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Organization : Department of Ex- Servicemen Welfare
Service Name : PMSS 2016-17 Scholarship Application Status
Check Status Here :

KSB Scholarship Application Status

To encourage higher technical and professional education for the dependent wards and widows of Ex Servicemen / Ex Coast Guard personnel.

Update : KSB DESW PMSS Prime Minister’s Scholarship Scheme 2018-19 :


To view PMSS scholarship application status, you have to follow the steps mentioned below.

Step-1 : Enter the DAK ID
Step-2 : Enter the Verification Code and
Step-3 : Submit the Search button.

Contact :
Jt Dir PMSS may be contacted. His Tele No is – 011-26715250 and e-mail ID is


Is there any provision to apply for PMSS in Second year of professional degree course?
No, student has to apply in first year of professional degree course only.

Is the copy of Discharge Book necessary along with application form?
No, Discharge Book is not to be enclosed with application form. Only Annx-1 of Application Form duly signed by Secretary / Director of ZSB / RSB / Coast Guard HQs to be enclosed with application.

Are diploma courses eligible for PMSS?
No, only professional degree courses recognised by a central regulatory body such as AICTE, MCI etc are eligible for PMSS.

Are PG Courses allowed for PMSS?
Only MBA and MCA are allowed for PMSS. No other PG courses are allowed for PMSS.

Are B.Sc B.Ed integrated courses eligible for PMSS?
No, these courses are not eligible as BA & B.Sc are academic courses. B.Ed course is eligible for PMSS.

Is PMSS considering the courses conducted abroad?
No, PMSS is applicable to the students who are studying in India only.

How to Apply For Scholarship?
Application to be filled ONLINE by visiting KSB website Hard copy / paper application will not be entertained. For easy understanding a flow chart is available on KSB website under PMSS link how to apply ONLINE.

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What is the last date of submission of application form to apply for PMSS and how will I come to know about it?
An advertisement is published in all the leading newspapers across country in the month of Aug every year. Wide publicity is also ensured through RSBs/ZSBs. Student should apply online by visiting KSB website between 15 Aug to 15 Nov.

How the students will know about their selection in PMSS Merit List?
On finalisation of merit list, the same is uploaded on KSB website and the same is also forwarded to all Rajya Sainik Boards (RSBs). The respective RSB will intimate the students of their State about their Selection Sl. No. in the merit list. Student can also monitor the progress of his application on KSB website

How and when subsequent payments are made and what are the documents required?
On declaration of result of each Academic Year (Sem 1st & 2nd – First Year, Sem 3rd & 4th – Second Year and so on…..), the student has to apply online on KSB website . For the benefit of student user friendly flow chart is uploaded on the KSB website mentioning about the entire procedure under PMSS link.

If a student do not claim his / her scholarship amount, then what would be the case?
If a student does not claim his / her scholarship by sending Payment-cum-Renewal Form on declaration of result of each academic year, then his / her case would be closed for ever.

How many wards of a ESM are eligible to apply for PMSS?
Only two wards of a ESM are eligible to apply for PMSS.

If a student has already availed PMSS in the past, can he again apply for PMSS?
No. PMSS is allowed for one course only.

If a student does not pass, then will he/she get the scholarship amount in subsequent year?
The student has to score 50% marks in each semester / academic year, then only he/she will get his/her PM scholarship amount. Failing to score 50% marks or get RA/fail in any subject / semester or in any academic year, his / her scholarship to be closed forever.

Can a selected student change their course and college?
No. Once selected in the merit, student has to study the same course only. On changing of course / college, PMSS will discontinue immediately. No further scholarship will be awarded in such case.

Can I get scholarship if I am a civilian/ward of Para-military personnel/Ward central armed forces police?
No, this scholarship is awarded to the wards and widows of Ex-servicemen who has served in Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast guards.

Is Seeding of student Adhaar card with student Account Number is necessary for scholarship?
Yes, it is mandatory requirement for payment of scholarship.

In case of any doubt, whom to be contacted for PMSS?
Jt Dir PMSS may be contacted. His Tele No is – 011-26715250 and e-mail ID is jdpmssksb-mod[AT]

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  1. How to see and where I can get my application number plz suggest me

  2. What is selection serial number and where would I find this number?

  3. What is DAK ID? Where we will get that?

  4. Please tell me the scholarship status for DAK ID 17WPO13044.

  5. Please intimate, can student of M.Sc get the scholarship?


  7. My application number is 17wp043864, it is recommended by ZSB & RSB but not approved by KSB yet. Please give me the reason.

