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All posts from : 2017-18 OBC/SC/ST Post Martic Scholarship West Bengal

Organisation : West Bengal Backward Classes Welfare Department
Scholarship Name : Post Martic Scholarship 2017-18 Online Application
Applicable For : SC, ST and OBC Students
Applicable State : West Bengal
Application Deadline : 31.10.2017
Website :

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OASIS Post Martic Scholarship

Online Application for Scholarship to SC, ST and OBC Students in West Bengal has been started. Last date of online application for Post-martic scholarship is 31.10.2017

Update : OASIS Pre/Post Metric Scholarship 2018-19 Online Application West Bengal :

How To Apply?

To apply online Post Metric Scholarships for SC ST & OBC student, please follow the steps given below
Step 1 : Go to
Step 2 : Click “Apply NOW or Student registration” button in the student’s area of the website.
Step 3 : Fill all the fields (such as primary details, Photo, applied authority details) in the application form.

Notes :
a. Photo is not mandatory at this stage.
b. Aadhaar Card No is not mandatory.
c. You can know the status of your application through Mobile No. or Email.
d. Other all fields are mandatory. Press submit Button

Step 4 : A computer generated acknowledgement slip will be generated, Please download it.
Step 5 : Go to website and Click: Registered Student’s |ogin button in the student’s area of the website.

Step 6 : Login with user id, password & district as mentioned in your Acknowledgement Slip.
Step 7 : After successful login of the student panel, you have to fill up the remaining part of the application form now.

Step 8 : Click Further Details button & fill all the remaining fields.
Step 9 : Click Bank Information button & Select your bank, branch & type Account No.

Student Login

To Apply Scholarship first you have Login into your Account. For that provide the following details,

Step 1 : Enter your User Id
Step 2 : Enter your Password
Step 3 : Select District
Step 4 : Enter the text in the image
Step 5 : Finally click on the Login button

Scholarship To SC/ST Students

The objective of the scheme is to provide financial assistance to the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribe students studying at post matriculation or post secondary stages to complete their education.

The Income of their parents/guardian should be Rs. 2, 00,000/- p.a. to Rs. 2, 50,000/- p.a. The State Government follows the rates fixed by the Government of India.

The rate of Post-Matric Scholarship for hostelers in Group III & IV is Rs. 570/- & Rs.380/- per month respectively.

Scholarship To OBC Students

The scholarship is given for study of various recognized Post secondary courses pursued in recognized educational institutions. Same procedure for payment of Post-matric scholarship to SC/ST student is followed. There is a ceiling of family income of Rs.1,00,000/- p.a.

Students Helpline : +91-82 74 05 0025

Answered Questions

What is the last date of scholarship form fill up for SC?
Online application for Pre-matric & Post-Matric scholarship for ST (Schedules Tribe) students is extended upto 15.01.2018 for the session 2017-2018.

What is the last date to submit the application to the BDO office?
Students are requested to submit their hard copy in concern block/municipality/PO cum DWO without any delay for fast verification. Online Application for Scholarship to SC, ST and OBC Students in West Bengal has been extended upto 01/12/2017

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  1. My application ID is WB010205381275
    Session : 2017-2018
    Scholarship Type : Post Metric

    Still, I have not get my scholarship. Please send my scholarship soon.

  2. My scholarship application ID is WB010105357220. My hard copy is blocked at SDO. Please help me.

  3. I have received the lot number for my OBC scholarship but not received the amount yet.

  4. Application ID WB010221121599, Alipurduar district, session-2016-2017. Still I have not received my stipend. Application status is, ‘Your application is verified by district and waiting for lot number.

  5. Krishnendu Mandal

    I have not received the hard copy of my scholarship. Please help me.

  6. I can’t download the acknowledgement slip due to slow internet connection. Can I download it later? Please do reply.

  7. Helpline number 82 74 05 00 25 has been switched off, Why?

  8. I am a student from Rampurhat Government ITI and I applied for the OBC scholarship. My ID number is WB030208202052. All my documents are submitted in block but my status shows hard copy not submitted in block. So my application is pending in the block. Please help me.

  9. Please inform, Has anyone received the scholarship of 2017-2018?

  10. I am a SC student reading B.Ed out of west Bengal in Odisha. My ID number is WB010223245305. My all friends got their amounts but I have not get my scholarship amounts. Please send my scholarship amounts. What can I do to get scholarship amounts?

  11. I am not getting my B.Ed scholarship money. What to do?


  13. I get my lot number before one month but I cannot get my scholarship. Please help to get my scholarship.

  14. I am not able to renew my post matric scholarship application. Please tell me, if anyone knows about this.

  15. My application number is WB020217377184. It is verified at district level. When will I get the amount?

  16. I am a B.Sc third year student. I received just 3600 (or) is it the value? I am supposed to receive 6360.Is the money going to be transferred in installments?

  17. My application ID is WB040201263177. I have got scholarship two times. But this time, my application got rejected. Why? I want to know the reason.

