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Organization : Karnataka Social Welfare Department
Scholarship Name : SC/ST Post Metric Scholarship
State : Karnataka
Website :

How To Apply For SC/ST Post Metric Scholarship?

Follow the below procedures to apply for SC/CT Post Matric Scholarship, If you are already registered students click on the Login button and apply the Scholarship. Students can register by using SSLC Registration No.

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SW karnataka Pre-Metric Scholarship Management System

If you are new user click on the Student Registration to apply for the Scholarship. Registrations of Pre-matric & Post Matric Scholarships of ST students for Karnataka State is extended upto 31st January 2016

How To Obtain Provisional Registration Number?

To Obtain Provisional Registration Number, Follow the below steps

** Enter all the details and click on “Submit” button.
** The system will display the provisional registration number.
** Note down the registration number before going to college for confirmation.

How To Print Registration Form?

After completing your Application you can print your Registration form.

Step 1 : Enter Provisional Registration No
Step 2 : Click on the Submit Reg No

Student Login

If you are a Registered user then enter the below details for Login,
Step 1 : Enter Registration No
Step 2 : Enter Date of Birth
Step 3 : Click on the Login button

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Home Page :
All the options available for student are listed. Using this the student can view his application status , Apply for post – metric scholarship or change his password.

Post-Metric Scholarship application

Fill all the details and click on “Save” the application will be forwarded to concerned TSWO

Application Status :
Latest application status will be displayed

Change Password :
Student can change his password using this screen.

Attention :
Now Students can take print out of Scholarship Request & Renewal acknowledgement in Login.

To add colleges in software contact your DSWO.

** Students can apply for scholarship & get the acknowledgement
** Transfer of Taluk for the Students is given in TSWO Login :Applications->Transfer Taluk
** Students can register by using SSLC Registration No.
** To add colleges in software contact your DSWO.

Scholarship Help Line

Number : 180042521111
E-Mail: helpswkar AT
To add bank branch mail branch details to: swaddbank AT
To Courses mail Course details to : swaddcourse AT

About us :
The Constitution of India provides certain special Constitutional safeguards for the welfare of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes and other weaker sections of the population, so that they could take their rightful place in community.

As citizens of the Republic of India, they are fully entitled to certain rights and privileges, which were denied to them in the past on the ground of Caste system and the practice of Untouchability.

Contact us :
Commissionerate of Social Welfare Department
5th Floor, MS Building
Dr. Ambedakar Veedhi.
Bangalore 560001
24/7 HelplineNo:9008400078/08022634300
Mobile HelplineNo:9480843005(10Am-5:30Pm)
email: helpswkar [AT]

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  1. Sir I passed B.Ed in 2021 but I want get post metric prize money for me to sc student..but the online application is not open..when did it open sir…?

  2. Last date to apply scholarship

  3. Sir I applied scholarship for 2nd m com still I not get, how can I check please help me

  4. How to aplay puc 1 scholarship sir

  5. How to recover registration number ones again

  6. I have applied scholarship.. When i can get my scholarship..

  7. I didnt apply may i apply scholorship.pls inform me.

  8. hi bhavishya how to apply the renewal the scholarship this year and asking the application ID

  9. My Name is Chethana S studying in 2nd puc PCMB I belong to SC I request you to help me in Scholarship to continue my study

  10. Creat the E attestation officer preciser, and steps

  11. I am chandrakala I did my 2nd puc in the year 2003 and sslc in 2001. Now I have taken B A 1st year exam through KSOU Mysore. I am unable to apply for post matric scholarship. I have problem. Pls help me

    Thank you

  12. my second puc result 600/552-92%
    My prize money applicant no 1920p1030300013
    Please help me sir

  13. Abhilash bharani K T

    Sir this post metric application for 1st puc I not mistake was came how will change the mistake please help me sir there was came hosteller theye want to come day scholarship thus why please help me thank u

  14. Sir, I studied 2nd year B.Com my
    scholarship application last year annual income was 11,000. But this time my income certificate was changed the annual income on 1,18,000.
    How can change the online application.
    (Or) applied for new application?

