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Organisation : Government of Andhra Pradesh ePASS Portal
Type of Facility : Scholarship Application Status & Application Number Search Online
State : Andhra Pradesh
Website :

How To Check AP ePass Application Status?

To check AP ePass Application Status, Kindly follow the mentioned steps below.

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Step- 1 : Go to the link and Select Status For – PostMatric or PreMatric
Step- 2 : Enter your Application Number
Step- 3
: Select the Academic Year
Step- 4 : Enter your SSC Exam Number
Step- 5 : Select Year of Pass
Step- 6 : Select SSC Pass Type
Step- 7 : Enter your Date of Birth and
Step- 8 : Click on “Get Status” button.

This video will take you through the steps to Check Scholarship Application Status & Application Number Search Online :

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How To Search AP ePass Application Number?

To search the application number of AP ePass, follow the below steps,
Step 1 : Select the Academic Year.
Step 2 : Enter the SSC Exam Number.
Step 3 : Enter the Year of Pass.

Step 4 : Select the SSC Pass Type.
Step 5 : Enter the Date of Birth.
Step 6 : Click on Search Button.

Helpdesk :
Email : help.epass [AT]

FAQs On Andhra Pradesh ePass

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Andhra Pradesh ePass

Question : How can I know my scholarship status?
Answer : Please visit the epass website at and click on the scholarship status button given in middle of web page. Furnish your application ID and other details are required. Upon furnish the details you will get a detailed statement showing the different transactions on your application

Question : what is the eligibility for getting a scholarship?
Answer : students who belong to the categories of sc,st whose annual parental income is rs. two lakhsbelow and bc,ebc,disabled welfare students whose parental income is rs. one lakhbelow.breakbreaknbspstudents whose attendance is 75 at the end of each quarter.

Question : Where can i get the details of scholarships??
Answer :
You can get the details of the Scholarship are given in G.O MS No 66 SW(Edn.2)/2010 Dept dated 8.9.2010. a copy of the G.O can be download from ePass website under the G.Os and memos menu.

In addition to the G.O Ms. 66 SW(Edn.2)/2010 dated 8.9.2010 a number of instructions are given from time to time and constantly uploaded on the website. You can have a look at the detailed instrucitons given.

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  1. Scholarship Epass Site is not Open. Please reopen epass site.

  2. I lost my mobile number my application number is there but mobile number is not there how can I login in jnanabhumi

  3. Ssc details are not found in janabhumi website

  4. How I can get e pass ID number

  5. Is ration card is application inter of incom certificate


  7. Please clarify, how to check 2017-18 ePass status. I am not getting the academic year in drop down. Please reply. We are facing problem with college, they are holding certificates because of reimbursement.

    1. same harsha if you get resolved your problem please let me know

    2. 2017-18 batch option is not showing.please help me

  8. I have applied for scholarship and I am getting re-imbursement but not getting scholarship due to bank account incorrectly updated by college. Could you please anyone suggest me, how can I update the bank number? Now I am studying final semester.

  9. I have entered all the details to check the status (or) edit the application but it is showing that data not found. What I have to do now? Please tell me the solution.

  10. I lost my mobile number and how to login in Janmabhoomi?

  11. I have been trying to apply for scholarship for an abroad studies (overseas scholarship), when I am trying to apply, it is showing that, application already submitted, but I didn’t get any application ID number. Can any one please look into it and suggest me?


    2. I am also facing the same issue if you got any solution, kindly let me know.

    3. We also got the same problem. We rectified it by visiting PMO office, Vijayawada. Try this, Don’t leave any column empty, fill the empty column with 0.

    4. Go to the PMO office at Tadepalli, opposite to Manipal Hospital, Vijayawada. They will solve your problem.

  12. I am a B.Tech student from Sri Chaitanya Technical Campus, Ibrahimpatanam, Sheriguda, Hyderabad. There is a pending in scholarship amount of 2013-14. Please take immediate action.

  13. I got 10/10 in SSC examination 2018 in Zilla Parishad High School. I forgot to apply FOR DRDO. My family is poor. I want DRDO scholarship to join in Sri Chaitanya College In Guntur. Please give me scholarship.

