alkaline earth metals)
** Some P-Block Elements
** Environmental Chemistry
** P-Block Elements
** D and F Block Elements
** Coordination Compounds
** Haloalkanes and Haloarenes
** Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers
** Organic compounds containing Nitrogen
** Biomolecules
** Polymers
** Chemistry in Everyday Life

Mathematics :
** Sets, Relations & Functions
** Trigonometric Functions
** Principle of Mathematical Induction
** Complex Numbers and Quardratic Equations
** Linear Inequalities
** Permutations & Theorem
** Binomial Theorem
** Sequence and Series
** Straight Lines
** Introduction to Three-dimensional Geometry
** Limits and Derivatives
** Mathematical Reasoning
** Statistics
** Relations and Functions
** Inverse Trigonometric Functions
** Matrices
** Determinants
** Continuity and Differentiability
** Applications of Derivatives
** Integrals
** Differential Equations
** Vectors
** Three – dimensional Geometry
** Probability


1. Do I have to pay the application fee at the Institutes/University?
No, you need not pay the application fee if the application is routed through AISTF (All India Scholarship Test Foundation). Please check on the contact number mentioned before filling the application form.

2. Is my payment secure?
Yes the payment is completely secure and you can ask for a GST invoice for same by writing to accounts [AT]

3. What is the Registration fee for the test?
You have to pay Rs. 500.00/- plus 18% GST a total of Rs. 590.00/-

4. I have already paid the fees; can this scholarship be given as a reimbursement to me?
No, we do not grant scholarship in such cases. As our Scholarship Grants is always part of tuition fees for the concerned University or Institute. However, you may write to director [AT] for further guidance.

5. Is Application Fees Refundable?
No, Application Fees is non-refundable under any circumstances.

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