  8. My application has been rejected last year i.e., on 14th May 2017. Can I re-apply for the scholarship again? And I am not able to upload both 3-1 and 3-2 semester files at a time.

  9. My application number is 15PM037682. It has been rejected. How to reapply?

  10. My KSB application number is 17wp054887. Please provide my application status.

  11. I have applied for educational grant for my child in the year 2017. Till 06 /6/2018, I have not got any amount. Please let me know the reason.

  12. Khejmat Ali Shaikh

    Please tell me, are JCOs applicable for PMSS?

  13. Please tell me, how many marks should be scored in 10+2 for scholarship for child of ex-serviceman?

  14. Please reply, when will KSB declare the merit list for the year 2017-18?

  15. My application number is 17PM002980. What is my DECK ID?

  16. Please send me KSB scholarship. My application number is 17WP039044. What is my DAK ID?

    1. Your application number is DAK ID.

  17. My Application number is 16wpo11141. What is my DAK ID?

  18. What is the verification code to fill up the form?


    My DAK ID Number is 161108PM000121 & MY PMSS Reference Number is 16pm007472. What is My Selection Number?

    1. Information available from the Official Website :
      Application No.: 16PM007472
      Scheme Name : PMSS
      Applicant Name : ARPITA ROYCHOWDHURY
      Service No : 13969788K
      Final Status : Approved


  20. My application number is 15PM037456. How can I get my DAK ID number?

  21. My application for cea for one child number is 17WP016378 under obsn with ksb. I want to know the obsn.

  22. Please send my ksb scholarship application number 17WP068827. What is my dAK ID?

  23. 2016-17 PMSS Renewal payment has been approved and showing Status as 24000/-. But it has not been credited in my son’s bank account. Will it be further delayed or when can we expect?


    My application for the academic year 2016-17 has been approved by KSB as per their mail received on March 12, but I didn’t deposit the scholarship amount till date. My application DAK ID is 160726WP000194. Please intimate present status of my application.

    1. Information available from the Official Website :
      Application No : 16WP054620
      Date : 26/07/2016
      Applicant Name : RAHUL KRISHNA BHOITE
      Service No : XXX154N
      ZSB : Recommended
      RSB : Recommended
      KSB : Approved
      Final Status : Approved

  25. I am an Ex-Servicemen from the Indian Army of The Madras Regiment. Kindly intimate or send the copy of my daughter P. MONIKA REDDY selected for PMSS for the year 2016-2017. My daughter is now studying in B.Tech III year and also Rs. 27000/- has been credited in the bankers on 18th March 2017. My id is JC-439725K Ex Nb Sub (Clk). My daughter’s Aaadhaar number is XXXX4715790 and SBI, Tilak Road Br. Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh.

    In fact I need my daughter to selected for PM’s Scholarship Scheme vide Selection number __________for filled in the Appendix 2. Please intimate the details.

  26. As per your email at 12.03 pm, today it is stated that education reference number 17WP020001 and DAK ID 170611WP000143 is kept under observation. Please forward the details of observation.

  27. I am studying in BCA 1st year. Am I eligible for this scholarship?

  28. My application number is 17wpo28314. It is pending. Why?

  29. Mahendrakumar Ambalal Patel

    I lost my mobile and so lost DAK ID. But I know my scholarship Application(17WP039634). Please guide me how I can get Dak ID.

  30. I lost my mobile. So I lost DAK ID but I know my scholarship application number (16PM009551). Please guide me how I can get DAK ID.

    1. Using your DAK id only you can track your status.

    2. My application number is 14PM034162. How can I get my DAK ID?

  31. My application has been approved but I didn’t received my amount yet.

  32. My application number is 16WP049920. My application has been approved. Till now I didn’t receive the amount. Please credit the amount in my account.

  33. My application number is 15PMO38323. It has been rejected by the system. So what should be done next?

  34. My application number is 16wpo57867. I got final status as approved. Still I did not received any amount. When can I get my amount?

  35. My Army number is 1582643A. My application number is 16WP046912. This application is recommended by KSB user on 14th March 2017 but payment is not transferred in my account. Please give me reason.

  36. My Application number is 16WP047429. My application remains pending since many days. Please forward my application.

  37. My son and daughter didn’t receive the scholarship. Kindly transfer the funds to my account.

  38. My name is there in merit list. Till now I didn’t receive my scholarship amount.

    1. My daughter name is Shreeya Sanchita Sahu, her DAK ID number is 170801wp000195. CEA of my daughter is sanctioned by RSB and KSB but till date the amount has not been credited in my account. Please confirm as soon as possible.

