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Organisation : West Bengal Backward Classes Welfare Department
Service Name : Fee Structure & Rate of Grants Under Different Educational Schemes
Applicable For : SC and OBC Students
Applicable State : West Bengal
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Fee Structure :

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Oasis Rate of Grants

Rate of Grants Under Different Educational Schemes of Backward Classes Welfare Department (SC/OBC). The main objective of pre – matric scholarship is to support parents of SC children for education of their wards studying in classes IX & X.

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Fee Structure

Sl.No Name of the Scheme Rate of Grant Ceiling of Family Income Duration
1. Sikshashree to SC V-Rs 500/- P.A.

VI-Rs650/- P.A.

VII-Rs 700/- P.A.

VIII-Rs 800/- P.A.

Rs 2,50,000/-p.a. Once in a Year
2. Hostel Grant for S.C. Students Lodging in School

attached Hostel

Rs 750/-p.m. Per Student Rs36,000/-p.a. 10 Months in

a Year

3. Ashram Hostel Grant for S.C Students reading

Classes I to X

Rs 750/-p.m. Per Student +Rs 92/-  p.m. for meeting & other Expenses Rs36,000/-p.a. 12 Months
4. Post-Matric Scholarship to S.C. Hosteller (P.M.)

State rate  & G.O.I.rate

Gr. I Rs. 1200/-p.m Rs. 1200/-p.m.

Gr. II Rs820/- p.m Rs820/-p.m.

Gr. III Rs750/-p.m Rs570/-p.m.

Gr. IV Rs750/-p.m Rs380/-p.m.

Day Scholar





Rs2,50,000/- p.a.

M.C. + Full Fees

12 Months
5. Merit Scholarship (V-X) for S.C Girls V – VI-Rs100/- p.m.

VII – VIII-Rs 125/- p.m.

IX – X- Rs 150/- p.m.

Rs. 60,920 /-p.a. 12 Months
6. Merit Scholarship(IX-XII) for SC Rs. 400/-p.m. Rs. 36,000/-p.a. 12 Months
7. Up gradation of Merit for S.C. Students(IX-XII) Package Grant of Rs. 15,000/- p.a. per Student No Ceiling 10 Months
8. Unclean Occupation from classes I-X (GOI &

State rate)


III to X – 700 /-p.m.


Ad hoc Grant- 1000/-

p .a.

Day Scholar

I to X – 110 /- p.m.


Adhoc Grant -750/- p.a.

No ceiling 10 Months
9. Pre-Matric(CS) Scholarship for students belonging

to SC (IX & X)


GOI Rate

Rs. 350/-p.m



Grant: Rs. 1000/- p.a


State Rate

Rs. 750/-p.m




Rs. 1000/- p.a

Day Scholar

Rs. 150/-p.m


Rs. 750/-p.a.

Rs. 2,00,000/-p.a. 10 Months
10. Pre-Matric Scholarship to O.B.C. Students Hosteller (GOI & State Rate)


III to VIII – 200 /-p.m. VtoX-40/-p.m.

IX & X -250/- p.m.



Day Scholar (GOI Rate)


I to V- 25/-p.m

VI to VIII – 40/- p.m.

IX & X – 50/-p.m.

44,500/-p.a. 10 Months
11. Post-Matric Scholarship to O.B.C. Students (XI

onwards ) G.O.I.& State Rate



Gr.B -510/-p.m.

Gr.C- 400/-p.m.


Day Scholar

Gr.A- 350/-p.m.

Gr.B – 335/-p.m.

Gr.C- 210/-p.m.

Gr.D- 160/-p.m.


M.C. + Fees

10 Months

WB BC Welfare Department

The Backward Classes Welfare Department works for social, economic and cultural development of the people belonging to SC and OBC in the State. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUERY OR SUGGESTION , MAIL US bcwoasis [AT]

Students Helpline : +91-82 74 05 0025

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