  15. Sc calaship forscin 10thcalss

  16. Why is the scholarship application not taking or accepting my application.

  17. Hi I’m prithvi I was studying at tes polytechnic previous year passed out but still college is closed I mean there is a some issue on college so techincal board decided to close the college but my scolorship is credited to my account maintenance amount but where can I get remaining amount plz do help me …I went to college but management are telling college was closed and account also closed like this..plz help me how I ll get my scholarship

  18. Sir when start 2019 post matric scholarship

  19. iam sona n iam studying mcom i applied for scholarship iam not recived any amt iam sc catagory please help me about this iwant pay fees

  20. how to update marks card to already existed sslc prize money application

  21. After submitting the application form, it shows server error and clears out the cgpa field that I have entered.My course(engineering) marks are in cgpa. Should I convert cgpa to percentage or enter the same.
    Please help

  22. how i renewal my ssp portal schorlership plz tell me

  23. Pooja. J
    I applied my scholarship before 6months ago , but I don’t receive any information of my scholarship. But all my friends got before itself.

  24. I am belong to sc voddar from raichur belong to AAy i am studying degree in dharwad please provide amount for my further education no money to eat lunch afternoon I request you to provide amount no 011606001000617

  25. I am belong to sc voddar from raichur belong to AAy i am studying degree in dharwad please provide amount for my further education no money to eat lunch afternoon I request you to provide amount no 011606001000617

    1. How to apply scholarship I am studying Bangalore I belong to SC caste I need scholarship support for my further studies I request you to provide fund thank you

  26. Iam doing Mtech (1st year) in NIT warangal. And I belong to SC category from Raichur of karnataka.Is there any scholarship scheme for us from social welfare department??

  27. scholarship sanctioned-DCbill yet to create ,what is the meaning of this sentence and how many months want to sanction the DC bill tell me

    1. shcoler history open agthila yake?

  28. scholarship sanctioned-DCbill yet to create ,what is the meaning of this sentence and how many months want to sanction the DC bill tell me

  29. In my bill status, It is mentioned, I have sanctioned scholarship amount but still I have not get amount in my account,then what is the meaning of that bill status, when will we get that amount.


  31. In CET allotment letter, they mentioned that we got free seat and student has paid zero fees but while doing admission in college they asked for paying fees and year by year it keeps increasing they add tuition fees along with other college fees. Why even we are SC students and for some other SC students I saw they didn’t have to pay tuition fees why is that so. Please someone explain they are also SC and me too but why is this difference?

  32. I completed my 2nd PU. Can I get some information about scholarship for SC students in Karnataka?

  33. We are ST caste students and we have successfully completed class 10 by securing 85% so, we need scholarship criteria from Karnataka Government.

  34. How to apply for 10th standard scholarship?

  35. User Login is not working. Please fix it.

  36. I have applied for scholarship in the month of August 2018, till now I have not received my scholarship. To whom should I need to contact for the update? My registration number is 011801006000984.

  37. My scholarship is sanctioned but I have not received money in my account. What can I do?

  38. My application is approved, but the bill is not sanctioned. When will the bill get sanctioned?

  39. I am studying in BMS college. I have applied for SC scholarship and it was sanctioned in January month but now status is DC bill is yet to be created. What does it mean?

    1. Please contact ur taluk sw office case worker…

  40. I have applied for SC scholarship. I want to update the account number which I had given at the time of scholarship registration. Is it possible now? If yes, please let me know the steps.

  41. If so scholarship application is rejected, what should we do to approve that scholarship.

  42. I am studying 2nd PUC. I am yet to apply for Scholarship and moreover I am a Topper. So kindly help me by giving some steps to apply for it.