  14. Mahammad Khurdhus

    My application number is 201305014225. My scholarship of session 2013-2014 is pending so, I didn’t apply for renewal. I have completed my B.Pharmacy in 2017 but I have not get my scholarship, fees reimbursement and my original documents of SSC and Intermediate yet. How can I solve this problem and how can I get the my original documents from the college? Please respond my problem.

  15. How can I upload the Aadhaar card details?

  16. My application number is 201704650757. My scholarship status is ‘previous year pending’. How can I solve the problem? Please reply me.

  17. I am Venkata Siva studying M.Tech in Telangana. My bio metric is not working in the collage. My meeseva application number is 201608708613.

  18. I don’t have income and cast certificates till now. I want to apply this but scholarship time is over. How can I apply scholarship without this?

  19. How can I get 10th mark list from my application?

  20. Shaik Hussainy Sarmas Vali

    I am not getting the scholarship for inter 1st year.

  21. I am studying degree 2nd year. I applied my scholar in inter-degree. My application status is sanctioned by district officer and I give hard copy. My application status is sanctioned and amount released is send to Treasury but not send my bank account. I am waiting for 3 years. Please give me a suggestion.

  22. I want my Post Metric scholarship application status. How can I get it? Please help me.

  23. I did not get the full scholarship amount sanctioned for me. May I know the reason?

  24. My scholarship has been sanctioned. Why the funds are not released till now?

  25. I am not getting the scholarship amount sanctioned for me. May I know the reason?

  26. I didn’t get my scholarship. Please help me about this.

  27. Please send the corporate colleges application form.

  28. I want the application form. Please provide me.

  29. Please send my scholarship status to my registered mobile number.

  30. Can you please share the link to view my application status?

    1. Get Status Here :

  31. How can I check my application status?

  32. Present government is not responding on students problems for higher studies.

  33. My status is showing as SSC details are wrong.

  34. I got application number. But when I was clicking on print application then it was showing “no data found”. What should I do now?

  35. I had received message from epass. My aadhaar details are rejected due to invisible scanning.


    I am a student of AP. But by a mistake I registered my application in TS. How can I edit my mistake? Kindly help me.

  37. Shake Thameem Ansari

    I received a message from epass. My aadhaar details are rejected due to invisible scanned or wrong Uid uploaded.

  38. I got job. But I have my certificates in my college because I didn’t get reimbursement. My company is asking for originals.

  39. How can I know my fee reimbursement status?

  40. How can I check fee reimbursement status?

  41. A message was received by me from you that my father aadhaar details are rejected due to invalid scanned copy or wrong uid unloaded. Please suggest me.

    1. My application no. is 201606499916. I want to change my branch name.

  42. My bank pass book is not scanned. Please make it possible for app no 20163187080.

  43. I have a problem. UID is not verified. Please verify it and bank account also.

  44. I got horticulture seat. Then I submitted my scholarship form. But now I cancelled my horticulture seat and join in bhms course. How can I cancel that scholar in horticulture and how can I get the scholar in BHMS?

  45. I am from Telangana. I have not received my scholarship amount for final year. Please send it.

  46. My application is pending at BC welfare office. I belong to Krishna district but in my application appeared as Srikakulam. Where do I need to submit my hard copies again ?
    Please help me to solve this problem and my application no is 201402430452.
    SSC- AP regular 2006

  47. My scholarship is pending at district officer but they told me as “Your fees structure can’t be submitted at Vijayawada main office”. But here our VC told me that it was already submitted. Vijayawada staffs also tell as can’t submit fees structure. I can’t renew my scholarship. PLease sanction my scholarship.
    App no : 201502752084

  48. I did a mistake in the fresh epass online application.
    Please tell me the solution & edit options date.

  49. I am studying My previous epass application was rejected why because my father was retired employee but I sent them my father’s pension xerox but not sanctioned my application. Please help me. My father is attacked with paralysis. Please help me with my scholarship application.

    1. Please go to welfare office to know the status.

  50. I HAD COMPLETED M.TECH (2014-16)IN TS but scholarship and fee is not released.

  51. I have applied scholarship of 2016-2017 of engineering(fresher). I have submitted my certificates&applications in my college. But I got message to my mobile as my bank account no is not correct.”please upload bank passbook again”. But my status is not opening & I didn’t got any option for editing(or)resubmitting my bank book. Can you give suggestion for this problem?