  39. My application number is 16wp044894. I forgot my user Id and password. I want to check my application status. What is my DAK id and verification code? Please let me know.

  40. Queennie Elizabeth Jacob

    My application number is 16PM0067165. I forgot my user Id and password. How can I access it?

  41. I want to know the status of my application. Please help me.

  42. What is the last date to apply for scholarship?

  43. My Application number is 16WP046443. My application remains pending at KSB level since many days. Please forward my application.

  44. I want to check the status of the application form. What is DAK Id and verification code? Please let me know.

  45. What is called DAK ID? Please let me know.

  46. My application number is 16WP040556. What is my User Id? Please let me know.

  47. Laxuman Tukaram Jadhav

    My son and daughter didn’t receive the scholarship. Kindly transfer the funds to my account.

  48. My application number is 15PM037130. It has been rejected by the system automatically. The university has not issued the mark list of both 1st and 2nd semesters. So, I have uploaded my marks attested by the respected principal of the university. Please forward my scholarship.

  49. My application number is 16WP085019. I want to know my DAK ID. Please help me.

  50. My status of application is still pending. What can be done?

  51. My DAK ID number is 161028PM000045, PMSS reference number is 16PM005040. My application status is pending. Please inform me if any further documents are required.

  52. My scholarship application status shows pending. What can be done?

  53. Narmadha Ramaswamy

    What is DAK ID? Please let me know.

  54. What is meant by DAD ID?



    1. For any doubt you can contact :
      Department of Ex- Servicemen Welfare
      Phone number : 011-26715250
      You can also write to : jdpmssksb-mod[AT]

  57. My application number is 15PM037737 and my serial number is 37737. Please let me know my DAK ID to see present status of my application.

  58. My child’s application ID is 160709WP000011. Please let me know, when the scholarship amount will be transferred to my account.

  59. Girish chandra joshi

    My scholarship application has been rejected by system automatically My KSB ID is 16WP047140. Please help me.

  60. I have applied PMS for my daughter, 1st year I got and 2nd year I did not receive so I have renewed and submitted. Please give me the reason for delay.

  61. Diwakar Atmaram Dhuri

    My child application DAK ID is 160630wp001477. Please let me know, when will I get the scholarship amount to my account.

  62. What is DAK ID?

  63. My PMSS scholarship no. is 8254-8328. I have not received the scholarship for the year 2016-17

  64. Please give me the reason for rejection of my application.

  65. I have already got for two years and now I have uploaded all the annexures and marksheet of the academic year 2015-2016 and I have finished applying in the renewal of scholarship and still my file has not gone. So please check it. My serial number is “33313”.

  66. I have applied for my daughter’s education scholarship and recommended on 06th Feb 2017. Please intimate the present position of the case.

  67. Mahendrakumar Ambalal Patel

    My child application no. is 16WPO59843 and DAK ID is 160730WP000325. Please let me know, when will I get the scholarship amount to my account?

  68. My application number is 161028PM000155. WHY DO MY APPLICATION UNDER PENDING?

  69. What type of corrections required? Please tell me.

  70. My prime minister scholarship application number is 16PM002900. Status is RSB recommended and what is KSB status?

    1. My application number is 16wp081005 has been recommended by RSB user/RSB Administrator and what is SB states?

  71. What is meant by verification code?

  72. Please let me know what type of correction can be done or required.

  73. I had a backlog and cleared my back log and my account is blocked now. Could I make request that I had cleared and can I get the scholarship back?

  74. In the next step of successful registration, after entering SS no, it is showing as ” application not found “. What shall I do?

  75. What does DAK ID mean?

  76. If PMSS application form is rejected by ZSB, can I improve or fill this form again?

  77. What is DAK?

  78. What is DAK ID and verification code in checking the status of PMSS application?

    1. GURJEET SINGH Ex RPO P.NO 178450 W

      My Dak id is 170426WP000007 and the same is recommended by KSB user but it is not approved by the KSB admin many days back. Still status is pending. Please approve it from your side.

  79. Leelasai Bulusupalli

    Pmss reference no : 16pm004251
    Id : 161025pm000094

    1. My App No is 16PM010003. What is My DAK ID?

  80. What is the last date of PMSS 2016?

  81. What is meant by verification code?

  82. What is DAK ID here?

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