  43. I am currently studying MBA and because of some reasons I failed to apply for scholarship for the 2017. Do I still have the chance of applying for scholarship for said year? Please do help me in this matter. I really need to know.

  44. I am studying BA 2nd year, scholarship sanctioned but when will it credit to my bank account. Please tell me.

  45. I have applied for scholarship in the month of August 2018, till now I have not received my scholarship. To whom should I need to contact for the update?

  46. I want to know about the criteria for giving scholarship. Is this government (or) private scholarship?

  47. Only SC students are applying for the scholarship as there is no updated information regarding the website for ST students. I am a ST student. How can I apply for it now?

  48. Whether ST Category Post Metric Scholarship has started (or) not. If already started, when is the last date for applying? Please do reply.

  49. I am studying BE 3rd semester but ST scholarship portal is not opening. Kindly give a information and last date to apply for the scholarship.

  50. In steps, they have given to click on student registration by student but that link is not given in the website so how can I apply? Can someone tell me please? I have only 2 days left to apply.

  51. I am belonging to ST category and completed SSLC in 2018 but prize money and scholarship application is not accepting my request, what can I do?

  52. ನಾನು ಕುವೆಂಪು ವಿಶ್ವವಿದ್ಯಾಲಯದ(ಶಿವಮೊಗ್ಗ) ದೂರಶಿಕ್ಷಣ ನಿರ್ದೇಶನಾಲಯ ದಲ್ಲಿ ದ್ವಿತೀಯ ವರ್ಷದಲ್ಲಿBA ವ್ಯಾಸಂಗ ಮಾಡುತ್ತಿರುವೆ ನಾನು ನಾಯಕ ಜನಾಂಗ(ST) ದವರು ಆಗಿರುತ್ತೆನೆ ನಾನು ವಿದ್ಯಾರ್ಥಿ ವೇತನ ಕೆ ಅರ್ಜಿ ಸಲ್ಲಿಸಬಹುದೆ

  53. Presently, I am studying M.E in UVCE college, Bangalore. I am trying to apply for scholarship through online but it is not getting registration due to, which I passed SSLC exam prior 2003 i.e in the year 1993, should I approach to social welfare office regarding these, Please clarify it.

  54. I completed my M.Sc in 2015 now I am studying B.Ed. Do I need to renewal my registered ID (or) do I want to go with freshers? Since there is a two year gap between the course. Please suggest me, what to do.

  55. I am in my final year BE, I have to renew my scholarship. I am not able to login using registration number and date of birth. It shows login (or) password wrong. Please help me. How can I get my registration number?

  56. I am in my final year BE, I have to renew my scholarship. I am not able to login using registration number and date of birth. It shows login (or) password wrong. Please help me.

  57. Please tell, when will you start the fresh application for Social Welfare Scholarship of Post Matric Students.

  58. I am a final year B.E student and I have renewed my SC post-metric scholarship, but after clicking the ‘apply’ button I have realized that the income certificate number which I provided was wrong and also 2 more details was incorrect. So how can I edit it now. Can you please help me in any ways?

  59. I have already registered for prematric scholarship in 4th standard in 2017. Can I once again renewal the same for this year, if it is possible, from where should I go for renewal.

  60. Status shows that,”DC BILL NOT YET CREATED-SCHOLARSHIP SANCTIONED”. What does it mean? and I have not received any scholarship last year.

  61. My provisional register number is 011704003003639 and I am studying LLB and belonging to SC. My Principal told me, your scholarship amount has not been credited yet so, you have to pay the fees. So, Please tell my scholarship status.

  62. I am a SC student studying B.Tech in MS Ramaiah university of applied sciences, my scholarship amount has been sanctioned and billed on 28/12/2017 but when I ask in my college they are saying that money has not come to the college and they are also saying that if money comes also then they won’t give that money because that money will be paid to KEA but our KEA fees is 0 rupees. Please help me out in this matter.