  52. I have completed my degree but didn’t get my scholarship. I gave fingerprint to college but second and third year I was not giving so it was rejected and “most important is I am an Andhra Pradesh citizen but I am studying in hyderabad. My college didn’t give my certificates. They told me you have to pay 40000.

  53. I am studying first year I got a seat in convener quota. In my allotment order, reimbursement is eligible. So ,I went to the net centre because of applying epass. Here, epass cannot accepted for scholarship. But my allotment order correctly says that I am eligible for scholarship. Please give me answer.

  54. I want apepass application number.

  55. My admission was wrongly filled. How can I edit?

  56. My scholarship application get rejected due to thumb impression. I applied for renewal. It is also to be rejected. What can I do? Please give me a solution.

  57. My application is rejecting by district officer in nter. Now I am at B Tech for fee reimbursement is rejecting not accepting. Please give me suggestion.

  58. I have ration card problem. I can’t even have chance to renew because it’s giving that no details found with given ration card. Please tell the problem in my document and please extend the renewal date.

  59. Will scholarship date be extended or not?

  60. My status is saying pending vat district officer.

    1. My scholarship status showing that “pending at district officer for sanction”. I am already inquired in welfare office. They said its govt problem.

    2. First you need to do one thing is that you should send your hard copies to your district. Mostly they will proceed your application but it may take some days.

    3. I belong to BCB Dudekula cast but apply first time on minority. After I know that to apply on BCB cast in this case my status displays the duplicate matching. What I can do to accept my scholarship?

  61. I have ration card problem. So please give solution. In my ration card my father details are not found.

  62. When I entered the data and press on get button then I was getting reply that
    “your previous year application is rejected/not yet processed by college/field officer/district officer/not recommended by verification officer. So your application cant be renewed”
    Even though I was applying in fresh post mztric application.
    please give me a correct solution.

  63. I am studying ITI. My scholar status is showing 10,000. My scholar is released 2,275. Some money is taken by institute 7,700. So release scholar directly in students account.

  64. I have Ration card problem. I can’t even have change to renewal because it’s displays no details found in given ration card. Please tell the problem in my documents.

  65. I have ration card but my name was taken from ration card. Is it possible to do my epass renewal?

  66. Lack of ration card. Here it asks ration card what can we do?

  67. I have ration card problem. I can’t even have chance to renew because its giving that no details found with given ration card.

    1. I have ration card but it’s showing not found details on card. How to renew?

  68. I am SD .SOHAIL from Nellore. I am studying diploma first year but I completed in TS. I got scholarship in AP and caste is BCA.

  69. I’m studying in b. pharmacy 3rd year. Actually I completed my SSc at a.p. at present at t.s. But why we get reimbursement 31,000? But actually allotment of reimbursement is 35,000. Then also should students need to pay 4000?

  70. I’m from Andhra Pradesh studying in hyd…
    Now I’m final year. I didn’t apply my 3rd year fees reimbursement. Is there any chance to apply now?
    Last time I don’t know that date.

  71. How can I take my student copy?

  72. I applied to scholarship without entering the details of my income certificate. Now what can I do?

    1. After closing the renewal option. Display the edit option on Website at the time. You can update that income details.

  73. I don’t have my epass number. So how to know it?

  74. Actually I am from Andhra Pradesh but my previous studies i.e 6th to 9th class. I have studied in Telangana but I am studying my graduation at Andhra Pradesh when I applied epass I filled all that details in that and I submitted then the Application was not Accepting.”Your are not eligible for scholar because your previous studies related to Telangana state””. This is the Problem for me. Now I am not able to pay 2 years of academic fee. Could you please suggest me if there is any possibility of getting my scholarship which I have to pay for college?

    1. I know the answer pavan. Your Ts student is right. So you can apply in only Ts government. Then only you can get easily scholarship. I am also same but opposite. I am AP student but studying in Ts government.

  75. Actually I from Andhra Pradesh but I am studying my graduation at Telangana. I applied for scholarship from Telangana but due to state issues they cancelled my scholarship where my Birth income certificates are from andhra. Now am not able to pay 2 years of academic fee. Could you please suggest me if there is any possibility of getting my scholarship which I have to pay for college?