  18. My user ID is WB030222310082. My UCO Bank has merged with the another UCO (MB LANE BRANCH) and that’s why my transaction has failed. How would I get my scholarship amount of Rs.14000/-?

  19. My application Id is WB010206333733. Tell me the running status of application form.

  20. I am a Diploma 2nd year student. Can I apply for renewal?

  21. I am a B.Ed 2nd year student. Can I apply for OASIS 2017-2018 now? Please tell me.

    1. My application number is wb01123241758. Please check and tell my application status.

  22. I want to know the last date of scholarship application.


    1. My user ID is WB010201348725. I haven’t received my scholarship of session 2016-17. When will I get this?

  24. My Post Matric application ID is wb01020916043. I have not received my scholarship of seasion 2016-17. Please help me.

  25. Pinki Murshidabad

    I am a B.Ed student. How can I renew my scholarship and When it will be started?

  26. I am from Howrah block and currently, I am in class 11 and last year I have applied for my Pre-matric scholarship, should I apply for renewal now as the renew option is not working properly though the form is generating for 2017-18 Post-matric. Please help.

  27. My account number is 35592866350 but I have not received my scholarship of session 2016-2017. Please help me.

  28. My Scholarship ID is wb01021492080. I have not get my Scholarship. When will I get my scholarship?

  29. What is the last date for scholarship verification?


  31. I am a BA first year student. I need financial help for my studies. Please help me.

  32. I am from Howrah. My ID is WB0102035319. When I am trying to renew my scholarship then says, your application for 2013-14/2014-2015/2015-2016/2016-2017 session is rejected. Please apply as a new candidate in this 2017-2018 session. What shall I do now? Please reply as soon as possible because last date of apply is tomorrow.

    1. I am from Kakdwip block. My ID is WBO1O2O4310784 and Session is 2015. Please tell my scholarship position.

  33. My application number is WB01020668833.
    Session: 2016-2017
    Scholar type: Postmatric

    When I will get my scholarship? Please send my scholarship.

  34. My application/ user ID is WB030217407921 and my status shows that my application is verified in district level and waiting for disbursement. Do something so that I get my scholarship for 2017 -2018 session.

  35. My application number is wb010217430672.

  36. Why government is delaying to disburse the scholarship amount?

  37. My application form hard copy is not sent to my college of BDO office. Now how can I do? Please help.

  38. How do I open scholarship site in 2018 January?

  39. What is the last date to apply for SC scholarship?

    1. Last date to apply for scholarship is 20/12/2017.

  40. I am a part 3 engineering hons(SC) student in Gangarampur college under U.G.B. I want to know that by any chance if I can apply now for this post matric scholarship application. Infact, I mean to say that any further dates are remaining for that application.

    1. Online application for Pre-martic scholarship has been extended upto 20/12/2017(Final Extension)

  41. I am a SC student of BA 1st year. Will the last date for application be extended this year?

  42. In the Further Details part of the form, I can’t find my institution’s name. The name of my institution is JADAVPUR SAMMILITA BALIKA VIDYALAYA but there is shown as JADAVPUR SAMMILITA BALIKA VIDYAPITH. In previous form my institution’s name was there as Jadavpur Sammilita Balika Vidyapith.

  43. Please send my scholarship. My details are,

    Reg Number :WB010208122005
    District :BIRBHUM
    Savings Account Number : XXXXXXXX5194

    Status: Your Application is verified by district and sanctioned by state.(Lot No:-5029/BCWDS dated-10.08.2016/ District:BIRBHUM)

  44. I want to know the next date of application for Post Matric OBC Scholarship for class 11th.

  45. What is the last date to submit the application to the BDO office?

  46. Millennium Pramanik

    I want to know my acknowledgement status.

  47. My name is Pradip Mondal. My application number is WB010218132909. I did a little mistake in application. Is it possible to edit the application now? Kindly tell me what I should do.

  48. I am a fresh candidate. My application ID is WB040205365150. I did a mistake in application. Is it possible to edit the application now? Please help me and solve my problem.

  49. Shall we get any extra date for filling the form in the session 2017-18?

  50. What is the last date to apply for SC Scholarship?

  51. Does any new date given for those who are not able to fill up the form in this session?

  52. I am not able to fill up the from right now. Please help me.

  53. I could not renew my OBC scholarship. Please solve the server problem.

  54. My actual annual income is Rs. 120000/- but wrongly written Rs. 12000. How do I correct the same and can I get scholarship?

  55. I am Subrata Hati. Now I am reading BA 3rd year. I have not get my stipend of 2nd year. My user ID is “wb0102046348”. My stipend status is “verified by district and waiting for lot number”. Please help me. I have fully depend in this stipend.

  56. How can I edit my application? I did some mistake. Please help me.

    1. You can edit the details in your application after unlock your ID.

  57. I am Palash Mondal from Dakshin Dianajpur West Bengal. I am a student of BA part 1. My user ID is WB01011612234. My application form verified by the municipality but waiting for the lot number. So I have not received my stipend. When will I get it? Though the session is 2016-2017. Please send the amount to my account as soon as possible.