  63. Kindly let me know that, what is the income limitation for the children of government employee to Post Matric Scholarship?

  64. I just completed my 2nd PU in Science by getting 70% in 1 attempt. Can I apply for this scholarship and I am a SC candidate. Please tell me.

    1. I have passed my HSC with 89 %in science and I am belonging to SC. I wish to study B.Sc but, I am from poor background. So my father cannot afford to pay my college fees. So I need a scholarship for my studies. Please help me.

  65. I completed my SSLC in 2016 with 95% but have not received merit scholarship till now. I just finished my second PU now. How can I get scholarship? Please help me.

  66. I am studying B.Tech 2nd year because of the delay in SC scholarship amount for the CET concession, college has given notice to pay the fee within 27th of this month. My scholarship status is showing DCBill Number/Date Plan/1718/2001013 Scholarship Sanctioned, DCBill Generated Date 21/11/2017 but I have not received it. So it’s my humble request, please sanction it soon as possible.

  67. I have passed my graduation in 2017 so I have applied for prize money and I am a ST student and it has been approved but still not not credited in Bidar district area so I am not getting why authority making late where as in Gulabarga and other district’s of Karnataka prize money has been credited don’t do discrimination in education system, it’s a humble request.

  68. I completed my 10th standard in state syllabus school and I got scholarship upto 10th also. Now I am studying 11th in CBSE school. I applied for scholarship and submitted to TSW. But my application is rejected from TSW office. THe officer told CBSE students are not eligible for taking scholarship. Any one know about that? Please inform me.

  69. I am a year back student from VTU. I have entered through one exist scheme. Now I have applied for scholarship. But the year I have entered joint and start year as 03/08/2016 and 23/08/2016. Tell me if it is fine because I am not able to apply. If I type 03/08/2017 and 23/08/2017 I am getting an error.

  70. I am ST student. I do not got any scholarship. They said that there is no fund for St students.

  71. Above 2,50,000 income engineering SC students got free seat in CET to unaided engineering colleges. But that college asks to pay all 58000 rupees including 23000 college fees. Total is Rs.81000. Where can we get scholarship? What is the meaning of free seat in admission order?

    1. They add tuition fees along with other college fees but in this scheme you can’t apply if your annual income is more than 2.5 lac.

  72. I am an engineering student in Bangalore. I belong to SC. Will I get scholarship? If so how do I apply and please provide some information about last date and the website.

    1. Visit your nearest net cafe. They will guide you properly.

  73. I got 91% in SSLC. So I want to get the scholarship. I don’t know how it is possible. Please help me to know about that and also I belong to SC.

  74. Scholarship is sanctioned but bill is yet to create. What’s the meaning of this and when will my scholarship get?

  75. I am from Gulbarga. I belong to SC category. I passed PUC with 73%. How many types of scholarships are available for me?

  76. I am a diploma final year student. Please give me scholarship to continue my education.

  77. I am applying for post matric scholarship. If I go for registration, then it says that SSLC NUMBER IS ALREADY APPROVED FOR THE NUMBER 011620002002156. When I go for renewal it says that NO DETAILS FOUND FOR THIS REGISTRATION NUMBER. WHAT CAN I DO? I HAVE TRIED 34 TIMES APPLYING FOR THE SAME. BUT THERE IS NO RESPONSE.

    1. Information available from the Official Website :

      Scholarship Related Queries
      24/7 HelplineNo:9008400078/08022634300
      Mobile HelplineNo:9480843005(10Am-5:30Pm)
      Helpline No:080-22340956(10Am-5:30Pm)
      email: helpswkar @

  78. My scholarship status is ‘scholarship sanctioned DC Bill yet to create’. What is the meaning of this? When will my scholarship amount get?

  79. When will the ST scholarship be issued for Engineering students? I have applied for scholarship in the year 2016. Till now In didn’t get it. I need to pay my college fees to take up my semester exam. Please help me.