    1. I too haven’t get my 3 and half years fee. Its almost 2 lakh 20 thousand.

  76. I am studying in 1st year degree college. I don’t get any scholar from them. So please check the pending and transfer my account. My app no is 201506517177.
    Academic year is 2015-16 and date of birth is 22-01-1997.

  77. Venkata Ranga Sai

    My scholarship status release the scholarship but not sent to my account. Please help me.

  78. My fees reimbursement not transferred to my account. Please check the pending. My is 20130472975.
    Date of birth is 05-02-1993 from Govt degree college Ravulapalum.
    Pending in 2013-2014. Please check the pending.

  79. Vundavalli Kishan Lal

    Is school Sri sainadh vidhya pet Tadikonda Gunur district aided are not?

  80. I studied 3rd bom(ca) student of Svgm govt college. I want my scholarship due to tuition fee&mess fee. My scholarship pending in district officer. Please verify my application and add amount in account.



  83. I am failed to apply 2015-16 scholarship renewal due to semester exams. So please tell me new renewal date.

  84. My scholarship id no: 201406877502
    It is showing that sent to treasure last 6 months not send the money. So please check the details.

  85. My scholarship status is showing treasury server connection failed. My tuition fee have released but mess fee is not credited in my account. Please tell me what I have to do?

    1. When you bring your certificates from your college then they will give you a cheque and that is your fee.

    2. Saisrinu Kumncha

      Complain to your management.

    3. You connect to the welfare office.

    4. It is better go to your district welfare office and tell your problem.

  86. Here fees reimbursement status is not showing.

  87. I want my scholarship. I am waiting for it since 2 years.

    1. You must go and inquire your college section and in MRO office.

    2. Tell me your application number and SSC number and date of birth.

  88. When inter scholarship will be released?

  89. My epass no-201402464622. My aadhar authentication was pending, I have updated my aadhar biometric status 3 months back but still now my aadhar authentication failed. So, please solve this problem.

  90. My RTF fee is not Released
    Application no:201204623329
    SSC no:0439589,pass:2007,
    DOB:14/03/1992,Ap Regular
    Please check my details

  91. I am living in Andhra Pradesh studying in Telangana (joined before state division)completed 2nd diploma ece till now not release the amount. College correspondent does not conduct seminar project. Please solve my problem.

  92. I am studying present.
    Gunturu.epass, You are not eligible for PMS because preview studies not in local in computer.

  93. I am obc candidate. My scholarship amount not sent to my account and renewal application is not accepted so please solve my problem

  94. I have applied for post matric scholarship. In the status it is showing “hard copy not yet received. Please tell me how to solve it?

  95. My scholarship status shows ”server connection failed”. What will I do?
    Scholarship amount not sent to my account. Please give a solution

  96. My scholarship amount is not transferred into my account from 2 years. What can I do?

  97. I have submitted my student pre-matric fresh registration application 2015-16. But I couldn’t get print application.
    How to reprint fresh premetric submitted application 2015-16?

  98. i lost my submited epass application how can i get it


    CLASS 9&10 Scheme of BC Welfare Pre-matric Scholarship application from(2015-16)for students

  100. Could you please tell how can I get the fee reimbursement details for BTECH students? Please help

  101. I want my ap epass application number

  102. I wanna make a member in ap epass. What I have to do to get a login id&password?

  103. I want application id number

  104. My scholarship status is not available in the page and my status form in Ssc numbers eight digits got printed. But also Ssc memo in side ten digits. What is the problem?

  105. My old Aadhar no is 343176495269
    This Aadhar card was rejected
    My new Aadhar no is 418476784142
    So please attach my scholarship

  106. challa satish kumar

    My scholarship amount is not transferred to my account. What can I do?

  107. I am living in Andhra Pradesh studying in Telangana(joined before state division)completed my post graduation till now not release the amount. College correspondent does not conduct project seminar and not given my original certificates also. Please clear my way…

  108. My scholarship amount is not transferred to my account. What can I do?

  109. My scholarship status shows ”server connection failed”. What will I do? scholarship amount not sent to my account. Please give a solution?

  110. I want apepass application

    1. HlopB201920000071370

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