  58. Priyadarshini Subba

    I wanted to fill up the bank account details but its not showing the branch that I am in. What do I do? My branch is Santoshpur Park Survey in Kolkata and it’s not showing in the option. Please help me.

  59. My Application ID is WB010204444202. Please unlock my application.

  60. My application number is WB201617003390613. I want to renew my scholarship. Can I apply for renewal now?

  61. My application number is WB01022062032 of academic session 2016-17. The record says “your application is verified by district and awaiting for disbursement”. I did not get Scholarship money. When will I get ?

  62. My name is Nirmal Dolai. My User i ID is wb010211269297. I get my acknowledgement slip but cannot download my application form, Why?

  63. I am from Gour college. I am not able to apply for renewal because my semester exam results not announced yet. What can I do? Please tell me.

  64. My application ID is WB010207293079 for Session 2016 -17. I received my lot number. Please send my money as soon as possible.

  65. Please extend the last date of submission for post -matric scholarship. Some institutions are closed for local festival. So students are not submitted their form into last date.

    1. I want to unlock my post matric scholarship form because my course type is wrong. My application ID is WB010210141609.

  66. Which documents are needed for this scholarship?

  67. I have made a mistake to give my institution name Begampur High School instead of Government College of Engineering and Textile Technology, Serampore. Now, I have called to the given help line number but it was always switched off. Kindly tell me what I should do?

  68. Please let me know the procedure to renew the scholarship application.

  69. My application/user ID :WB0102183675
    Scholarship: Post Metric
    Session of scholarship: 2016-2017.
    Application status for last 4-5 months: “Your application is verified by district and and waiting for lot number.”

    New session (2017-18) application is started, still I didn’t get my last scholarship. What should I do? Please help.

  70. My college management said that they have not received my hard copy of scholarship application of last year. So now I am not able to renew my scholarship. Please What can I do now?

  71. I made a mistake in application. Is it possible to edit the application now?

    1. Kindly contact the Helpline +91-82 74 05 0025/ +91-84 20 02 3311.

  72. My Name is Debadyuti Giri. My Application Id is WB010211201467. I want to know something regarding my scholarship as till date I didn’t received mine for the period 2016-2017. The status shows the notification, your application is verified by district and awaiting for disbursement.

  73. My branch name is Khairamari, SBI but this name is not match with option. I want to transfer my account from Jalangi to Khairamari. Please guide me.

  74. I have not inserted my photo copy in the form, but remaining column is filled up and submitted. In this condition what can I do to get proper filled up?

    1. My application number is WB010211254173 and my caste number is WB1501SC201600018. I have done mistake while entering caste number in my application. How can I correct it?

  75. I want to unlock my form because my bank account is wrong. Can you unlock my form? My application ID is WB010207346437 &
    Password is 58115.

  76. I can not renew my application for 2017-18 postmatric scholarship as my institution’s name is not enlisted under kolkata MC till now. My institution name is CALCUTTA NATIONAL MEDICAL COLLEGE. Please kindly enlist that name. I’ve called several times to help line number, but it isn’t working. The line keeps busy all time OR tell me HOW I COULD RENEW MY APPLICATION.

  77. I didn’t get my last scholarship for 2016-17. What should I do? Please help me.

  78. MY APPLICATION ID IS WB01020812205

  79. Please switch on the phone, and receive my call because in the application form I did a mistake. In the annual income I wrote as Rs.15000 which is in actual is Rs.72000.

  80. What is the last date of submit application form of SC post matric scholarship in concerned block for 2017 – 2018 session?

    1. What is the last date of submission? The application form has to be submitted by 30/10/2017 for post matric.

  81. How can I edit my application? I did some mistakes i.e between pre matric and post matric. Please help me.

  82. My college name is wrongly typed. How can I change my college name in scholarship form and customer care number is all time busy how.

    1. Online application for pre-matric scholarship has been extended up to 31.10.2017 (31st October 2017).

  83. Why do renewal application of Purba Medinipur not working?

  84. My college is located in Uttarpara and my home is in Haripal. I am confused about one thing that where I have to submit the hard copy in the BDO of Uttarpara or in the BDO of Haripal.

  85. Tell me if Panchayat signature is valid for residential certificate.

  86. Why do this website not working?

  87. My college do no take this form. They told me that I shall go and submit application myself. But I don’t know the address. Please tell me the address.

    1. Students are requested to submit their hard copy in concern block/municipality/PO cum DWO without any delay for fast verification.

  88. What is an issuing date?

    1. Verification From Block,Municipality & district level will be started shortly.

  89. My application/ user I’d is wb010210135604.
    Scholarship : Post matric
    Academic year of registration : 2015-2016


  91. How can I edit my application? I did some mistake ie between pre matric and post matric. Please help me.

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