  80. I am doing my 1st year BDS. I have registered my scholarship for the session 2016-17. I gave thumb impression in SWO. Now only I came to know that the process was not completed fully. When I try to apply again the academic year is changed to 2017-2018. Can I get my scholarship before I complete my 1st year? How can I solve this problem? Please help me.

  81. My USN number is 1NH13EC422. I am studying final year. I have never received scholarship in my bank account. How can I know the details about it?

  82. I belong to ST community. Now I am going to complete my PG course. Till now I did not get any scholarship in this year. Please give the instruction to check my scholarship status.

  83. Regarding any queries you can contact :
    Karnataka Social Welfare Department
    Phone number : 180042521111
    You can write to e-Mail: helpswkar[AT]

  84. I am not able to complete the process of Post matric scholarship. I’m trying from June 2016. It says server error after completing while submitting the application.

  85. I applied for scholarship in 2016 for post metric SC St scholarship. After one month the application status is DC bill sanctioned. But current status is decision not yet made by department.

  86. I am 1st year MBA and belong to SC. My annual income is above 2.5 Lakh. Kindly advise me to which Dept and online address to contact for claiming 50% scholarship towards college admission or tuition fee. Kindly advise at the earliest as the last date is 31.12.2016.

  87. I belong to ST category. I applied for scholarship. When I was in engineering college then I got seat to BAMS in 2nd round. Now there is no time to apply for the scholarship. My old application is cancelled.

  88. I would like to know whether 3B category students are eligible to apply for school.

  89. I’m waiting for my scholarship. When will MBA 2nd year 2016-2017 scholarship amount sanction?

  90. I applied for scholarship in engg. But in causal round I got dental. My engg scholarship is canceled. Now there is no time. How do I have to apply for scholarship?

  91. I tried to apply first prize money scholarship but I can’t registered because I passed 10th from Maharashtra board. Please change the software. I belong to SC caste.


  93. I have passed in 2015-16. But while registering my application there became a wrong. I passed in 2014-15. Therefore they have not approved my name in the list. Please give me scholarship. I have not taken any scholarship. I need money for my education because I am studying PG.

  94. My application is rejected for submission of document in time missed. So what can I do for renewal of application?

  95. I am registered scholarship in online and also verified in Samaj Kalyan but the thumb turn duplicated. So what can I do?

  96. We are trying from last three years for a scholarship. But still I did not get any response from the related department. I belong to ST.

  97. I am from Andhra Pradesh. I completed my SSLC. My native is in Karnataka. I want to apply my post matric scholarship but in Raichur till now they did not give my register number. What can I do?

  98. I am studying M.Sc horti in fruit science, Hiriyur, Chitradurga. I applied for prize money for the academic year 2015-16, but you people kept my application status without any approval. Please approve my application and find my scholar as early as possible

  99. I am studying BE in Hubli. I belong to ST category. I had completed my 1st year but I don’t get any scholarship.
    When I go to the SW office, they told me scholar is sanctioned but in college money is not sanctioned.

  100. I would like to know whether 3B category students are eligible to apply for scholarship.

  101. I have passed my 2nd pu with 80% and at present I have not joined any college. I am preparing fr my NEET, CET and JEE examination so that I can apply for MBBS and bans next year. Can I apply for the scholarship?

  102. NOW I’m studying 2nd PU. I have passed SSLC with 85% but I didn’t get any scholarship although I belong to ST category. Please I need scholarship.

  103. I am studying in 2nd PUC and I had passed my SSLC with 77% but I did not get any scholarship. Please help me.

  104. How much scholarship amount provided to SC candidate for post matric 2015-16?

  105. How can I find renewal/application /candidate I’d of old one to renew my application?


  107. I made a mistake when I was filling the details in the Application form. How can I alter it? Can any one help me out?

