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First Guide Academy Scholarship Program :

Organisation : First Guide Academy, Bangalore
Scholarship Name : Scholarship Program
Website :

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First Guide Academy Scholarship Program

At First Guide Academy, we believe that any student that has the ability or the passion to excel in academics should be able to do so without any hurdles.

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By providing scholarship opportunities, we aim to help students who are determined to do well in terms of their education and career, but face financial obstacles on their journey.


Eligibility for the scholarship has been specially decided and tailored by the management to help those students who have the potential to go the distance. Any student pursuing a course from the academy and fulfils the following criteria is eligible to apply for the Scholarship Programs and waivers ranging from 5 to 100 percent of the fee

Merit Scholarships

Through Merit Scholarships, we provide scholarship opportunities to students that display excellent performance in the class. Students that maintain their marks between 60-80 percent are eligible to get a waiver on their fees. The percentage of fees that would be waived for these students would be determined by the management at the time of awarding the scholarship.

Special Scholarships

Through Special scholarships, we aim to provide support to students with special conditions falling under the following categories

** Students whose parent(s) is a First Guide Academy Employee
** Students who have been specifically recommended by the Management
** Students with a single parent
** Students who are orphans
** Sibling/s of a student studying at FGA
** Women and Job Seekers who have enrolled at FGA for Spoken Language Courses

This Scholarship Program is our way of making sure that every hard-working student can be given a platform to excel academically and secure good marks in competitive exams.

At First Guide Academy, we believe in helping students achieve the highest level of expression of their talent. We help them by removing the financial barriers so they can harness their true potential and realize their dreams.

About First Guide Academy :
First Guide Academy was born through the vision and perseverance of Mr. Ramoji Gowda. The main focus of First Guide Academy is to impart quality education while enhancing the overall skills of the student. With an emphasis on improving consistency in achieving results along with the overall development of the student, FGA has emerged as an industry leader in the field of academic coaching.

Today, FGA is a reputed name in the field of coaching classes, providing its tutoring services through outlets strategically spread across 15 different locations in Bangalore. With a wide range of courses, our coaching academy provides courses and tutoring services for a wide range of educational levels, from Grade 5 and Kindergarten students to those preparing for NEET and JEE.

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