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Lead Trust LTSE 2018 Talent Search Exam :

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Organisation : Lead Trust
Scholarship Name : LTSE 2018 Lead Talent Search Exam
Applicable For : Students Completing 10th STD Exam in 2018
Exam Date : Jan 14th 2018
Website :

Lead Talent Search Exam

LTSE 2018 will take place on Sun, Jan 14th 2018. Please register ASAP through the button provided at the top of the web page

Update : Lead Trust LTSE 2020 Result :

Note that this year, we only have the Engineering and Medicine related programs – no CLAT or CPT

Exam Details

Examination Time: 10:00 AM Sunday, January 14th 2018, Saturday, Jan 13th in Dammam.
Reporting time: 9:00 AM

Only 1 Application can be submitted with 1 Mobile Number.
Kindly use Valid Mobile number and Email Id.

Who Can Apply?

Students Completing 10th STD Exam (SSLC,CBSE,ICSE,IGCSE) in 2018.

Registration Fees

Registration Fees Rs.30/-, which will increase to Rs.50/- after DEC 20th 2017. Fee Needs to be paid at the Exam Center.

Instructions To The Candidate

1. This question booklet contains 130 questions. Please verify that this booklet contain all 130 questions in correct serial order.
2. This question paper consists of 4 parts: Part I Mathematics, Part II Logical Reasoning, Part III Physics, Part IV Chemistry, Part V Biology. It contains questions of the objective type only. Indicate your answers ONLY on the OMR sheet. Follow the instructions strictly.
3. Students opting for IIT-JEE should answer Part I to Part IV only. Time: 150 mins,Marks: 100 Students opting for Medical should answer Part II to Part V only. Time: 150 mins, Marks: 100
4. Negative Marking: Each correct answer will be awarded one mark. ΒΌ marks will be deducted for each incorrect answer. More than one answer marked against a question will be deemed as an incorrect response and will be negatively marked.
5. Use of Calculators/logarithmic tables is Not Allowed.

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Sample Questions

Physics :
1) A body situated at O moves 4 m towards east to reach a point P. from there it moves 3 m towards north to reach another point .

The displacements of the body when it is at P and Q respectively are:
a) 4 m and 3 m
b) 4 m and 5 m
c) 4m and 7 m
d) 4m and 1 m

2) It is difficult to move a cycle with brakes on because:
a) rolling friction opposes motion on road
b) rolling friction is more than sliding friction
c) sliding friction opposes motion on road
d) sliding friction is more than rolling friction

3) A light bulb is placed between two plane mirrors inclined at an angle of 600.

The number of images formed are:
a) 6
b) 2
c) 5
d) 4

4) A ray of light entering one face of a glass slab gets refracted at two faces and emerges. Then,
a) only the incident ray and the refracted ray in glass are in a plane.
b) only the incident and the emergent rays are in a plane.
c) only the refracted ray in the glass slab and the emergent ray are in a plane.
d) incident, refracted and the emergent rays are all in a plane.

5) An electric fan is switched on in a closed room. The air in the room is
a) cooled
b) heated
c) maintains the temperature
d) heated or cooled depending on the atmospheric pressure

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  1. I have to know, when will you publish the result of 2018?

  2. Muhammed Waseeque

    Tell me, what about the result of January 14, 2018 LTSE exam?

  3. I want to know about LTSE 2018 results. Let me know, when will the results be announced. Kindly do inform to us.

  4. Please tell me the date of application for ITSE 2018 in Kerala.

  5. When will you publish the results?

  6. Muhammed Waseeque

    Let me know the results of exam held in 14th January 2018.

  7. I want to know, when will you declare the results.

    1. LTSE 2018 Exam and Interview results are available in the following link “”

  8. Please give me a model questions for logical reasoning and biology questions.

    1. Sample question papers are available in the below link.


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