  108. Are Post graduate sc/st students getting a monthly stipend of Rs 20,000/month studying in government institutions eligible for getting scholarships?

  109. I have passed my SSLC exam about 84 percent but I also apply for SC scholarship in online. There made a mistake that my SSLC register number was written wrongly but when I entered my reg no. of sslc my name and other details were correct when we put for print it is showing that it already registered with the name Kiran D.H. What can I do now?

  110. I am trying to renew my SC post matric scholarship since last 6 days and everyday it shows “Server Error in ‘/sw1’ Application:.

    Column ‘Facility Code’ does not belong to table dummyroot. Please tell me what can i do? Last date is closed.

  111. When I was registering by mistake I selected premeric. Please help me how can I change to post matric.

  112. Our Iti college name : Sharadhambika Iti auto Nagar belagavi I received Id and password but its incorrect password. Please send once again another password.

  113. I completed in 2014 with 78% result. Now can I apply to scholarship in the year of 2016? Is this possible?

  114. My cast and income certificate will be updated after 21 days. Till then I can’t renew my scholar. Can I renew after 21 days?

    1. To renew it asks for rrd number. You can’t wait till 21 days. So you better use the rrd number given in acknowledgement and renew it.

  115. I have completed my BSc computer science in 2015-in the month May and I have not received any scholarship for past 3 years. So kindly help me that whether I can get it or give an alternative solution for it.

  116. I’ve applied for SC scholarship but I made mistake wile entering my admission number. Can I change now?

    1. Just go to nearer social welfare office switch on the video then ask them. If they are unable to do give that video to media. Later government will get action on them.

  117. I completed my degree 1 year back in Haveri district. At that time I applied for prize money but still now I didn’t receive that prize money. So please verify.

  118. I’m CBSE candidate. I have annual income about 7 lakh. I got the prize money for 12th result. Now I joined BDS first year over. I was not knowing about this scholarship. So can I apply for scholarship now?

  119. I am doing my 2nd year engineering. I belong to Sc category. I have got 2 backs in 1st sem and 3 backs in 2nd sem. I have applied for revaluation. Can I apply for my scholarship?

  120. Type using slash.
    For eg if your date of birth is 1st Jan 1996 you type password for login as 1/01/1996.

  121. I have finished MA M. PHIL in Manasagangothri, University of Mysore. So may I get scholarship under these qualifications?

  122. I am ST candidate. Last year I did not get scholarship. I think that’s why I did not get scholarship &this time I am engg student. Can I renew that application?
    By this can my application will successfully applicable?

  123. I have renewed my application. But I want to edit it because of some mistakes. So can you please tell me that how to edit it?

  124. I have done a mistake while filling the blocks and also it has been successfully submitted. But I saw the mistake in my acknowledgment just now. Can I edit it and make it right? OR what is the solution? Please help.

  125. Go to SWO and give them your marks card and inform them that you are CBSE student.

  126. My sister name is Sanjana. She applied an application for scholarship for PUC but social welfare office did not update her pictures in the application. How did we get the application with her picture from social welfare office?

  127. You will go directly to social welfare office and contact them (clear your doubt).
    Last date is September 15. I am also studying engg in Acharya collage.

  128. I am studying in first year ignou Bed 2015-16 and want to apply for scholarship caste ST . OR fee recovery. What is the procedure?

  129. My daughter name is M V Sathvika. She is studying in 2nd standard. I want to apply for SC ST scholarship but the school in which she is studying is applicable for scholarship. What can I do for that to get her scholarship?

  130. Now I’m in degree 1st sem May I get the information about the scholarship?

  131. I have passed 2pu in 2015-2016 and I got 71%.
    Shall I get scholarship from your office and I belong to SC?

  132. My daughter completed 10th in ICSC school in 1st pu not applied for scholarship. Now she is in 2nd pu but online registration can’t be done.

  133. I had completed 2nd PU last year & main 76%. Can I get scholarship & how much?

  134. I have tried for applying sc post metric scholarship but its shows page with server error. Can you please announce the last date for it since so many students have not applied for it.

  135. I have passed degree at 2014-15. So I didn’t applied to prize money. Because I didn’t have any information. How to get prize money?

  136. I passed 2pu in 2014-2015 and I got 84%.
    Shall I get scholarship from your office ? and I belong to SC with bpl card and any other related facility will be there?

  137. I am completed my 2nd puc with 81%. I am SC category. I don’t know how to apply scholarship in social welfare website?

  138. Scholarship sanctioned(18/6/16). But dcb bill not entered. When it enter please tell me how long will it take?

  139. I’m a 4th year BE student every year. I got my scholarship but this year it has been rejected in spite of producing all required documents.m My I please know what I should do?

  140. In the sslc my sir told who will score about 60% will get a SC St scholarship but I got a 68% still I don’t get a scholarship.

  141. Bhagyavant Gokule

    I filled the prize money online application in 28/7/2016 the last date is 31/7/2016. Can I submit the document in 01/08/2016?

  142. I am from Raichur. I have passed 1st attempt. I’m going to competitive exam coaching. I’m not completed coaching because of financial problem. Please sanction prize money for ST students. I hope with this prize money only. Already prize money sanctioned for Sc. Why delay to ST students?


  144. I have passed in my 2nd puc with 93% I got distinction. I’m a SC student.
    I studied mulbagal taluk Tayaluru pu college in 2015. I had written my pu exam and I’m successfully applying for prize money scholarship. Still I’m a degree 2nd year. Why still not sanctioning me a prize money. This is bad to all heads for that leaders. Because I applied on 2015 still I cant get that.
    So the students who are having supper like me we will strike about to the department.


    I have passed digree first attempt in First Class and applied for prize money but I have got message to submit the relevant documents to the respective office within 4 days. So is it compulsory to submit within 4 days only?

  146. I have passed in 2nd PUC with 68.00% science student. My cast is SC. How much scholarship I can get and last date for online application?

  147. I am studying in second pu science. I passed 10th with 86.88% but I did not get any scholarship(DC) yet. What could I do to get scholar now?


  149. I completed B.Ed with 79.00% year 2015-16. Now recently I have applied for the prize money in this web. I am SC candidate. When will eb prize money given to us? I am waiting for that.

  150. I am applied for prize money scholarship for pg basis in 2015/2016 but I’m not received prize money from social welfare office. Can you tell me the reason and solution? My scholarship number is 02101000600003.

  151. I passed puc first attempt. Then I am apply for prize money. It always giving server busy .
    When is last date for first attempt prize money?

  152. I was applied for this scholarship through online and I get a application which is needed to send to our district sw office but the application form need a seal and sign of the principal but I want know which principal it is? Is this pu college principal or degree college principal ? Because now I was joined maharaja college Mysore for

  153. I am in ST caste. Staying in Mumbai, Panvel every year get scholarships but in this Year I did not get scholarship. Why?

  154. Vanitha S Shekhar

    You are not eligible for this scholarship. It is only for SC and ST students. You can apply in karnataka social welfare scholarship department where in you have different links to apply for different castes.

  155. I am Raju and I applied for prize money scholarship . I scored in second year 86% . And when I checked in application status I saw that one is approved also bill status is sanctioned. But I don’t get any money till this time wt was happened I don’t know. Please ans and say when amount will be credited into my account.

    1. Please provide your bank statement to the social welfare office where you have submitted the online application hard copy. The Bank statement should be from approved date of sanctioned amount to till date. I got the amount within 7 days of submission of bank statement to social welfare office. Please follow the same procedure.

  156. I’ve completed my PU in the year 2015-2016 with 90.16%. In my 10th in ICSE syllabus I got 91.17%. I belong to ST category. I plan on taking up mbbs or engineering course. Am I eligible for this scholarship scheme 2015-2016? If not am I eligible for next year?
    Kindly reply.
    Thank You.

  157. I am a SC candidate. I have passed my pu with 83.33% and also qualified for Manipal university and Jipmer Pondicherry with 2078 SC rank and 38000 air. I want to know whether I am having any eligibility to apply for any scholarships?

  158. I saw the notes in my college in that those who score 60% and more apply for the computer its only for sc/st engineering students. That notes from sw department Dakshina kannada. But till I didn’t heard any one word about computer.

  159. How to know that Scholarship is sanctioned or not? I have submitted all documents correctly. I am not getting why Scholarship hasn’t come.

  160. I am studying in second yr and applied scholarship in s.c category but still I didn’t get my scholarship and while submitting my documents I had made a mistake that I have given first year fees receipt instead of giving second year fees receipt. So I want to know is it the reason for not getting scholarship of mine?

  161. I am studying Mtech 2nd year. I completed BE in 2014. But my BE final year scholarship was applied for 2014-15 which was delayed by my college. So I couldn’t apply my Mtech 1st year scholarship. During my 2nd year Mtech only I was able to apply my 1st year scholarship. My doubt is that can I apply my 2nd year mtech scholarship further in 2016-17? Please help.


  163. I registered my ST scholarship online application form but I did mistake while selecting course. I selected correct college name but I did wrong course selection. How to correct it? I tried but I failed. I gonna ask department office but they are telling some software problem is going on come next week. Please help me to come out of this.

  164. I am a medical post graduate who has not registered till now.
    When I can register now?
    Is there any chance of getting money refunded of previous years?

  165. I have(ST) final yr student’ still 6th sem. I got first class in all 5 semesteres. Can I apply to this scholarship but this not shows full details for us. Please tell how to apply and give us full information for this scholarship.

  166. My Provisional Reg No is 0113200004000718. Now I am in 1st year degree. In 1st and 2nd PUC I got SC scholarship. I have applied for online scholarship 2015-16 and got acknowledgement through My mobile number that it is successful. I have submitted hard copy to college. But if I check my scholarship application status it is coming decision as not yet made by Dept.

    My question is that whether I will get scholarship or not? Please reply me.

  167. I am from Bangalore Karnataka
    My baby is in private hospital from one and half month pre- matured baby
    Already 7 Lakhs bill they are showing
    I paid 2 Lakhs
    I don’t have financially support
    Peases give me any solutions for my problem.
    Can I get any support from welfare or Government?

  168. I had completed sslc in 2012 with first class. Similarly PUC in 2014 with first class. Now I am studying BBA. I am so poor and I am suffered so much because I don’t have money to continue my study. I am worrying about this can you tell me please about scholarship that one help to my study?

  169. I am studying Fashion Designing (Bachelor of Design) in NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF FASHION TECHNOLOGY, BANGALORE
    Can you tell me how to apply for post metric scholarship?
    I tried but its not showing the course. So what can I do?
    Please solve this problem. I kindly request to you.

  170. I am ST candidate. I have completed engineering(cse) in 2015 only in gulbarga till I did not got the social welfare officer members given in the news paper ST category website is wrong. So ST category forms are rejected in Gulbarga district only. So gulbarga students will not get the scholarship for 2014-2015. PLEASE TELL ME WHAT IS TRUE?

  171. 1) If you have passed SSLC/10th prior to 2003 through Karnataka SSLC Board , Please contact your TSWO office and add your SSLC details .
    2) If you have passed 10th through ICSC/CBSE/Other Board, Please contact your TSWO office and add your 10th details.

  172. I completed my 1st year mcom already 5 months but scholarship cant been sanctioned so please sanction soon and also I completed my b com but 3 years also not grant scholarship. I was already visited social welfare office but nobody can replay

    1. I am ST caste i did 92% in sslc board exam so i need scholarship from government how to apply application for scholarship

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